Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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As he walks to his residence King George was happy. It seems Aero has managed to convince many ministers to listen to him.
In the night a message came for the King. It announced that Aero will meet the King. Aero with some of the guards came to meet the King and no one is to disturb them.
Aero enter the King room and then spoke for a while before they moved to Aero residence.
The moment the King enter the room and Aero shut down the door, the King expresses his thanks for what he did in the Parliament hall.
Aero brought out his feather fan and shakes his head.
"Thanks, Aero for supporting me" the King said gratefully. Aero did not accept it easily
"No, Your Majesty words were reasonable and wise. This humble subject was only thinking about the Kingdom welfare and the prosperity of the people. Your majesty has truly become an enlightened ruler" Aero complimented while bowing to the Kinga n d the King immediately raised Aero back up
'Such formality is unneeded between us' The King said and Aero only smiles and nodded
The King while he is not easily influence by compliments but he still like being complimented.
That night they talk about other things and mostly it revolves around the War and the Anti War faction in the court
Then the dawn came.
Birds fly out from their nest and the sun slowly shows its face and the deeds of Aero yesterday have already ben spread to every alley, every stress, every city in just matter of a night.
In the morning, dressed elegantly like he always does, he enters his carriage to the Palace and then walk to the Parliament.
Aero went to the Parliament to cast his votes and then he waited for the result.
The tally of votes reading was a tense moment as both factions waited for the result. The result was like Aero predicted.
The King faction won. War is averted. At least for now.
A feast is immediately held in the Palace Square. The Anti-War faction was overjoyed, while the Pro-war faction looks sour.
But in the end, there is no hard feeling involved. Both of this faction while different in execution both hoped for the same result.
For Vanheim to unify the world.
And after the feast, a shocking news shakes the political circle in Vanheim.
That day, Aero was elected Chancellor by the King.
This news takes everyone by surprise.
The King was grateful that Aero has spoken for peace for him and disregard his own personal interest for the sake of the Kingdom and is people.
George also believe Aero would be the one that knows his vision of Vanheim. Prince James was looking at Aero and his eyes doesn't seem friendly while Josh finally seems like he had found out why Aero stuck his neck out for the Anti War faction,
'Chancellor of Vanheim. Aero is now Chancellor of Vanheim' Josh repeated, his heart burning with envy.
In the throne room with the full view of the court, King George bestow a tittle
"I, hereby grant the title Chancellor of Vanheim to Aero for his various services to the Kingdom"

"I, Aero accept"
Some of the minister that is not in any camp nodded as they all were convinced that Aero is a minister that have render many contributions to the Kingdom
After the acceptance of title, the King as if feeling that the title alone was not enough, he then decided to gift a mansion to him.
That night Aero went to sleep at his mansion and as he lied down on his comfy bed he began remembering why he chose the Anti-war faction.
Aero was making many calculations that night he had to choose which one to back and support.
First, Aero sensed that Vanheim military is exhausted with the war in Vetten and was unready for another war.
Aero felt that if they go to war with Niovar, that Niovar, might in fact very well win.
The people that are defending and with high morale will always have the advantage then the invader
Second if the war is lost and if Aero has supported such motion in the Parliament hall, his career in the King's Court would gravely be jeopardized.
The King and his faction wanted peace. While Aero wanted power. Then there is only one answer.
The answer was to throw people of the scent by supporting a cause he detested, saying things no one would ever expect him to say.
The whole country was fooled by his acting. It was that speech that changes everything.
Now, he is Chancellor. He may not have any estates but he is now the second in command.
His influence reached every place in this Kingdom. His mansion is guarded by elite soldiers and troops.
His salary was one hundred thousand gold a month.
Had Aero reveal his true intention arguing that it might be better to wait before attacking them later, he would not have won the argument, not when the whole country wanted war and mistakenly believe that Vanheim army is superior than Niovar.
Had he said to the King that he would support the King in exchange of title, he would not have succeeded either.
The King would have doubted his sincerity and mistrusted his ambition.
The King need to believe that Aero was doing this for the Kingdom.
There are no principles, there are only events.
There is no good or bad, only circumstances.
The superior man espouses event and circumstance in order to guide them. If there were principles and fixed laws, nations would not change them as we change our cloths and a man cannot be expected to be wiser than the entire nation.
And so begin Aero life in the court.
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