Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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In the court today, like always in front of the King the two factions disagree in some things.
Like always they argue about matter concerning matters of the state and the Kingdom and each one seems to display absolute loyalty to the Kingdom while slinging mud to their opponents.
The King was having a headache. He ended the session early and ask the factions to ask the Chancellor opinion on the matter as the King returns back to his residence.
And once again two representatives are chosen from each side.
Today it's Hanson from Conservative Faction and Henry from moderate faction. As they walked to the Chancellor office they both felt nervous.
They already heard the stories from Prince James and Josh. They then spoke with each other.
It is true their factions do not get along but that is only because of their difference opinion in how certain things should be done
Nobody really hates anyone of the other factions to the bone. If they did, they are not really adept in playing politics.
Enemy yesterday could be friend tomorrow, and friend yesterday could be the one stabbing you in the back the next day.
Now both of them are arguing again with each other. But it's not about the issues anymore.
They are arguing and trading information about the Chancellor.
How should the issues that need to gain his approval be phrased?
What would appeal to the Chancellor Aero, and what would annoy him?
At what time of day the representatives should approach him? Is it after lunch? Or after breakfast?
At what part of the palace should they approach him where he is most amiable and receptive to other people?
Is it in the Garden? Or is it in his office?
And what expression should they have on their faces? Blank or excited? Should they added some compliments thrown in or should they approach it with only facts?
Would that appeal to the Chancellor more?
They were arguing about this matter when finally, they arrived in a garden.
It was a beautiful garden but none of those beautiful trees could ease their nervousness.
Because they see sitting on a marble bench chair is the Chancellor talking with some people.
The Chancellor was talking with some nobles when he realizes the two representatives and immediately Aero with a mischievous smile asked them to present their opinion in the Garden.
The nobles knowing this is not the matter to meddle in the royal court excuse himself, while Aero ask them to speak.
'It seems the court is once again divided on an issue'
The two representatives nodded all their plans forgotten as they look as meek as rabbit.
'Then speak'
Like always when they present their opinion Aero just kept silent and just nodded sometimes.
"I will see" Then he too the written proposal and walked away with the documents leisurely
This behavior leave the two representatives puzzled. They looked at each other and they know the same question is on both of their mind.

Did then Chancellor like the proposal? Or Did he hate it? If he does like it, which one does she like? And which one he dislikes?
Aero silence in his judging matters kept those around him in a state of fear and under his thumb.
They could not predict what is on his mind, his intention on making the decision or whether he was interested in joining one of the two faction.
King George was easier to figure out.
Chancellor Aero on the other hand is a stone.
Aero made it one of the foundations of his power and this is how he kept power in the court.
By keeping them guessing at his intention.
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