Age of Adventure
108 LAWS 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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108 LAWS 2

This time it will be about other laws that need to be upheld and abolished.


RIGHTS OF TREASURE: full power to dukes and counts over all minerals found on their properties.

RIGHT OF SHIPWRECKS: The nobles of a land have the right of appropriating the contents of ships happening to be wrecked on their shores. However, if the treasure is to be found by someone else, the lord must exercise nobles oblige and reward the meritorious.

THE RIGHT OF REPRISAL: Give authority to King and Chancellor to act as the intermediaries or punished by fire and sword that the sovereign and his regent/ chancellor may exercise his right of reprisal on the lands of the nobles, leaving the accused nothing but their lives and limbs. The penalty of retaliation.

THE RIGHT OF JURISDICTION: which gave judicial power to the dukes and counts in cases arising in their domains, had no appeal save to the King and Chancellor.

THE RIGHT OF THE CROWN: consisted of a circle of gold ornamented in various fashions, according to the different degrees of feudal monarchy, which vassals had to present to their lord on the day of his investiture.

THE RIGHT OF SEAL: A fee or fine they had to pay for the charters which their lord caused to be delivered to them.

ABOLISHED LAWS: The nobles of second order will be abolished some of their privileges among this are their privileges that of wearing spurs of silver or gold according to their rank of knighthood.

The right of receiving double rations when one is a prisoners of war. (ABOLISHED)

The right of claiming a year's delay when a creditor wished to seize their land (ABOLISHED)

The right of never having to submit to torture after trial, unless they were condemned to death for the crime they had committed (ABOLISHED)

Right of common oven, or requiring vassals to make use of the mill, the oven, or the press of the lord. At the time of the vintage, no peasant might sell his wine until the nobles had sold theirs. (ABOLISHED)

RIGHTS OF SHELTER: When a nobility visited his lands, his tenants were not only obliged to give him and his followers shelter, but also provisions and food, the nature and quality of which were all arranged beforehand with the most extraordinary minuteness. (ABOLISHED)

Some of the laws will only oppressed the peasant and before long they will surely rise up. Aero had a vision in his mind.
An Empire of order and Law.
Slowly but surely the laws he concocted will take effect and transform his Kingdom. Aero does not want anyone to take advantage of these archaic laws to incite a rebellion.
The will of the people is terrifying when it gathered together.
The Revolution of France, the uprising in ancient China. History has taught humanity when normal people are oppressed to the extremes, there is no nobility shining enough to repress the bravery brought about by desperations.

After all, if he is smart other people are also smart and he knows someone will use the archaic laws in the kingdom, to incite rebellious sentiments
Aero did not want an internal problem to crop up in Vanheim when Vanheim is setting the sight to the whole Vilajeri Continent
As Chancellor he has the power to change laws, but if he changed too much and abolished the nobility in all form then a war will surely break out between the nobles who want to keep the status quo.
There is no need to antagonize the nobles right now and force Vanheim to go on the defensive.
Vanheim had too many enemies now.
There is not turning back the moment they went out and declare their ambition. Aero knows this and the Kinga also knows it. There is no turning back now. There is only moving forward.
So he will do it slowly and cautiously. The wind blows and the candle light flickers. Aero dip his pen in ink and then began writing again.
he began drafting a new law or more accurately steps that needs to be taken for the kingdom to prospers and the associated departments that needs to be in charge of making sure these steps are implemented.


The roads must be better kept up (COUNCIL OF BUILDERS)

Rivers will be made more navigable (COUNCIL OF BUILDERS)

Coasts will be protected from piratical incursions (creating navy corps) [COUNCIL OF WAR]

Lighthouses will be erected at dangerous points to prevent shipwrecks (COUNCIL OF BUILDERS)

Treaties of commerce with foreign nations (COUNCIL OF RITES)

Increased the number of fairs and markets at the gates of the Kingdom and temple (COUNCIL OF REVENUE) (COUNCIL OF BUILDERS) (COUNCIL OF RITES)

Exemptions from taxes for special trader and merchant that can give great profit to the Kingdom. (COUNCIL OF REVENUE)

Capitalize mining in Vetten (COUNCIL OF REVENUE)

Export of wines to Duvar in exchange for corn. (COUNCIL OF REVENUE)

Silk manufactories must be built in Silvi (COUNCIL OF BUILDERS)

Laws on various trades will be arranged and codified to guarantee the security of vendors, and to ensure purchasers against fraud. (COUNCIL OF JUSTICE)

Establishment of insurance against the risks and perils of sea and land (COUNCIL OF JUSTICE) (COUNCIL OF REVENUE)

These are the steps that needs to be taken to encourage commerce and make the Kingdom prospers. Beside the steps was the Council entrusted to make this steps become a reality.
Then Aero in a roll pulled out another piece of paper and began writing again. This time it's about the taxes.

LAND TAX: calculated according to the area of the holding

Taxpayers who were too heavily rated are exempted and placed the burden on those who could better afford it.
Creation of a public revenue, raised by the contributions of all classes of society, with a definite sum to be kept in reserve
Accounts of the public expenditure in its several departments should be annually audited.
They are not many Aero would change in the laws of Tax.
After all that is the most sensitive one.
For now, those are the only laws he will change. He put down his pen and marvel at it. His eyes seem to be able to see his envisioned Empire.
An Empire where the Sun will never set. Thinking of it, he smiles.
After satisfied with the draft he had created, he put down his pen, go to his bed, and lie on his bed and close his eyes as he drifted to the dreamland
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