Age of Adventure
109 WRATH 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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109 WRATH 1

Aero logged in and it was already the next morning. He called his servants and prepare himself to get home.
Everything was settled and the nobles have already given their words. Aero is smiling and looking energetic today. This is no doubt because of what he posted last night in the Brave World forum
Last night he got a lot of things from the feast. There are gifts from noble families, merchants and people who were influential and wanted to get to know him.
Some of them are suitable for him while others are not. It is not like that he worries about his health considering his health is maxed out.
So, he instead wanted to sell some of that items. He posted about fifty items he didn't need into the forum.
All of it is valuable and have many beneficial effects.
There are gifts like incense, teapots, books. Then there are the weapons ranging from halberd to ancient swords.
There are shields, rings, greaves and many other accessories.
Cute accessories are also posted. Aero got that from some maiden who wanted to catch his attention in the banquet.
With it he also posted the description and effect of the items. He believes many people will be interested in buying his items.
It's not that rare but it's not that easy either to retrieve or find such items.
Aero smiled as he walks to his carriage.
He looks at the sky and the beautiful clouds and the shining sun and said to himself
'Ah, today is a good day'
Internally he is thinking to himself of how much profit he will reap this time from the massive posting of items in the forums
Aero was troubled by the fact that he had no videos to sell to the broadcasting station righty now.
At least he had many stuff to sell to the other players. And the gist that the noble's families give him are all great and incredible items so there is no worries that his product would not sell.
Aero felt happy not just because of that. He is also happy that his diplomatic mission is also successful.
With this, Vanheim have saved a lot of resources and one step closer to the hegemony of the entire Eastern continent.
Now, George only need to pick the auspicious time to march to the Holy Land of Duvar and be coronated
Aero enter his carriage with a happy feeling and he whistle all his way back to Vanheim.
The Chancellor is returning home
After a day, Aero finally returned to his residence. He then logged out for a while. He visited his mother, talk a bit with the doctors and then went to the supermarket to buy some grocers.
He went back home, heat up the pan, break few eggs, make an omelet and then eat it with a hotdog in front of the TV listening to news about Vega Corporation and the general affairs of the world,
When he felt that he has rested enough he went back in to Brave World. He had already settle most of his matters. Only one remains that needs his immediate attention.

He went out of his room and his steps is determined as he walk outside the residence and slowly walk in the direction of the cell.
He dressed properly and he already checked his face and his dress.
'All fine' he thought to himself.
He now need to see that woman who tries to assassinate him before his visit to Karak. He had delay it long enough.
He had many suspect names swirling in his mind but he needed the woman to confirm it for him of who is responsible for the attempt on his life.
Aero when he thinks of that woman, he did not deny that the woman was beautiful. But that is not the reason he wanted to meet her. Beautiful but deadly.
Aero like to know who his enemies are.
By now, Aero believes that Antilus surely has got the information of who is responsible out of her but he still needs to determine whether the woman is speaking the truth or not by himself.
He would not feel ease until he confirms it for himself.
Aero sighed. A beautiful woman in a deadly and dark job of being an assassin. Aero sympathizes because he got the report from Antilus.
The woman who attacked him is not a player but an NPCs. All NPCs have their background story and lives. What kind of lives that she leads that made her like this?
As Aero walk to the cell, he is also thinking of how Antilus persuaded that woman to give up the information. In his opinion Antilus will offer money or title or a gift of freedom.
It won't matter if it's a lie as long as that woman believes it. This is the easiest way to persuade someone.
On one hand he could threaten and then give them a good condition. The carrot and stick approach.
After all everyone wants title and money. Even if Antilus offers some items that would not be too much
At least if Antilus can't persuade her, he could offer her a title. Or if she is still stubborn Aero will threaten her to leave her to rot in the dark dungeon.
But he was still too naive probably.
Because what he saw when he entered the cell made his heart boil. He walk through the dark corners of the entire prison complex underground and then when he saw what is done to the woman he yelled in anger
In front of Aero was a woman stripped naked. Aero eyes is red and his heart is beating to the beats of a war drum
The woman is held by four chains each on her hands and legs.
Her flesh is full of cuts and bruises. Her mouth had dried blood all over. Her lips is cracked probably because she didn't get any water.
She is pale and trembling in pain. Her finger looks weak and twitch every second
Her thighs seem like it was being slashed hundreds of time, as there is deep cuts and dried blood around it.
There is still blood flowing from the wounds, dripping to the cold dark ground of the cell.
Her arms seem to be pierced repeatedly by something sharp, leaving a bloody smear. Her nose is shattered.
And she is whimpering like a dog that is about to die.
It seems she is unconscious right now. She looks so frail and weak. Her body is testament and proof of how she suffered and survived many beatings.
Bruises, wounds, cuts, can be seen clearly from all parts of her body.
It also seems cold water was also used in her interrogation after Aero saw the dripping water from her hair.
Her ears were cut off and her eyes were bruised badly. Antilus who heard the yell rushed to the cell with Jayden and Holt
He saw the Chancellor standing in front of the chained prisoner, only seeing his back and not seeing the Chancellor face.
If he did he not ask his next question.
he asked
'Chancellor Aero, you call for me? What is the problem?'
'What the hell did you do?' Aero asked, his voice is calm but the coldness in his tone is unmistakable. Hearing this even Jayden and Holt beside Antilus is shivering because of fear.
Part two coming in a few minutes
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