Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Exiting his mansion gate Aero could see the servant bowing towards him. He slowly climbs the carriage stairs and seated himself.
With the sun that is going up and the heat slightly heating up, the carriage slowly moves from Vanheim
Supplies loaded up on the back and guard carriage on the back, Aero finally started his journey.
Other than a few people in the Capital, not many people know that the Chancellor is going to Karak.
If not there might be a crowd waiting for him to wish him well and of course also dark forces trying to harm him.
After the matter with the Blood Brotherhood, such concerns are of course reasonable.
The King himself after hearing the news in the night ordered the entire border to checked and city guards all combing the entire Capital for any trace of Blood Brotherhood or any factions that wished to do harm to the Chancellor.
As Aero carriage went outside the Capital City Gate Aero calms down and began thinking about many things.
He had put all thoughts about the assassin on the back of his mind because right now the task in front of him is even more important
He looks outside the carriage and saw the large forest trails and smell the leaves and nature and hear the insects.
Aero lean back on his seat and close his eyes.
Aero remembers the last time he went to Karak.
At that time, he wanted to go there to their Port and go to the West by sea and assist King Fjord in Asgaro
It clearly went badly for him. If one looks it in another perspective, it actually went well for him. But hindsight is 20/20
At that time however, Aero regretted he even set to the sea. Nothing good at all happens to him.
He was killed by the God of the Sea, and then thrown to the Underworld by the Goddess of Wisdom and then had to contend with three headed dog of Hades, conning an idiot lonely warden guard and free Thetis.
All in all, it was an adventure Aero would never forget
But the Gods and the Underworld business makes him late to come to the aid of King Fjord dooming the Kingdom to an early death.
Of course Aero is not arrogant enough to think he could change all of it.
But at least if he were there maybe he can offer a solution. Anything after all, is better than nothing
The n if that is not enough, he even had to retract the videos that he gives to the station.
It was ironic, really. It was probably the greatest adventure he had ever experienced but he couldn't show any of it or brag about it.
He could not give the full footage of the video without also revealing that he dipped in the River Styx, so he needs to give other footage.
He did not give any videos about his adventure in the Underworld. Because then it would be too easy to deduce what happens to him.
It is the reason Aero did not brag about his invulnerability. For the NPCs they would not have heard the Curse of the Styx or even think in that direction since they are not even sure the Gods exist.

But for the people in the real world, it is famous story.
Achilles is the Greek warrior that was dipped in the River Styx and granted invincibility from any mortal weapons.
And if the real world could deduce that much they could also deduce that Aero like Achilles has one fatal weakness.
Aero of course would never use his invincibility openly and he doesn't need to. It is strange.
He is probably the most powerful mortal right now.
But that is only true if no one ever knows his weakness.
Once people knows that he could be killed and he has a weakness, then every time he goes out people would target that weakness.
To be honest It is a shame really.
With the videos many players can know for sure that the Gods exist and they will probably be a few people that will try to find the questline relating to the Gods
He sighed as he opens his eyes. The wind from outdid the carriage enter it and Aero could feel the speed.
He smiles thinking about it
The best horse in Vanheim was chosen to bring him to the Karak Council the place where the Four ruling families live.
Aero read all about them and have a pretty good basic understanding of the four ruling noble houses of Karak Federation
The ruling families consist of House Gael, House Vlad, House Cheveres and House Gerhardt.
House Gael motto is Burn Bright. They are known like this because of their dedication towards military expansion.
Their family were military driven and they control the military decisions and large armies compared to the other three noble houses.
House Vlad motto is Heart Speaks to Heart. Their families are known for benevolence towards the people.
Every time it comes to their turn to rule they always began policies that will benefit the people.
They are talented in administrating and governance. Many of their family's members is in the scholar's circle and respected for their brilliance and beneleonce.
House Cheveres motto is The Future is Ours. They are so known because of their policies that emphasizes on the development and progress of the Kingdom.
Then there is House Gerhardt. House Gerhardt motto is With Swords and Shield.
They are great friends to the House Gael considering they share the same position and the same kind of policy which is the expansion of military parallel to their prosperity.
These are the four families that rule Karak since they secede from the empire and they act as each other checks and balance
Now, Karak Federation are ruled by House Cheveres. Three years from now, House Gerhardt will rule.
Aero waited in patience and take a nap inside his carriage. Then finally after almost a day, Aero arrived at Karak.
Once there, he was greeted by the ambassadors who escorted him to a residence that was prepared for him prior to his arrival.
As his carriage rides through the city streets of Karak Aero saw how prosperous this country really is. Markets and stalls are everywhere and the people are active and full of energy.
Aero sighed. He truly did not want to see Karak reduced to cinders.
After a long journey, Aero went into his residence and read a few information he got from the spies that is already there on Karak.
Then after making sure he didn't forget anything else, he logged out for a while.
Back at the real world Daniel comes out from the capsule. He needs a rest and he needs to shower.
He exercises for a bit and then after taking a well-deserved sleep, he is ready to once again enter Brave World
Entering Brave World, Aero realized it is already the next morning.
'It is a perfect time to meet them. The weather is good and they should have no reason to reject my invitations'
Aero looking at the time quickly sent a letter to the ambassador that he wanted to meet the four ruling families and ask for the ambassador help to convey his wish to the four families.
