Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The people of the War faction smiles and they got up with Bradheim. The sound of chairs being pushed back reverberated inside the parliament hall.
The other ministers on the Anti War faction nodded and their eyes narrowed. They all know this is the beginning.
They are beginning their attack. The Anti War faction whispers to each other. Aero look at this and smile in the back, his smile is not noticed by anyone.
Bradheim look at his fellow colleague and the other courtiers in the Anti War faction and then he began speaking, his voice is loud and clear, booming like thunder in the parliament Hall forcefully emanating an oppressing aura of a Great general.
Today he looked charismatic and dignified.
His word were spoken with the right intonation, inspiring people and motivate them.
"Our country Vanheim right now is prosperous and powerful. Never before have Vanheim reap such benefits in warfare before since the Age of Olds. Our treaty with the Orc and Greater Veranis has strengthened us more and secure our place as one of the superpower nation in the Eastern Continent. "
Greater Veranis refer to the new name of Veranis Kingdom.
After conquering Tian they absorbed Tian into the Kingdom and after asking permission from George they changed their name to Greater Veranis, showing their determination to unite back Veranis.
He stops for a while looking at the people.
Some of the people nodded, agreeing with Bradheim sentiment. Then they are some who are still undecided.
A good speech is not good enough for them to pick a winner in this war of words between the War and Anti War faction.
Aero nodded his head feeling satisfied and in his expectation. Bradheim is like always is charismatic and his word would surely could inspire those hot blooded young man to fight for glory for the kingdom,
Bradheim want to let these minister ponder Vanheim might and be assure that their Kingdom could become the hegemonic power of the Eastern Continent.
And then unite the rest of the world so that all under the Sky belongs to Vanheim
Aero then thought to himself that Bradheim may not be a skilled in the game of power, but he sure is a great speaker.
Bradheim looking at the crowd and seeing their reaction which is encouraging he continued his speech
"Now, my fellow citizens of Vanheim, the only one that stands in our way is Niovar. How many times were we insulted by their Kingdom before? Have all of you forgotten!?"
"No!" the citizen screams back. Aero look at the citizens and his eyes narrows.
'Sheep' he said whispering the words. All he could was sheep.
Aero nodded, remembering King George word at him
'George was right. The Kingdom is now filled with war fever' He said it to himself.
He looks at the middle of the Parliament Hall where Bradheim is standing there straight, his eyes seem to hypnotize people to believe what he believes, to have the same desires as his.
This is a kingdom eager to go to war and hot with fever.

And Bradheim speech is inflaming that fever. Bradheim continued his speech and almost shouting the words he said
"Now we can strike. The great Vetten has fallen to us. Their King lies imprisoned in our cell. Isn't now the perfect time to unite the Eastern Continent under one rule and start marching to the Holy Land and creating back the Empire? Do you not all agree! For Vanheim!"
"For Vanheim!" the other shouted
The crowds and the minister's cheers to this declaration.
There is a special place for the crowds to sit. It could fill four thousand citizens. Today, that seat is full.
And the cheer is deafening. And all their cheers make it seems like the roof would gave out and the Hall to shake
King George could also see it as he is presiding the debate. He frowned and his eyebrows creased.
Like Aero he could see his people has changed and was transformed from their experience with Vetten.
They no longer had that same timid attitude when dealing with other countries.
Instead, now, they want to be the one that is attacking.
They want war. They want victory and songs about them sing all across the continent. The cheers grew louder and cheer of victory sounded like war drums to the Anti War faction.
It almost seems like they are about to go to war already. And that is not good.
"Order, order!" King George screamed to the crowds while smashing the gavel, his face is flushed.
The crowds quieted and no longer make any noise.
The King has spoken.
Bradheim exited the center stage and seat himself among his colleague receiving praise from his faction for his exceptional performance.
Then the other Pro-War faction also come out and began to speak appealing to the citizens, ministers and the King.
They speak passionately and promise that they can win this war with not many casualties and will increase the coffers of the land.
It almost seems like the whole Parliament is about to go to war the moment they step out from this Hall.
Then the Anti-War faction raises their hand. It is a tough crowd to sell the idea of peace in a Hall that desires war.
The Anti War faction speak about the economic damage and advancement that had to be delayed if they went to another war.
The money that the Kingdom accumulate right now could be spent in many other projects that would benefit the people.
The Anti War faction suggested to wait for a while, to strengthen oneself internally before going to war
They were booed by the audience and is accused as a nobleman that just want to line up money in their pockets, not caring about the Kingdom and do not want to sacrifice their money to the cause.
The Anti-War faction makes a mistake. Aero notice this from the beginning. And Bradheim probably notices it too.
After all he used top rule over large numbers of men in battle.
'People in a crowd doesn't really care about common sense' Aero muttered silently
It would seem like the general population favor the Pro-War faction. It is quite obvious seeing their reaction.
Aero repeated his word
If this goes on, even the King has to agree to the War Faction demands and start preparing war considering even the civilians wanted it.
Aero on the other hand since the beginning of the assembly didn't say anything or make any move.
It is because of this weird behavior that's seems to favor none of them that make both of the Faction believes that Aero is a neutral party.
Then suddenly, Aero raises his hand and the entire Hall seems to froze. He is finally making a move some of the courtier's whisper.
"May this subject speak to address this matter?" Aero asked King George. All the statesman looked at Aero at the same time.
They could not believe that Aero is finally making a move.
Aero was calm. Josh frowned on his seat and Bradheim on the other hand has a complicated expression on his face
"Of course, you can" King George said, though he is not sure which side Aero would choose.
The King himself felt anxious. Because he knows Bradheim goes somewhere last night. Could it be that he goes to Aero to speak on some matters? Could it be Aero is to side with the War faction?
Amidst all this uncertainty, Aero walked to the center stage confidently
The crowds looked at Aero and they gasped. They recognize who he is.
He is the Hero of Vanheim, the General who brought victory to Vanheim, Aero of the East that is said equal to Zeus of the North.
Who else is more worthy than him to decide whether Vanheim should go to war or not?
Aero approached the podium gracefully with no look of hesitation in his face.
He strode powerfully and full of majesty.
This is at the height of a war fever and Aero is known as one of those people who would benefit by having a war.
So the Pro-war faction was one hundred percent sure that Aero of the East would talk about going to war, siding with the War faction.
But something unexpected happen that shocked the Hall. When he reached the podium, Aero spat to the ground, his face is cold and expressionless before morphing into an expression of anger.
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