Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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But something unexpected happen that shocked the Hall. When he reached the podium, Aero spat to the ground, his face is cold and expressionless before morphing into an expression of anger.
The people were shocked.
Then he said in a scolding tone, his finger pointing at the War faction people
"Woe unto the statesman who makes a war without a reason that will still be valid when the war is over! You think I don't know? After the war, you will all look differently at this question! Will you then have the courage to face the peasants contemplating the ashes of his farm, to the man who has been crippled, to the father who has lost his children?"
They were shocked by Aero words. Aero ponder them to think about the people that will suffer instead of an idea.
Attacking emotions has always been proven successful when people are in a crowd. There is just something about being in a crowd that lowers one IQ
Aero is pulling at their heartstrings and his voice filled the hall with power. Some of the statesman that was pointed by Aero finger was ashamed.
The people chanting war in the audience seat before were looking down with embarrassment.
The spell of frenzy was…...broken.
"THIS IS MADNESS!" Aero shouted and it was like that aura of a War God that he exhibited in the battlefield exploded out with that shout making even other people who wanted to interrupt him was shut down.
'Majority wins, but majority is not necessarily right and sometimes majority is awfully wrong" Aero said while looking at Bradheim.
Bradheim could only smiles bitterly. He guesses he did not succeed in persuading Aero last night
Aero could understand what Bradheim was thinking. Truth is he made his decisions the moment he saw the way the things were developing.
They all thought that they managed to persuade him. Truth was, he already has his own thoughts about the matter and he is not afraid to butt heads with the other courtiers of the court to defend his reason
Then he continued speaking, his hand is still pointing to some of the War faction ministers. He then shouted
"I agree that sometimes it is difficult to choose between right and wrong, but not between right and stupid. Are you stupid? Are you?" He asked the statesman.
Josh was also looking at Aero and hearing his speech. He almost had lost hope after seeing the fervent cheers that the War faction have gotten from the crowd and the citizens
None of his other colleagues managed to shut down the heckling and the booing from the crowds.
They all have great points of not pursuing war but the shouting and the insults were a distraction and prevent people from hearing their message.
It is not that they don't want Vanheim to rise up but they do not agree that war is the only way right now.
They are a lot of other avenues that needs to be considered when waging a war.
They need to strengthen themselves internally and settle the conquered regions before going into another war.

And there is still time to observe. Niovar is not as stable as the War faction would like the Vanheim court to believe.
And the crowds? They were blinded from the start.
Josh thought that the pro-War faction would win and force the King to mobilize but seeing Aero in the podium scolding half of Vanheim court is electrifying and at the same time satisfying.
After all he heard what the War faction says about them before and they had to swallow it.
It was like the moment Aero shouted, all those blind people could see again. This is what the Anti War faction lacked. A unifying figure which people can rally from
And Josh was also shocked. It is because Aero is speaking out for the Anti-War faction. Josh narrowed his eye sand said faintly
'What are you planning Aero?'
Aero in the middle of the Hall bantered with the statesman, challenged them, and electrified the citizen with his rousing speech.
At times his eloquence held all of the crowd silent as images were painted into their minds about a bleak future of war and in some witty turn, some humorous phrase brought roars of applause.
At times the crowd cheered almost every sentence, like delegates at a political convention.
At other moments they rose in their seats and yelled in agreement
There was something hypnotic in Aero rhythm and phrasing, in his demeanor and rhetoric that even the most unknowledgeable one would feel like they learn something just by listening.
His power over his audience was absolute. Suddenly there was a lot more people that were more opened to the idea of the Anti-War faction.
Aero changed the audience mind and wins their hearts by appealing to their emotion with great speeches aim at their weakest point.
Even Josh was entranced hearing the speech even though he knew Aero must be planning something.
But Josh also felt weird for Aero for standing up for the Anti War faction
This goes against everything he stood for. Aero is known as a passionate patriot of Vanheim and a lover of military glory.
But now...that war lover is defending the anti-war sentiment.
The consequence of this act is immediate and unexpected and one could feel the air is changing inside the parliament hall.
Aero the General Who Pacified the North, the one who is called Aero of the East is against the war—what could this possibly means?
King George was beaming, looking at Aero while sitting in his seat. He smiles probably the first smile he had ever shown since the beginning of the assembly.
The voting for this matter will be held tomorrow to resolve this issue but one could feel that a major shift just happen right now.
The War faction is panicked.
Other ministers were so confused and even changed their vote in their confusion as they look at that figure standing gracefully in the center of the hall.
Aero look at the crowd and he smiles a bit
'Sheep' he muttered silently. Then he come down from the center stage and finished his speech, urging people to remember what he had said.
Aero then slowly walks out from the Parliament House. Then a sight that no courtiers would forget in their live happened.
All the citizens in the audience seat, got up from their seat and then perform a bow of respect, their back fall down to ninety degrees.
They all felt that the reason why Aero was so angry in the Hall is because he was truly and sincerely thinking about the fate of the people and the prosperity of the nation.
Everyone knows Aero as a loyal minister and a benevolent person. It is the image that Aero has cultivated for himself. A wise loyal minister to the King
It is because of this that the citizen felt that while Aero is angry, it was like a father scolding their child to prevent them from getting into the wrong path.
The citizens all believed that Aero has spoken like that to protect the people of the Kingdom.
They felt loved and cared about by Aero and Aero scolding words left a deep impression in their heart, so each of their bow was sincere and is coming from their earnest heart
It is rare for any kingdom to have such a wise minister loved by the monarch and the people at the same time.
Then they straightened their back and seat themselves back on the audience seat. Then they began discussing among themselves.
"The story about him is true. He is truly honorable and wise" Some of the citizen in the seat spoke
"He must be saying that because he worries about the Kingdoms and its people" Others chimed in with excitement
"Yes, after all he did plead to the King to release the Vettenian soldier even though they were his enemies." Another agreed.
The Pro-War faction after Aero speech was in disarray and in chaotic mess. Suddenly they looked like the bad guys in the eyes of the people for warmongering.
The King seeing this felt happy. But he did not show it instead he looks at his first son in the distance looking gloomy.
The King eyes seems to narrowed and then he sighed.
'James, James…this father does not know how to teach you' he said and then the King shake his feeling off and render his judgement.
The Parliament will be adjourned before the vote cast out tomorrow.
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