Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Today something is in the air around the Palace. There is an oppressive atmosphere around it.
Many great men and woman all around the Kingdom seems to gather in the Palace today. If anyone could blow up this assembly of people, Vanheim could even be crippled in one attack.
It is because of such, that the security around the palace was tightened that even if there is a fly, unless that fly has some authentication appear top enter the area, it would be swatted to death just merely for trying to enter without permission
Carriage after carriage arrived in front of the Palace, with their bodyguard standing beside them looking at everything and full of vigilance, some of them players and some of them NPCs.
They all alighted from their carriage and enter the Palace.
Today, it will debate on one of the most important piece of policy that might change the entire landscape of the Continent.
Vanheim now have the power to bring great changes to the world. A superpower nation in its own right
They enter and there is a lot of noise of people taking and some whispering, others communicated with a glance of an eye.
Then Aero enters. For a second the entire Parliament Hall was silent before they all came and greeted him.
Aero accept their greeting amiably, smiling and laughing, there is no trace of the warrior who fought in the Vetten War.
He is a fast adapter. Then they all slowly take their seat to prepare for what happens next. Aero look at all of this in amazement.
All the minister has taken their seat but Aero could see not all of them has taken a seat. Some of them are like butterflies flying around everywhere and anywhere, gauging the room.
Some of the minister is reading from their speech sheet trying to remember the key points of their argument to be presented to the King
Some were practicing their expression and body language.
And while some of the mister is preparing. Some of the other minister busy themselves with networking themselves with other people.
Greeting were exchanged and smiles were traded
Aero could see many of the people smiles at each other like they have known each other from their childhood.
Aero almost laugh because the sight is too absurd.
'I guess anywhere politics is the same'
Aero could swear all of them are hiding a blade behind that smile. A smile that could kill.
'Ahh, politics'
Aero thought to himself grinning by himself. He looks all around him and he could see the dissonance of what the court represents and what it actually is.
The court is supposed to represent the height of civilization and refinement.
Violent or overt power moves are frowned upon, so minister would work silently and secretly against any that uses force.
This is a battle that cannot be won with brute strength.
Aero knew that more than anyone.
This is the courtier's dilemma. Aero mused as he walks around the court greeting anyone he could.

He too has his own way of gauging the room. It is pretty easy to know who sides with who. There is always a tell.
Some of the minister are undecided, while some pretended to be undecided and some will only jump out when the victor is already decided.
Aero shakes his hand and sigh a bit. It is dirty. But most of politics are.
Minister and courtiers have quite a complicated life and job
While appearing to be the very paragon of elegance, they had to outwit and thwart their opponent with the subtlest ways.
Life in the court is a never ending game that required constant vigilance and tactical thinking.
Instead of using coercion or outright treachery, the courtiers and ministers get their way through seduction, charm, deception and subtle strategy.
You have to always plan ahead.
It is a civilized war. Aero grinned.
His best kind of war.
The court imagined themselves as the pinnacle of refinement but underneath its surface is a cauldron of dark emotion.
Greed, envy, lust, hatred, all boiled and simmered in these halls. Who knows how many people have been sacrificed to feed all of that emotions.
Courts are unquestionably, the seats of politeness, were they not so, they would be the seats of slaughter and desolation.
Those who now smile upon and embrace each other while professing loyalty would affront and stab each other if manners did not interpose.
Aero thought in his head. In the distance he could see the citizens are entering and seating themselves in the spectator area.
Aero then stopped moving around and finally taking a seat behind a junior minister.
Then the Parliament began its session.
The Parliament is situated about two kilometers from the palace and is actually truly near with the Palace.
The Palace has road that connected it to the Parliament so many minister opt to alighted themselves in front of the Palace.
The Parliament session began with a few of the issues that could be considered as a warm up to the main event showdown between the War and the Anti War faction.
First they began by debating the issues of Gruk and the treaty.
Some argue that we can open more shops and set up a business district in that land and monopolize the hunting ground and the production of Nairhell.
Duke Bradheim opposed this saying that the Orcs need to learn to be independent.
'We could not monopolize each aspect of the Orcs way of life' He shouted and no one really wanted to get in a shouting match with the Lion of Vanheim.
Aero scoffed from behind.
'Bradheim is clouded with his friendship with Gruk' Aero muttered under his breath
It is the law of nature that the strong enforce their will and influence on the weak. Many people may not like it, but that has always been the way.
In other words, Bradheim is naïve in the game of power. Aero only shakes his head in disappointment
He is honorable, of course.
But honor doesn't win you war.
The appearance of honorable on the other hand—can help you a great deal. Aero thought of this in his heart but he did not say it.
Which is why many Vettenian noble surrender to him because of his reputation as an honorable military commander.
The matter I put on a hold by the King. The minister agreed and then they changed their debate to something else.
they debate about myriad of problems that is plaguing Vanheim, whether it be internal or external, social or economy, all manners of problems was discussed
The construction of the new temple, the land deeds for the peasants, plan for agricultural reform, what to do with the land conquered by the Vanheim military all of this and more
There is also the matter of the rewards and title they give to the soldiers and the supplies that they have of they wanted to maintain such an army.
They also debate about the nation spending which means the issue about war will come on in just a while.
Everyone is preparing themselves.
Everyone knows all of this is just to lead in into the War and Anti War Battle in the court. Even the King could sense the shift change in the discussion and he frowned. He is not pleased but he knew one way or another this matter needs to be solved.
There is silence after a while. No one seems to have the guts to start the motion. Bradheim got up, his face is sincere and his eyes is full of determination
"I now want to debate about our military" Bradheim raise his hand to start a motion.
Part two will be posted tomorrow. I will be giving mass release in the middle of the month and now is stacking up chapters so bear with this bite sized chapter for a while
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