Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero look outside the window, his face is unreadable. Then he sighed. One of the earliest task he ordered as Chancellor was to summon Royal Physician Amy to his residence
He need to meet her. They need to talk about something and make clear some of the things.
But he got an unwelcome news from the messenger.
the messenger informed him that Royal Physician Amy has departed to Duvar to assist Marquis Dan a few days before Aero got out from the Underworld.
Aero look at the moon and smiles bitterly and said
'It seems we missed each other. Or are you avoiding me? If it is true that is pretty cowardly considering you are the one who kiss me.' He said to no one in particular. But then after thinking it more, a smile formed on his face.
Because thinking about it clearly it doesn't seem she is avoiding him. Then there is only one answer why Amy would go to Duvar.
'She's searching for me' Aero said to himself and he could not contain his joy
If only there is other way to contact her. Unfortunately, he doesn't have her private contact. Contact information need to be transferred personally.
You can't give it to someone else to protect privacy.
That's the rule in the game. He wanted to talk a lot of things with Amy and confirm some things. He walked closer to the window and his eyes look at the moon and he sighed.
At night like this, even if it is a virtual night he was reminded of that person.
'I could not follow her to that place' he thought to himself and tears slowly formed on his eyes.
Aero was always an emotional person. Especially after that person is no longer here.
Where…should I pour all this filled heart that is full of missing you? It only keeps filling every day. Where should my heart go?'
It is because of all these feeling Aero move slowly and cautiously when it is about love.
He shakes his head and then the image of that person vividly appears in front of him, floating
The image looks like real. She looks real. She is wearing her favorite white one-piece dress, smiling at him.
Then Aero said to that floating person
'My doctor told me you are my hallucination. Trauma, the doctor said' Aero said looking at that woman floating in front of him.
No one could see her but him. He told his doctor he couldn't see her anymore. But that is a lie.
Because the doctor knows and his friend knows, seeing your dead girlfriend is not a sign of a healthy mind.
And Aero knows why.
Heartache. His heart is always in heartache. Because while he is looking at her and seeing her but not having her with him is painful.
But like a bad habit he couldn't shake off, he still misses her. So now, even now, he doesn't know if he is hurting. Because the pain is like a habit.
And like a bad habit he still foolishly loves her
And his heart ache…...just looking at her.
Then he asks the floating woman
'What do you think of Amy? I like her. But because I still don't know love so I can't get closer' Then he thinks about the kiss on the rooftop and he smiles

'But if that is so, then why is my heart keep pounding when I am thinking about her? Why do my feet want to chase her?'
Then he looked at that woman.
'Amelia, why can't I just get away from this hopeless love?' and Amelia fly and phase through the window as she stands in front of Aero.
Aero tears flow as he tries to touch her.
But because this is born out of his thought then he touched nothing and feel nothing in his hand.
I'm haunted by you again and again and I just can't get away. This hopeless love hurts my heart so much'
'The day when my pain fades away, will that day even comes?' He asks himself and he closes his eyes. When he opens it back, Amelia is no longer there
Then he shakes his head as he needs to think about something else. He doesn't want to go back to that hell.
Aero focused back towards the task at hand.
Right now the biggest issue in the court is none other than the issues of the conquered state
After conquering the Vetten state the court are now at a loss of how to use this land that they acquired.
It was a vast swathe of land but they couldn't just willy nilly do anything with it. Vanheim is not like before.
If its grand ambition needs to be realized, then one has to plan from the very beginning.
The King then agrees to give this task to the courtiers in the court. More like he wanted to shift the responsibility to the courtiers.
It is a wise move. If they failed, then it is not the King fault and his image as a wise king remain intact.
If the courtiers at court succeeds, then the people would praise the good eye that the King possess in choosing minister which will only enhance his image as a sagely king
And so in the court many minister, courtiers are arguing with each other on how best to use those land.
Especially the two biggest faction that exist in the Court.
Some argue they should use the land to make a half military, half agricultural troops. What is important in this plan is the military complex
The plan would also cultivate abandoned lands to increase the output of food in preparation for war.
The other plan is to use this opportunity to create a class of independent farmers from the incoming refugees and tasked them to fully cultivate the land.
The refugees consist of prisoner of war and people who have come to immigrate to Vetten when Vanheim conquer the state.
There are many refugees from Asgaro that came here running away from the slaughter that happens in Asgaro.
The Anti War faction suggested that these immigrants will be given an amount of time to cultivate the land.
If they are successful, and contribute to the prosperity of the Kingdom, the land will be given to them. The soldiers can then concentrate on training and improving themselves.
They are also the suggestion of digging for minerals and cultivate the natural resources there.
Luvian state in Vetten is known to have many deposits of gold that could supply the Vanheim Treasury.
Yesterday, the nobles and minister were all night debating about these issues concerning the conquered state.
What will they have to do?
They would confer, argue, make and break alliances and argue again until the critical moment arrived.
Then when all is said and done, they began choosing.
Two of them from each faction would be chosen to represent the different sides to King George himself who would then decide what to do.
Usually George handles this matter
Usually George would listen and then ask them question and each sides will persuade saying their stance is the right one.
Sometimes George would also summon them in the middle of the night and ask them to come to the palace to debate these issues.
It was quite an organized affair which is quite different how kingdoms are run in this world.
This is the influence of Aero and as such scholars and wise man regarded King George as an enlightened King.
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