Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The moment her dagger stab into Aero chest and as she pushed down the dagger into Aero skins, her weapons like striking something that is not meant to be broken had its impact momentum deflected back
The dagger like a fragile glass shattered to a thousand pieces, its broken shard flew in all direction, piercing the stone wall of the study room.
The assassin eyes widened in shock and disbelief as she saw this scene. It was like the Chancellor of Vanheim is invulnerable and invincible from weapons
How could she believe it and how could she met such an anomaly in her line of works.
The sounds of fighting had already alerted the guards in the lower floor and they were rushing to go to the study room of the Chancellor.
They are all running through the stairs to reach the Chancellor Study.
Meanwhile on the room, the woman face was priceless. If not for the situation and the serious atmosphere, Aero wanted to laugh.
The looks on her face shows how shocked she is and Aero smile grew even wider.
He thought to himself with a bit of pride.
'Another point for the Styx.'
But the woman is not an idiot. She might be shocked and she might be flustered but she is not stupid.
He first attempt which should have worked had failed.
So, she quickly jumped back off pouting herself far from the grasp of Aero, standing with another dagger in her hands in a guarding position at the end of the corner of the room, looking at Aero with puzzlement.
Aero was still calm and only wiped some of the dirt and look at the hole in his shirt on the area where the assassin stabbed him with nonchalant attitude.
It was at this moment she realizes she is fucked up. There is something wrong about this person.
There is many question in her head. She is puzzled why the precious dagger she had shattered the moment she stabbed this person.
Could it be this person is really invincible? But how is that possible? In the many years she had worked, she never truly saw an invincible person.
Yes, she met countless powerful people and they all said that they are invincible in the battlefield or in some aspect of warfare.
But she never truly saw someone who is truly invincible in the literal sense of the word. She didn't sense any magic being used so it is not possible that dagger shattered because of magic.
Then that means, this Chancellor of Vanheim actually possess an invulnerable body. Is that even possible?
Aero could the assassin eyes shaking. Aero felt it is only logical for someone to be surprised.
After all, how could the assassin imagined that he had met Gods and Goddess of this world.
Even the people of this world is not really sure that these Gods exists. They come in dreams and whispers brave words and wisdom.
That is what some said about the Gods. But they never truly saw them as Aero did.
He was fucked up by a God, thrown into the Underworld by a Goddess, met the Lord of the Dead Hades blessed by Athena and granted invincibility by Thetis.

Nobody would make that kind of relations if they didn't heard Aero said it himself. It is no wonder the assassin was puzzled.
Nobody could have guessed that the Chancellor Aero of Vanheim dipped in the River Styx and gained invulnerability
But just because the assassin doesn't know the full story it does not mean she has lost all reason. All she felt right now is fear.
She knows if she did not escape right now it would be hard to escape later. She looks at the window behind her and saw the roof in the distance and she quickly made her decision.
Her feet are already moving toward the window. But Aero of course notices it.
'No, you don't' Aero shouted
She tries to jump out of the window when Aero with his superior agility moved and in almost a second he is just a few inches from the woman and grabbed her hand.
She uses her other hand to stab the dagger into his head.
Aero used his other hand and slap away the dagger cracking the new dagger before it exploded into shards.
The shard like it ricocheted from something very powerful embedded itself deeply into the walls.
Aero squeezed her other hand and she was forced to let go her other dagger as it falls down to the ground with a clang
Aero only smiles. He even fights the Wardens for the Prisons of the Gods and won. What is mortal strength compared to him?
With Aero strength, it would be almost impossible for her to escape his grasp no matter how much she is trying to struggle.
The woman looked fearful and angry as she glared at Aero and shouted
"Unhand me" she barked. Her hand is bruised with just a simple grasp. Aero notices that he has a long way of controlling his strength.
Aero did not unhand her and just coldly look at her.
"Not until you tell me who sent you" Aero said. Aero had quite a guess who this woman is.
He knows that this girl must be one of the Blood Brotherhood. She wears their seals in her right hand.
But is the Blood Brotherhood had woman in it? Or is there a branch of the Blood Brotherhood called the Blood Sisterhood?
Aero look at the seals in that woman right hand. It is a shape of a red skull and a dagger stuck in the skull head,
That's the symbol of the Blood Brotherhood.
"Unhand me, I said" She still barking as her eyes darting to the door of the study. Aero only smirks.
She tried to kick Aero feet only to realize Aero did not even feel it. Instead, it was she that felt pain in her feet.
When she stamped her foot on Aero foot, it was like she is trying to stomp a lump of iron metal.
Then both of them heard it. The woman face become pale. The steps of the guards inched closer.
On the other hand, Aero felt disappointment.
'They are too late. I already caught the assassin. I don't understand why I need guards if I myself ended to handle with these kind of stuff' he complained ignoring the woman struggling to break free from his grasp.
Then as the step grew closer it finally came as they barge into the study, arms at the ready, their eyes bloodshot and ready to enter into battle.
They look in the room and then saw Aero standing near the window, grasping a woman arm that is punching and kicking the Chancellor without rest.
