Age of Adventure
110 WRATH 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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110 WRATH 2

They slowly distance themselves from Antilus side.
They all witness the powerful strength of the Chancellor before. If the Chancellor blew his top, then they do not want to bear the brunt of it.
"What do you mean Chancellor?" He said not knowing what he did wrong.
"Why did you torture this woman?" Aero said, his voice seems even calmer. But they noticed it. In that calmness, there is a rising anger.
"I…I thought Your Excellency wanted answer" Antilus answered timidly and with a stutter. The cold dark cell did not help in easing the tense atmosphere.
"NOT LIKE THIS!" The Chancellor yelled, his words resonating in the cell.
Antilus was scared of course and he nearly prostrated to beg for forgiveness. The Chancellor is usually a calm person.
Then without warning Aero approached him and with his bare hand choke him and lift him up from the ground
Antilus could see there is anger and a terrifying coldness in the eye of the Chancellor. He looked at Antilus with pure disdain and contempt.
'Chancellor! Please Chancellor Aero, calm your anger!' Jayden and Holt kneels and pleads for the life of Antilus.
Antilus wanted to say something but the grip of the Chancellor on his neck made him unable to say a word.
He did try to break the Chancellor hold on his neck but he fails miserably
For the first time, Antilus felt the Chancellor strength.
He never thought that the Chancellor has such strength. He won't budge not matter what he did.
He tries to punch the Chancellor arms that is grabbing him but the moment his punch strikes out he could feel that his bones in his finger cracked.
Antilus forgot that even though Aero is the Chancellor he is also a war hero of Vanheim and fought in wars.
How could that kind of person be weak like the scholars in the court?
Aero strength gripped him effortlessly. Jayden the only woman captain in this mansion, seeing that the Chancellor will not release their superior, tried to grab the Chancellor arm to stop him.
The Chancellor pushed her with a light push yet the moment he did that, she flew, hitting the prison wall and immediately passed out.
Holt seeing that such attempt will not bode well for him tried to persuade the Chancellor with words.
The Chancellor looked at Holt and sighed.
Then slowly his grip loosened on Antilus neck and the Chancellor dropped him to the floor
Aero sighs. He looks at Antilus, at Holt and the unconscious Jayden. He closes his eyes and take a deep breath.
He takes a deep hard breath, inhale and exhale and slowly he is calmed down.
In a way this is his fault. He should have known that his word could be construed by another meaning.
They live in a different kind of era so, the mistake is on him and not them. He slowly walked to the woman and he look at her with a look of guilt.
He did not mean for this to happen to her. After all he is not desperate enough to use torture in a person.
'This is my fault' he muttered.

Aero hold the chains with his hand and to the astonishment of Holt and Antilus, Aero gripped the chain tightly and then the chain broke and falls to the ground with a clang.
The chains are shattered just by the sheer pressure of his strength. This make Holt seeing such scene gulped in astonishment and awe.
Aero looked at Antilus,
He is still full of anger. Though at this time Aero didn't know whether he is angry at Antilus or at himself for overlooking such a simple fact?
'Get out' He said to Antilus. Antilus nodded and he went to Jayden and dragged her unconscious body outside the prison.
Holt did follow him from behind. It seems the Chancellor gesture for him to wait inside the cell.
Antilus doesn't want to court death. It is enough that he just got a brush with death a few second ago.
So he quickly got out of the cell.
Antilus returned to his post quickly not knowing what to do. He sent Jayden with Holt to the infirmary. He sat on his office chair and he sighed. He couldn't hide. If he run, what would his punishment be?
The Chancellor is second in this Kingdom after the King.
There is nowhere to hide and if he runs he would be hunted to the end of the Vilajeri Continent.
The Chancellor influence reaches everywhere in Vanheim and he seems to know everything that happens in every street of the Kingdom.
Then as he takes a deep breath in his office he remembered back in the cell, the way the Chancellor looked at him.
He was about to die. He will die. That was what he thought when he was staring into the Chancellor's eyes when Chancellor Aero was choking him.
Antilus hand couldn't stop trembling even after he went out from the jail cell.
He sighed and then he said to himself.
'Once again I made a mistake. I presumed to know my master thoughts and tortured the girl. But instead of praising me, the Chancellor was enraged'
He sighed.
The mark of the Chancellor grip on his neck can be seen clearly.
'What will happen to me?' he thought to himself.
"Call the Palace Physician to come here, Hurry!" Aero ordered to Holt.
Holt quickly got out of the cell and rush himself to find the Palace Physician as quickly as possible.
He did not want to be there if his lord suddenly changed his mind and decide that he is the next one that should receive his rage.
He went to the stables, jump onto the horse and ride to the Palace with his fastest speed.
Aero on the other hand carried the woman to his bed chamber and gave her a cup of ambrosia he kept for himself
Aero picked her up gently and made her drink the ambrosia slowly, fearing she would choke on it. It was just a tiny dose.
'Drink, girl. This will replenish you' Aero said. She reminded him of someone. Not her face but her fate.
It reminded him of that woman.
Aero was careful in administering the ambrosia. Too much and she might end up being burned from inside out.
Quickly the ambrosia take effect. Her ears reformed, her bruises healed, the cuts regenerated. Aero let out a relieved sigh.
But she still didn't wake up.
So Aero waited beside her bed that night. The Royal Physician came and said to him that after a while she will wake up. It is only exhaustion
Aero then send an order to Antilus.
Antilus is to be demoted to be a guard under Holt command. If not for Holt, he would have already crushed Antilus throat with his hand.
'Torture! What gave Antilus the idea that I want her to be tortured. My image and reputation isn't enough? I'm shrewd. Manipulative. But a torturer? That's not me. I may lie, I may trick people but torture isn't my taste. Seeing people suffer for your amusement is not my taste.' Aero complained as he sighed once gain.
'Seeing people suffer for their mistake and stupidity on the other hand is a learning experience.'
Today, should be a happy day for him. But the scene he saw before made him forget all about the joy of completing his task.
Aero looked at the girl and he said to himself
This is my fault. So, let me heal you first. It is kind of ironic. This girl did just try to kill him but here he is beside her all night trying to make sure she didn't die and healthy.
'The irony' Aero said as he look at the girl and smile.
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