Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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A person is sitting a highly detailed crafted chair. It was a man in a robe. In front of him is a table and in the middle of that table is a candle flickering each time the wind blows by.
'It is truly realistic' that person said as he looks at the candle. Then he sighed. He closes his eyes and rub his forehead. This person had just heard a news.
And he is trying to think whether this would affect his plan.
This man is none other than Josh, one of the courtiers in King George court and one of the leading figure in the Anti War faction.
Josh had heard from his spies that Aero has met King George.
It seems they were catching up on old stories which in itself is not something that anyone need to worry about
Though that was not what intrigues Josh.
It was the night visit. Now that raises some eyebrows and send a quaking seismic reaction from both camps of the faction in the court.
Everyone knows that the King before he decided to let go of the prisoner spoke with Aero the night before.
And now, King George once again did that. King George visited Aero at night talking about stuff.
And some of them could speculate what the thing the King spoke about with the General Who Pacified the North
George is an ardent supporter of the Anti-War faction. And it is the basis of Josh and his colleague confidence to fight the more veteran politician on the side of the War faction
In Josh opinion the King might have met Aero in a bid to convince him to side with the Anti War faction.
Even so, Josh is not hoping too much. The Kingdom is in war fever right now. Everyone wanted war now that they tasted the sweet victory.
Josh was an assassin and he knows if the Kingdom went to war, his expertise is needed which means he need to go to the battlefield once again.
But as an assassin his expertise is not sorely needed in the battlefield. Unless he is a high level assassin that could disappears like the wind.
He doesn't want the Kingdom to go to war for many reasons.
If they go to war, the economic blowback will be disastrous….among other things. Right now solidifying their hold on their new territory should be the main priority.
For now they are prosperous even when they're fighting a war but that's because the nobles and Vettenian people accepts the army and Vanheim rule.
But Niovar?
They would rather die than surrender and the consequences of fighting them when they are in such morale would only lead to the weakening of Vanheim military and probably could even bury the ambition to rule the continent if the damage inflicted by Niovar become excessively high.
One loss and the morale that Vanheim has cultivated might turns into ashes.
The King of Niovar is wise and strong. Vetten King is impulsive and cruel.
The contrast should tell anyone with a bit of knowledge of warfare why Niovar will be a force to reckon with.
In the Anti-War faction is Andrew, a builder who gained access to the court by building a beautiful garden for King George, Liam who is a healer, Stephanie, a war veteran in the previous war, and Henry also a veteran in the last war.

Stephanie and Henry join the Anti-War faction because they see it by themselves the horrors of war.
They are quite weird that they sympathize with the NPCs.
Henry on the other hand was on Dan squad but he was not in an important position back then.
He is one of the earliest to die in the war against Vetten.
The trauma of being impaled by a spear still resonates in him.
He himself was a very timid person before the war and seeing people face mashed into the soil and merge with it after being trampled by horse hooves is not what one would say a pleasant experience.
Stephanie is a Druid and was one of Amy Druids that sang during the night Aero make a lightning raid to the enemy.
She died, arrow in her throat that night as blood pour down like she was a leaking faucet.
Liam on the other hand is just a peaceful guy. Tonight all of them gathered here in this room.
Stephanie and Liam seems to be talking about something while Henry is practicing his speech
When Josh look at them he sometime remembers how influential Aero is in Vanheim. Most of the people in the court in one way or another is related to the Vetten War.
Josh on the other hand wanted to emulate Aero tactics. He wants power and position and stand on top just like Aero. That's why he chose the Anti-War faction.
If he won, he will get promotion by the King and probably even gain his trust.
If he loses nothing will happen to him. He is looking at his colleague all preparing for Parliament meeting tomorrow.
He did not say anything, but the frown on his face clearly shows he is thinking about many things.
He will wait his moment and tell the Pro War faction I told you so, if they fail. He is quite spiteful when one come to think of it
Josh now their priority right now is to gather more allies. They could not just sit around because they have the king favor at the moment
Now they are gathering allies.
The Pro War Faction must also be doing the same thing. Josh think to himself and his frown is getting deeper
Both of this faction are sending spies to monitor key people and letters to people in the court who are still undecided asking for their support.
Right now Josh knew that the War Faction has considerable support from the other courtiers who believed that they should ride the momentum and attack Niovar.
They will debate this in the next Parliamentary meeting.
Josh sighed and the wind blows as the wind flickers and cold seeps into his bones.
He really hopes they can turn this around.
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