Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero logged on back that day after he finishes doing things in the real world. He is now in his mansion on his bed.
He opens his eyes and he could see the ceiling of his bedroom in his mansion and he smile bitterly.
When he is thinking about it, in real life he did not live as luxuriously like this. Here in this world, he had mansion, authority and influence to command armies and direct the course of a war that could determine the rise and fall of a kingdom.
He even had servants serving his every need.
In this world, his word could move the heaven and earth. He is living a great life here in Brave World compared to his life in the real world.
Not to say his real life is that bad, but it is not as glamorous and adventurous as his life here in this world
As he got up he dresses himself making sure he looks dashing and elegant as expected of the Chancellor of a kingdom.
Unlike other nobles, he felt awkward letting the servant to clothe and wash him.
He is not entirely feel comfortable letting those people do that.
He checks his inventory and then he nodded to himself. He already prepares everything that night before he logged out from the game.
He also thinks about what happen last night. He did not think something so interesting would happen just before he logged out
That night that is not the only thing he prepares.
One of the many things he thought about, and the most important thing in his mind before he logged out yesterday is none other than the problem of how to persuade the Karak to swear fealty.
As he packed and ready to exit his room, his mind seems to flashback to last night
When he arrived at his study room after his meeting with the King, Aero immediately orders his servants to bring him books about Karak.
Anything that concern Karak.
Their culture, their history, their politics and economy all things that Aero think would be useful in persuading Karak and making a successful deal.
Burning the midnight oil, he read Karak history.
He skimmed most of it. He never told this to anyone, not even to his mother but he had an almost photographic memory.
He is also a speed reader. The reason why Aero never told this to her mother because he knows that would make his mother get hurt
Aero is not an idiot. Even though his father has passed away, and he does love his father, he himself knows that the father that passed away is not his real father.
Aero doesn't know why his mother keep hiding that fact. And Aero never asked who his real father is.
But he knows this trait, a genius like trait like this must be passed down from his real father.
At least that is what he likes to believe. Because then that means he had something that belonged to his father.
To his real father.
Aero put this long matter to rest in the back of his mind as he keeps on reading the books. After reading a few books Aero concluded that Karak is full of brave warrior.

History has indicated that much.
One of the important side note of history and one of the most integral moment and showing of valiant air of Karak happened in a war between Vetten and Karak.
In the past Vetten tried to take them over because Vetten wanted their profitable businesses.
Vetten also wanted to conquer Karak to strengthen their hold and might even be planning an incursion on the other neighboring kingdoms if they managed to do that.
They marched with ten thousand troops, armed to the teeth to Vetten
Their plan is to take Karak in a swift and decisive manner so that no other kingdom could aid them in time.
At that time, they almost conquered an important Fort that might serve as a frontier to take Karak.
It is at this Fort that something happened that was immortalized in the song of poets and the stories of travelling bards and make itself into history, immortalizing the characters in that event
There is an ancient fortress at the Border of Karak known as Killian Fort where about one thousand Karakian troops commit a mass suicide rather than surrender towards the Vettennian soldiers.
Blood flows down from the broken walls of Killian Fort like the entire Fort was weeping. They all die with honor and bravery.
This act was something so unexpected that it thrown off the Vettennian Commander off balance.
The Commander at the time even believe that if this people is this loyal and brave, what if they march deeper into the Karak territory.
The Vettennian commander believe that if they set their foot deep into Karak territory and met more soldiers like the soldiers in Killian Fort, they would be besieged at every turn, fighting a fighting force that do not fear Death
And he believes that sooner or later, the other kingdoms will also hear about their invasion and when that happens Vanheim, Niovar, Veranis, Gerad, Tian would not just stand still.
As the commander enters the ruins of Kilian Fort and saw the one thousand men with their throats sliced by their own sword, chills rises up inside him.
Karak is a foreign land that they do not understand. They retreated after seeing the ghastly scene in the Fort.
The story is well known and regarded as a symbol of patriotic love for the Kingdom.
This act brought such fear towards the Vettennian army, so much that they retreated and Karak was saved.
Because of the sacrifice of Killian Golden, the head of the army, who is also one of the first that commit the suicide in the Fort, Karak survive the war without being conquered.
Of course the story might have bene exaggerated and romanticized but it remains true that the fact is that Killian Fort is symbol for the Karak Federation
Aero read their history, their culture and their likes and dislike, as his mind is forming plans and countermeasures.
The wind was blowing gently that night. The moon outside the study room is beautiful and everything seems to be calm and peaceful.
As Aero flipped another page of the book, Aero senses tingles. It was like a shiver that run through his body and then almost a millisecond later he heard a sound of ripping air.
Aero eyes narrowed and he try to look behind him and a glimmering light could be seen just out of the comer of his eyes
Aero intuition told him
'It comes from behind!'
Aero turned back almost immediately flinging his chair as it flies with incredible power and smashed through the window.
Aero push his feet as he moves backward and the desk exploded as he collided with it in his retreat
Aero finally saw the one that has been sneaking up on him. She saw a woman wearing a light tight leather clothes like the one you could see in Assassin Creed game, the old ancient console game.
Aero retreated but this woman is lithe and agile. She pushed her feet at the edge of the window and her dagger shines dangerously as it stabs Aero.
Even as she was about to stab him Aero could still marvel at the woman.
She is lithe and graceful, her face was not overly beautiful, but possessing a full feature that seems to exude raw sensuality.
Her clothes clung to her body like the stickiest of leather, accentuating her slender torso and small breast.
She has a deep black eyes and the way she looks at Aero was full of ferocity and determination.
From the beginning, she would have probably hide herself in this room waiting for him to come and then when he did come, she did not immediately strike.
Instead she waited. Like a panther waiting for the right moment to strike. The stab connected and there is a smile on the face of that woman assassin.
But Aero also smiles.
Because what happens next must have puzzled this assassin.
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