As he waits for the reply of the letter, Aero hosted a tea party on his residence. Those acquaintances he met when in Karak answer his invitations
When the tea party started instead of just enjoying the tea, they talked all about the matters in the world ranging from some idle talks, jokes and even politics and religion in a carefree and open minded manner.
All of them have great praises for Aero who they considered an epitome of a gentleman and an astute and cunning politician.
As the tea party ended, they all parted with good feeling. Aero is sitting in his courtyard, looking at the beautiful tree in front of him.
Beside him were servants pouring him tea as he slowly sipped the tea, savoring the taste.
It is still amazing to him that the fact that even if they eat in the virtual word, they could taste it.
It is probably why people really thought of this as another world instead of just another game. Everything felt real and genuine.
His senses are telling him that all of this is real. He could taste the tea and smell it. It sometimes makes him wonder how could anyone is able to create such game.
As he enjoys his time in his residence, by the afternoon, he finally got the reply he wanted. They agreed to meet with him.
The venue is in the residence of a prominent merchants in the country.
The four noble houses rent the residence for a few days and now that Aero wanted to meet them they decided just to use that residence as the meeting place.
Truth be told, it is not like the four noble families could just ignore Aero. After all he is the Chancellor of Vanheim.
He didn't need to come here but if he does come he must be treated with honors and treated extremely well.
Everyone knows how King George favored this minister of his. Vanheim is on the uptrend right now.
Who knows what would happen if King George felt that he was insulted. He might let it go for old time sake but the War faction in his court might not.
Karak doesn't want a war. The more they prosper and live in peace, the more they didn't want war.
Preparing himself, he went out form his residence and boarded his carriage to the meeting place.
Arriving at the place, he exited from his carriage and enter the residence guard by many elite guards in the entrance.
He was escorted into a room inside the residence.
When he arrived and open the door, he could see four people looking at him at the same time. They all seems to be gauging him and trying to analyze him
One of them is someone Aero knows. Aero smiled at that person. It is Kuvia Vlad. Seeing that Kuvia get up and soon the three other person followed.
" Sir Aero,oh, no, no…Now it's Chancellor right?"
"Yes, but what does title means anyway?" Aero reply humbly. And Kuvia chuckles a bit.
'It is an honor to host the Chancellor of Vanheim in this humble abode' he said and Aero only nodded
Aero take his seat and then the four people also take a seat. Aero marvel at the table. It is the round table. Could it be that they are like Knights of King Arthur, swore the oath of knighthood and rule honorably and just like the mythical kingdom of Camelot?
Aero almost laughed when he thinks of that story.
'Chancellor Aero of Vanheim, I have heard a lot about you. Vanheim representative is you. Surely you did not come to Karak to just mingle with the nobles and the merchant here. King George ambition is known to all. What is that you want to ask of us, considering you want to meet all four of us?"
Said the Head of Gerhardt family, Leon Gerhardt. He truly did not beat around the bush and quickly strike to the real question
The atmosphere suddenly turn tense. Desmond Gael, Kuvia Vlad, Giorgio Cheveres and Leon Gerhardt.
They are the head of the four noble families of Karak Federations.
Knowing it is not wise to delay matter Aero began explaining what he wants from the Four Families.
"I did not want to seem forceful. But I came here under the request of my King in the hopes to ask you to swear your fealty towards the Vanheim Kingdom, to George as your Emperor, as King of Kings. My King promised your rights and your authority in Karak will not be violated. You will remain an autonomous Kingdom even under the Emperor." Aero said while looking at all the faces of the Head of the Four families.
He is trying to see their reaction. Desmond Gael and Leon Gerhardt looked at each other and frown while Kuvia Vlad and Giorgio Cheveres seems to be thinking of it already.
Then they began arguing with Aero asking why they should submit to Vanheim. The staunchest opposition come from the military lineage family, the Gael and the Gerhardt's.
On the other hand, House Vlad and Cheveres seems to be more interested in the benefit of doing such things for Karak.
Their opinion is without doubt divided into two and the argument grows more intense.
The negotiations turned frustrating and repetitive, Aero explains briefly and then he only observes these four people argued each other on the matter.
Aero sighed internally
Some people just don't want to listen to reason.
If Aero leads an army here to Karak, how many of Karakian people will die? But some people do understand this point.
The Cheveres and the Vlad seems to understand it clearly, that any war against Vanheim is not a war they could win
Today Karak is not like the Karak of the past and today Vanheim is no longer like the Vanheim of the past.
Defeating Vetten, employing Orcs and allowing them to join the army, revitalizing the economy and having full control of the kingdom.
King George of Vanheim is a true sovereign of the world and full possess the power to trample Karak into dust in the annals of history.
Aero on the other hand could not understand the stubbornness of House Gael and House Gerhardt.
Don't they understand Vanheim is more superior to them in every aspect?
Either military or economically Vanheim are better and more stable. After all they have a large army to protect that economy.
Aero concern was that if Karak relay reject this deal, in the court the Pro War faction would use this as an excuse to rise again.
Aero had no disdain for the Pro War faction. But there is time to go to war and there is time to not. Waging war requires expenses, requires supply. If anything could be resolved without war, then all the better.
War…should always be the last measures and not the first course of action.
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