Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The tarmac seems busy as people are al preparing for someone arrival. A plan from halfway across the world landed. The people on the tarmac are all nervous.
The private plane door was opened and someone come out from the plane, smiling looking at the welcome party
The man coming out from the plane is none other than Takenaka Takashi, the genius inventor and the Chairman of the Vega Corporation
He exited the plane and as he walks down the plane stairs someone come approached him. The guard around Takashi almost smack that person down to the ground.
But that person quickly said that he means no harms
Takashi only raise his eyebrows and ask
'Guide?' The person is a Caucasian. The person nodded
'Guide' he replies back. Takashi only smiles and gesture his guards to move back. The guide escorted Takashi to the area behind the airstrip.
Waiting for him is the black car in the parking area beside the control tower. Around the black car there is a few Caucasian men dressed in black and wearing black sunglasses.
Takashi almost scoffed.
It seems like no matter where you are in the world, a person wearing black suits with black sunglass is always the go to style to convey an intimidating presence.
Even his guards are like that.
The guide beside Takashi ask
'Do you want us to escort your guards too?'
'They know their way' Takashi replies and the guide nodded.
Takashi then ask another question
'Was this all necessary?' The guide frowned a bit and have an apologetic expression on his face and then he knew he had to explain.
After all they were asking for his help and not the other way around.
So he then said.
'The information that we will give you on your way ride to the office is a top secret documents that if revealed could bring panic to the world. So, even though we trust you, we couldn't trust your guard'
Takashi nodded as he too understands their concern
'Fine' He said. And Takashi is not that worried about his safety. Because he has other ways of protecting himself so he was not that worried
Takashi entered the car. And as he sits down the driver of the car handed him a docket of documents. Takashi noticed that the driver is the pilot
I guess I', seeing you again Takashi said in fluent English.
The pilot only smiles and nodded
'I worked for them' Takashi nodded and he did not say anything as he began reading the documents.
Moments later they were speeding down the road.
Outside he could see grassy plains in the distance.
Beside him is the docket of documents.
the documents were already finished read by Takashi, the content were memorized inside Takashi head.
Takashi is also a speed reader and have a photographic memory. It was like any traits a genius could have he have it.
The driver seeing Takashi keep looking at the outside then said
"I'll have you by the lab in five minutes, Mr. Takashi" Takashi look at the driver and scoffed.

He wanted to to say Do you want to kill me. This person is driving so fast it would not be an exaggeration to say that he is driving just below on par from F1 driver.
So Takashi said
"Why not make it ten and get us there alive" he said to the pilot turned driver.
The driver just smirked. In just a few moments they arrived. To be exact they arrived in exactly five minutes.
Takashi only shakes his head as he could his stomach rumbles. They arrived at the place as Takashi could see the structure.
He always wanted to visit but he was always busy. To visit now at the end, really give him some feeling in his heart that he felt hard to describe
They were stop outside a reinforced sentry booth. The driver shows the guard his identification and Takashi followed by showing his passport.
They enter the area and park the car as the driver guides him inside the structure. He saw the acronym for the organization on the signboard and he smiles.
'Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire'
In the entrance, a woman is welcoming him. She is smiling at Takashi. Takashi also brightened up looking at that woman.
She is an old friend. They met when Tokyo University had an exchange student program. Lila learned in Tokyo University for one semester before she returned back to Swiss
"Lila, long time no see" Takashi said as he hugged her
"Yes, you too Takashi"
Lila or Delilah Vasquez is the director general of CERN. She has grown a lot since the days when she was in University.
Takashi still remembers that Lila in her university days is pretty crazy. She once concocts a chemical that when inhaled would have the same effect as pot.
She used to party with some other people in her dorm
The teacher could never catch her even though there are some people that reported that she was smoking pot.
She was a daredevil. And an innovator. There are not many people in this world Takenaka Takashi respect but Lila is one of them.
Now, she is no longer that party child. Takashi didn't know it but her meeting with him changes her outlook on this world.
That always happen when people met Takashi.
They were change fundamentally.
Maybe it is the way Takashi talk to people, or his childish dreams that almost seems impossible, yet it could still entrance people to try to make it work.
As he said, a dream he dreamt alone is nothing but a dream. But a dream he dreamed with a lot of people is no longer just a dream.
Takashi had that effect on people. Now, that woman is the Director General of CERN
She invited Takashi and ask for his help after Takashi shows what he has found in his research. After all of these years they still keep up correspondence with each other
They are also old acquaintance and best friend. Though it is not made public and there are only few people in the world knows of their friendship;
The Chairman of the world renowned Vega Corp and one of the most prominent scientist in quantum studies in the world Delilah Vasquez is actually friends with each other.