This shocked them as they immediately asked
"Chancellor, are you alright?" Captain of The Guard Antilus asked Aero in his worried tone. Then he looked at the woman and shouted
'How dare you trying to attack the Chancellor. Stop what you are doing, scum!' Antilus shouted to the woman and the woman sighed and resign to her fate.
Aero on the other hand was not impressed. He looks at his guard and his gaze rested on Antilus.
"How are you doing your job!" Aero scolds them. They all look down. Then Aero said.
'Look at this woman hand' Antilus raise up his head and then he saw the seals and he was shocked.
'The Blood Brotherhood' Aero nodded
They all gulped and they were all thinking what a close shave tonight.
Usually the Chancellor mansion is the safest place and they let their guards down because they thought that nobody would be an idiot and truly dares enter and try to assassinate the Chancellor in his own mansion guarded by elite guards.
At least even if they wanted to assassinate the Chancellor they would assassinate him in the street or outside.
Who would have thought that there is a woman bold enough to try to assassinate the Chancellor in his own mansion?
Even Aero admire such boldness. If not for the fact that he has the Curse of the Styx she would have succeeded.
There is also another point that makes the guards seem solemn.
The Blood Brotherhood has sent someone against the Chancellor.
The Blood Brotherhood is an assassin organization.
It is their job to assassinate people and nobody had complained about that or truly try to disturb them
But this time they truly miscalculated. They tried to assassinate one of the most powerful and influential person of Vanheim
This is their mistake. Killing people? Well, even politicians used theirs services. But even politicians did not send the assassin to their own kind.
Aero is not only the Chancellor of Vanheim, he was also a war hero, a divine strategist, a talented statesman and most important of all, he is the most favored person of the King.
Any of this traits make him indispensable to a kingdom.
The guards know what will happen when dawn came.
Check and surveillance would surely be increased in very border of the city and the entire city would be searched when this news reached the ears of the King
The Chancellor is an important person in the Kingdom, of course someone will target his life.
Just by being powerful attracts enemies.
Antilus know this fact the moment he volunteered to guard the Chancellor, but after non-activity for such a long time since the Chancellor rise to office, Antilus grew relaxed and so does his squad.
Tonight is undeniably is his mistake.
"Forgive us, Chancellor" Antilus bowed his head humbly. Aero look at Antilus and sighed. Thinking about it this assassin is not normal either.
The fact she could have avoided all the surveillance of the guards proved she is not really weak.
It is only compared to him that she looks weak in comparison.
If not for his steel body, Aero would have died and Aero bet that if the guards did spot her before, they would already be corpses by now.
Aero looked at the woman and his eyes seems to be trying to divine something.
Who would send an assassin to kill him? Aero was looking at her while pondering on the list of his enemies.
He had a lot of enemies.
Kyle, Creon, maybe even the people in the Court. But out of the list of his enemies only a few people that had the ability to contact the Blood Brotherhood and orchestrate an attempt on his life.
There are also the relatives of the soldiers that he killed in the Battle of Coro. Aero sighed again and then he throws the woman onto Antilus.
Then he ordered.
'For now, put this woman in our cell. Guard her so she could not escape'
"Yes, Chancellor" Jayden and Holt the Vice Assistant to the Head Guard nodded. Then Aero look at Antilus and said with a warning tone
"Antilus, this will be the last mistake I will endure from you. Fail me again---" Aero let his word hang
"Yes, Chancellor" Antilus nodded.
When someone is jailed there are only four options to get out.
First option would be that if the prisoner is ransomed and someone is willing to pay that ransom.
Second option, if the prisoners are a thief or an assassin they can use Lock pick skills to break out the prison by themselves if their skills are high enough
The other option would be if someone helped the prisoners to escape or in other words a prison break
And lastly, and this only applied to adventurers, suicide.
Though the level lost because of suicide is high this is why many adventurers would not do such things.
Of course, there is also a shackle to prevent suicide. Which is why if adventurers are caught, they immediately have to make a decision.
Endure the imprisonment or awhile or kill themselves and losing a lot of experience and all their items.
Most would choose imprisonment.
However, for the NPCs they are only a few available options which is easily guarded against.
Which is why Aero asked the guards to guard her, so that she might not use Lock Pick skills. As Antilus was about to escort the woman to prison Aero hold up his hand and the guards stopped in the entrance of the door waiting for the Chancellor words.
"Oh, and Antilus, interrogate her" Aero commands.
Antilus nodded, understanding what Aero implied.
The Chancellor must want to know who orders the Blood Brotherhood to put a mark on his head.
The Chancellor needs to depart tomorrow to Karak so he is setting a time for Antilus to succeed.
He implies that by the time he returns back, Antilus must know the real perpetrator behind this incident.
Or else-
Antilus shuddered to think what the Chancellor would do to him if he fails.
Aero sighed as he is brought back to the present. He could hear the sound of his horse carriage neighing in the front gate of his mansion.
He straightens himself up and open the door room and step out

So, here is part two of the chapter. i am now writing the chapter to mass release it around the end of this month so please be patient. And I will also be creating a p a t r o n page for Age of Adventure. Anyone who wanted to support me could also check that site later.
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