Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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No King likes hearing remonstration but those who does have always been admired by scholars and minister alike.
Having such a tolerant King and one that could admit his mistake is a fresh air and King George embody the ideals of a sagely King in the hearts and mind of many scholars.
It is why he always adjucate between the two forces in the court and listen to their suggestion intently before deciding on a decision.
Now that responsibilities lies in Aero hand. Considering he is the Chancellor it is one of his tasks to handle it on behalf the King.
Today, the two representatives that comes to him is Josh from the Moderate Faction and Prince James himself from the Conservative Faction.
James and Josh both wanted to know how Aero will handle these issues. Who does he prefer?
The Moderate faction?
The Conservative Faction? Aero was waiting for him tonight. As Aero was thinking about how best to handle these situation Aero could hear footsteps in front of his Office.
He smiles.
They finally arrived at the Office of the Chancellor.
The guards announced their arrival to the Chancellor. And Aero spoke
'Let them enter'
"Come in" the guard invite them in.
As they enter they could see that the room is filled with documents and book, and maps of other kingdoms.
Aero is sitting on his chair looking calm and seems to be expecting them.
Aero seems to be waiting for them with apparent ease regardless of the influence of these two person in the court.
The two men bowed as Aero status and position in the court is higher than them.
'Sit' he said and both of them seated themselves. Then Aero keep reading the book he has on his table
They were waiting for Aero to call out to them. But after one hour of silence while Aero just kept reading a book, they decided to take actions.
The two men then approach Aero carefully and give him the documents detailing their plans.
'This is our suggestion for the lands and the pros and cons of such move' Josh said as he handed the document.
Prince James also handed his own document saying to the Chancellor to look upon it favorably.
Aero nodded but did not say anything.
Aero took the document without a word and began looking at the document. He seems to frown at certain passage and then relaxed on other.
But no matter how his expression changes he says nothing.
James is uncomfortable and nervous with the silence and Aero facial expression reading at his documents began explaining his plan and the benefits of implementing his plan.
He said this will make their army have more experience and would complement their military abilities with more advanced weaponry.
Josh seeing this behavior from the Prince, fearing that the Chancellor might favor the Prince suggestion also began speaking with the same ferocity outlining his plan feasibility and the realistic approach that can be undertaken.
Both of them spell out the options in details without Aero even speaking. Aero only nodded

Each one of them tries to appeal to Aero.
Aero was just sitting, listening in silence with an enigmatic look in his face.
Then finally after both of them has finished explaining, they both asked Aero
"Chancellor what is your opinion on the matter?" said Josh and James almost at the same time.
Aero looked coldly at both of them and say
"I shall see. Now, I have other matters to attend. Please excuse yourself" He said.
Sensing that the matter is closed, they stopped talking.
Then feeling like they were being chased out from the room both of the representatives went out.
They're waiting for Aero to call them again to discuss the matter. Usually that is how it goes with King George.
Tomorrow however, the matters were already decided.
He doesn't even bother to consult with them again. The Prince was shocked and so does Josh.
Both of the faction was also shocked but they did not want to bring it up with the King. After all the Chancellor is Aero.
His prestige is unbelievably high in Vanheim and trying to impeach him would be an idiot move of someone who is trying to destroy their whole career in the court.
After all it is not like Chancellor Aero did anything wrong. He hears the suggestion and decided on the matter.
Josh seeing this understands Aero intention.
With this kind of approach no one knew exactly where he stood.
Neither could they predict his reactions.
No one could deceive him by saying what they thought Aero wanted to hear. Josh also realizes one mistake he make.
As they talked on and on yesterday in Aero office, they revealed more and more about themselves, information Aero could use to destroy them.
Josh however, sitting in his office only smiles when thinking about last night
'He is a worthy opponent and he surely knows how to play the game thought Josh while smiling.'
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