Age of Adventure
107 LAWS 1
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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107 LAWS 1

Aero enter his room and then the moment he enters his room he hurled himself to the bed. Looking at his ceiling, there is a smile that could not be erase don his face.

He then laughs alone.

The feast tonight was satisfying. He was served with all kinds of wine and servings. The famous Nero Republic red wine, the white wine of Duvar Kingdom, roasted meat from Sol Queendom it was truly a feast like none other.

The nobles in Karak really go all out in their parties. Aero had to recognize these. They truly know how to enjoy life.

And Aero notice something during the feast.

The nobles all wanted to get to know him. But it is not the kind of wanting to get to know him to become friend kind of way.

It is more like wanting to get to know him to use him later.

Aero is anything but stupid. He kept his witty, his mind and his card close to his heart.

As the nobles of the Kara Federation talk to him and converse with he was trying to analyze and gauging their intentions.

After all, you don't know who can be your enemy or your ally. There is never a forever enemy and forever ally. Lal of it is based on interest in the arena people called politics.

As he lies on his bed he tries to recall his schedule tomorrow. He remembers that he had to depart tomorrow to Vanheim.

His attendants and servants have already finished packing the supplies and the gifts from the Four families.

Aero like these customs of gift giving.

The Four Families never let a guest return empty handed.

Aero because of that hospitality got a Virudian Boots from Leon, two hundred thousand gold from House Vlad, Derringer Ring from House Cheveres, and five hundred thousand gold and Luminest Necklace from House Gerhardt

His gold is nine hundred thousand seven hundred eight gold coins. He checks the stats of the boots and his other items before

Virudian Boots

Durability 900 Defense 200

Equip Bonus

: +40 AGI

: +100 VIT

Derringer Ring

Durability 1000

Equip Bonus

: +500 MANA

: +500 HP

: + 100 CHM

Aero wear the Derringer Ring almost immediately. It is after all good in increasing his mana

He is now level 180. So he can finally use the Howling Dragon Saber as a replacement for the Sword of Mars.

Aero still felt miffed for losing that sword. It is the perfect sword for him.

He then examines the Luminest Necklace. It is a beautiful enchanting piece of accessory. As he looks at the necklace, his mind wander to that woman. To Amy.

'It would work well as a gift right?' he asks to himself.

He sighed and then he decided that he will give the Necklace to Amy as a gift. Since it gives buff to mana, she would be happy right?

Thinking about the necklace did not mean he forget about his sword.

Athena even until today still didn't contact him. It was weird but maybe to the Gods of this world, time moves differently for them

But Aero also had to admit that by now, he could accept losing the sword. He is after all already invincible. And if he could avoid it, he wants to avoid being around the Gods. They all a bunch of bullies.

He closes his eyes and then take a nap for a bit.

Half an hour later he was awake. He got up and then wash his face. Then slowly he walk to his study room that was prepared for him and light up a candle.

He took a paper and began writing some stuff. After half an hour he stared back at the paper.

With the candle light as his source of his light, he looks at the writing he already put onto the paper and he smiles.

Even now, a kingdom away from Vanheim, Aero is without doubt is still working diligently for Vanheim.

He is trying to write a law to reform the current condition of the Kingdom. Aero knows that the more prosperous and powerful Vanheim becomes, the more power and influence he would wield

Aero is drafting a new position for the Court to make it easier for him to administrate the Kingdom and he is also dedicated to abolish a few laws that he thinks would impede the development of the Kingdom.

He also need to make sure that this laws did not cross any lines that the King would not like.

First he created Count of the Palace, who examined and directed the suits brought before the throne.

Then the others are written in the document as follows.

He created a parchment filled with the position of power and its responsibilities and also create a Council for the Kingdom


MAYOR OF THE PALACE: Responsible for the administration of the royal property among other things.

ROYAL ORACLE: A position where the elected presided over ecclesiastical affairs, presiding over the affairs of the Temple, and supervise the devotees of religions and making sure that the religious affairs for the Kingdom run smoothly and without problem. Also responsible for determining the holidays for religions.

LORD OF THE CHAMBER: Responsible for the treasure of the chamber

COUNT OF THE STABLES: charged with the superintendence of the stables and the horses health and have power and authority to send draft to the King to ask for Gold for the sake of the cavalry of the army

COUNCIL OF STATE: Debate about the welfare of the state and propose solution to help the King administrate the vast land of his Empire. Assembled at stated periods.

KING'S COUNCIL: will be created consisting of persons of great importance owing to the number of their vassals.

BARONS: land owners and can possess strongholds. Not limited to the native

KNIGHTS LORDS: The fief of a knight will be bound to supply the sovereign with a certain number of knights covered with coats of mail, and completely armed. Knights must possess virtues of knighthood to be bestowed the title of Knights

ROYAL MASONS: in charge of kingdom construction projects, resources for construction and associated field

TITHES AND FEES: replaced with taxes.

COUNCIL OF PERSONNEL: Chancellor and the King will be in charge of appointments, and merit ratings, to allot titles and assign positions of power

COUNCIL OF REVENUE: Lord of The Chamber will be in charge of gathering census data, collecting taxes, and handling state revenues. The data can be viewed by the King, Chancellor, and Council of War.

COUNCIL OF RITES: Royal Oracle is in charge of state ceremonies, rituals, and sacrifices; it also oversaw registers for Oracle and even the reception of envoys from other states.

COUNCIL OF WAR: Supreme Commander elected by the King to lead is in charge of the appointments, promotions, and demotions of military officers, the maintenance of military installations, equipment, and weapons, as well as the courier system. Only apply in war. In peace times, the power rested on the King and Chancellor.

COUNCIL OF JUSTICE: Judges, King, and anyone under the existing law that has the authority given by the Kingdom to execute and practice law will and can exact judgment on judicial and penal processes

COUNCIL OF BUILDERS: Royal Masons has charge of kingdom construction projects, hiring of artisans and laborers for temporary service, manufacturing kingdom equipment, the maintenance of roads and canals, standardization of weights and measures, and the gathering of resources from the countryside.

ORDER OF NOBILITY: must keep their genealogical histories to give them the necessary titles for the feudal advantages they derived by birth. Without proper documentation, they will be denied of a title. Noble could still possess the laborers' lands without losing his nobility, but the laborer could be proprietor of a fief without thereby becoming a noble.

CONSCRIPTION: In times of need every town, quarter, and village should present a fully equipped conscript at the recruiting office.

There are Eight Councils with each of them have their own responsibilities and scope of power. There is the Council of State, King's Council, Council of Personnel, Council of Revenue, Council of Rites, Council of War, Council Of Justice and Council Of Builders:

Aero decided to reform and create Council that will help the Kingdom running smoothly.

The new laws also give him many authorities to act on behalf of the King. It is a win-win situation for him. The Kingdom would run more smoothly and he would gain more power.

Finished with that, he brought out another parchment and began writing again


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