She is the Director General of CERN but she is also a prominent scientist on her own right.
As he walks inside the structure, Takashi could see many scientists scurrying around in the lab all seems to be doings something. He smiles a bit.
All around him was scientist inventions and Takashi like it.
From when he was child he likes to tinker around things and he always wanted to know how certain things are made and how it was made.
This kind of place is his heaven
"This way" Lila said and that boke Takashi reverie
Lila was escorting Takashi down marbled stairs down beneath the lab.
'Marble?' Takashi look at Lila and Lila only smile
'You always like marble stairs didn't you? You said it gives an ancient feeling'
Takashi nodded and grins.
He didn't though she would remember those words he said a long time ago.
They talk as they walked trading stories and the development of the scientific world with each other.
And soon enough Takashi was standing in front of the LHC.
The Large Hadron Collider. Simply put it is a particle accelerator.
A particle accelerator is a large circular tube through which subatomic particle that was accelerated.
Magnets in the tube turned on and off in rapid succession to push particles around until they reached tremendous velocities and speed.
Fully accelerated particles circled the tube at almost the speed of light.
Scientist shatters particles into their constituents' parts and gets a glimpse of nature most fundamental component.
'LHC. The largest machine in the world' Takashi thought to himself.
Eight kilometers in diameter and twenty-seven kilometers long, bored in a perfect circle.
Fully accelerated particles will circle the tube more than ten thousand times in a single second before they collide. It is an artwork in Takashi eyes.
It is probably one of the greatest manmade machines created to unravel the mystery of the Universe and creation
Large Hadron Collider extends from Swiss all the way to France. That is a massive undertaking.
But nothing is too massive compared to the answer that it will yield. The answer of the Universe.
Takashi look at the LHC and his plan is materializing once again in his mind.
He is planning to capitalize the LHC to create a dimensional barrier or in other words recreate a dimension with the VR technology as the basis of this new dimension.
This is fringe science, what he is attempting to do. It is not even certain it could work. But Takashi always had that gambling streak on him
It's the only way humanity could survive the meteor strike. The other method he had would take years to achieve.
And he doesn't have years.
The world doesn't have years.
According to his calculation, one third of humanity would probably survive the meteor strikes.
The other two thirds will be destroyed either by the explosion of meteor or the subsequent effect of the fall which will envelope the world with smokes and tsunami and all manners of natural disasters.
Earthquakes, volcanic explosion, poisonous smokes that covered the world and many more.
All bad stuff.
At that time, it will truly look like the end of the world.
Now, one third of the world population plays his game.
So, this means if his invention succeeds he can suck the players that play his game in this new dimension he would create by putting their data in the dimension and some prerequisite.
He has plead and beg the other world leaders to let him publish his finding but they do not believe him.
Even though he has shown them scientific proof they are still stubborn.
They even threaten to silence him if he dared publish it.
Takashi knows what will happen. Because he has seen happen many times. They will bury the truth.
Human stubbornness will be their undoing
So, he decided he will do his part on saving humanity. He looks at the LHC and then at Lila and he knows he need to get this woman onboard before all of this could happen.
Then he explains his plan to Lila with all the proof he gathered and a blue print of his plan.
Lila listens intently, sometimes nodding, sometimes shaking her head.
"So, that's your plan? You will let 1/3 of the human population died?"
"No, I'll save 1/3 of the humanity population"
"You said 1/3 will survive the meteor strike, 2/3 would die. But if your plan worked, another 1/3 would be saved because you will suck them into this dimension. What happens to the other 1/3?"
"Just their luck, Lila" He said sadly
And Takashi walk beginning his work, while Lila just watched. She sighed looking at that man lonely back.
It is always lonely. Because no one could really understand him. A mind so beautiful that nobody could understand it.
Even she could not dare say she understand it. A mind devoted to finding answers. And have always remains pure since the day she first met him.
'Still taking all the burden by yourself, Takashi' she thought to herself as she follows him
Takashi began using the machine. First he would try to do something. Some trials and error he needs to perform to help his calculations.
He is now accelerating two ultrathin particle beams in opposite direction around the accelerator tube.
The two beams collided head-on at enormous speed, driving into one another and compressing all their energy into a single pinpoint.
Takashi is trying to simulate the compressed points of energy from which the particle of universe sprang.
And in each trial Takashi records the finding.
And it was then that Lila realized something in horror. She looks at Takashi like she is looking at something terrifying.
She finally understands what Takashi is trying to create
He…is trying to create matter from nothing. And there is shock on her face when she realized that.
Then she asks herself internally as she look at Takashi
'Are you trying to be God, Takashi?' And then she remembers a word Takashi said to her
"If it's permitted, I would sacrifice everything" said Takashi towards her a month ago.
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