Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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A valiant man is looking through the windows and he could see the vibrant night of Vanheim. Vanheim is now prosperous and powerful.
His flowing golden hair is caressed by the wind and he could feel the cold tonight seeps into his bones.
The aura of a great military man emanated out from him. This man is none other than Duke Bradheim
Duke Bradheim is on the Pro-War faction. This person is the symbol of military of Vanheim
Throughout his life had been a loyal and passionate supporter of Vanheim might and power. And he always believes that Vanheim can rise to the top over all the other kingdoms.
He has always dreamed that Vanheim would unite the Eastern Continent humiliating the country that has always insulted Vanheim.
Now the chance has come.
And he smiles a bit thinking of it.
'For the glory and might of Vanheim!' He muttered slowly and his face has a grin.
He has been shouting this chant almost half of his lifetimes in the battlefield.
However, he knows at that time Vanheim was declining.
Now that it has revived, like a phoenix that rises from the ashes of its own destruction, Vanheim was reborn as ideal Vanheim he had dreamed of.
Vanheim size grew bigger than any of the Kingdom in the Vilajeri continent. Their army is trained and experienced in war.
Just looking at the movement of people in the city gates one could see that many people migrate to Vanheim on a daily basis.
Some of them is talented warriors and magicians that serves to bolster Vanheim military might.
With even the Orcs in Nairhell supported Vanheim from the back, they need not worry about the Orcs anymore.
Trade of food and metal with the Orcs enable the Vanheim military to craft better weapons for Vanheim troops.
Not to mention, they also participated in the war as a fearsome cavalry unit. Some of them formed exclusive mercenary contract with Vanheim.
Duke Bradheim saw war as a glorious business that will strengthen the nation.
Sometimes, for the people and for the kingdom is different. The thing that are good for the people is not necessarily good for the kingdom and vice versa
So, one loyal officials are always plagued by an internal question.
What is more important for the monarch to pay attention to? For the people? Or for the Kingdom?
Duke Bradheim then sighed as he closes his eyes and few faces surfaced in his mind.
On the Pro –War faction is Hanson, Amora, Sayle and Anton.
Amora and Sayle is an adventurer.
Hanson and Anton are like him.
But they all have one thing in common with him. They are all warrior and share the same vision of Vanheim might to spread to all of the continent, to unify the world under the banner of Vanheim.
So when Bradheim heard that Aero will join the Parliamentary speech to convince the people and the other minister, he believed Aero will side with his faction.
It is quite predictable. Duke Bradheim himself does not like Aero personally but he never displays this dislike in public.

Because of how the world perceives his relationship with Aero, Bradheim for the sake of the nation could only pretend he had great relationship with Aero.
But Bradheim does not have doubt in his heart that Aero would choose the War faction regardless of their relationship with each other.
After all, Aero is a man built for war. His acuity, abilities and intelligence can only be used for war and it is in war that he thrives.
Many eyewitness also reports that Aero himself enjoy the war.
So, of course he sent letters asking him to support the Pro-War faction. It was like the first thing he did after hearing that King George went to visit Aero.
Aero did not reply of course.
He must be thinking, Bradheim thought to himself.
Duke Bradheim not only support the war effort but also support King George son, Prince James as next in line for the throne who advocated war.
But this doesn't mean he wanted to rebel.
Duke Bradheim knew who he is. He's a soldier. He confirms it in the last war
He just doesn't agree with King George position on how to gain power.
Iron and Blood that is his motto.
After all this crisis wouldn't happen if George didn't introduce the Parliament.
Of course the nobles like it because now they know their opinion matters but this just limited George power.
Dan inadvertently helps his cause. Duke Bradheim sometimes did not understand his brother behavior.
He once again looks outside his wind and sighed. Whatever the decisions tomorrow, Bradheim knew the world will never be the same.
He smiles and he leaves the room leaving the other people drafting their speeches in confusion as that night Bradheim in the darkness of night went somewhere no one knows.
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