Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero sit on his chair and sighed. He closes his eyes and replay back the scene in his office.
He didn't think he did anything that is wrong. Instead he hopes what he did is right. Politics is war without bloodshed. And war is politics with bloodshed.
Both are equally important. Aero hope his approach in dealing with the two factions work.
Power in many ways is dependent on your appearance.
Aero knows the fact that when you say less than necessary you will inevitably look far greater and powerful than you actually are.
It also conceals your true intention and making you look more enigmatic and mysterious which will only help to further your agenda.
Aero was betting on the fact that his short answers and silence will only aggravate both of the representatives of the two faction and make them nervous in his presence.
And in their nervousness they will jump in filling the silence with all kinds of comments that will reveal valuable information about them and their weakness.
Aero smirk a bit a she was thinking of this matter. He opens his eyes and he chuckles.
James and Josh both did that in his office. It was like taking a candy from a two-year-old baby.
Aero made his research before he met them. He knows their quirks and behavior. Prince James is an impatient Prince and it is clear to Aero that he was insecure about his own plan.
He wanted to prove himself to his father, to take the lead in the political court of the country and making sure that people look up to him.
Prince James also have another motive which is revealed to Aero in just a matter of second.
It is clear to Aero that the Prince wanted to gauge his abilities and also his intention.
Aero understand why. If Aero shows even a slight intention of favoring the Prince, it could send a signal to the factions.
Which will create another new power dynamic in the court.
The Conservative Faction would try to recruit him while the Moderate faction will try their bets to prevent it. Aero knows he doesn't want to get in the middle of that mess.
And The Prince is not the only one that is trying to gauge his intention. Josh was the same. He also wanted to see which faction Aero will back through the proposal they brought
It was a simple and brilliant scheme.
Whether it was the truth or not, if Aero shows any favoritism, then Aero would be dragged down into the mess.
But Aero knows better than anyone if he was dragged in the mess, it would not certainly be good for him.
The King would see it as he is trying to meddle with even the future ruler of Vanheim.
After all, while they both are called the Conservative and the Moderate faction respectively, everyone knows that the faction actually belongs to the two princes.
He was already lavished with grand power and influence from the King.
If he even wanted to try to meddle with the succession mater, that would probably send the wrong signal to the King and the King might try to limit his power in fear that the Kingdom would be under his thumb in the future.

If he wanted to enter the mess, then it will be on his terms and not because others we replotting against him.
Aero knows he need to be careful with Josh. But as Josh try to gauge him and determine his personality, Aero did the same.
And what he found is extremely useful in manipulating him. Josh is a person that is ambitious and so he was eager to please his superior
But most of all, he is in it for the power and the influence. His ambition is something that interest Aero very much.
Whether he can turn to an ally or enemies still depends. Aero thought at the moment. In that meeting Aero already had an answer of what to choose between the proposal
It was Josh plan. His plan was also smart and outline possible prevention of problems that would occur which is why he chose it.
The plan was that farmers/refugees will be given an amount of time to cultivate the land.
If they are successful, the land will be given to them. Aero also like the fact that the soldiers can then concentrate on training and improving themselves, thus increasing the quality of Vanheim soldiers.
After all, Aero have no doubt that Niovar must be taken with force.
If not, that Kingdom will never surrender.
A prideful nation is hard to pacify. There is no need to think of extreme measures right now, but Aero is prepared for that possibility if the time comes.
This plan is a great opportunity to strengthen the soldiers' capability and increase food productivity.
Aero as Chancellor also approved the digging and mining of gold in Luvian state. It was like the easiest decision he have to made.
This plan will create jobs and stimulate the economy. Not to mention, gold. Is there any god reason why he should have turned it down?
There is not so he approves it.
The construction and maintenance of road budget has also been approved almost immediately since he as the Chancellor approve it the Treasury Department quickly cough up the money.
With this transportation in the Kingdom will be easier and faster, promoting trade and increasing traffic from other villages and town outside the city.
Aero was also thinking to create a major road that will connect Greater Veranis and Vanheim more closely than ever which would surely boost the already trading business between the two countries.
Aero like being the Chancellor. There is almost an unlimited power for him to move anything in Vanheim.
Doing this work also increased his intellect and charisma.
His level also increased. This must be one of his secret class traits. Aero thought to himself.
When solving problem that involves matters of national security he could also level up.
He sighed as he rubbed his chin.
'I guess they have to think about my intention. I am playing a very dangerous game here. But as long as the King stand strong, my position is unmovable like the mountain. They did not understand who should they curry favor with in the end. After all I am still the subject of the King' Then he sighed.
'But it is not like they dares' and Aero smiles.
'For now I guess being the Chancellor is pretty good' Then he logged out from the game to rest in the real world.
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