Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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It was midnight
Aero was about to examine certain things he found in the Secret Archive and brush on his knowledge about the many historical facts of Vilajeri continent when he heard a knocking out of his front door.
It was like deja vu. That was what Aero was feeling when he heard that knocking in the middle of the night. When he opens the door his premonition proves him right
Like in the past, the one standing outside his room is none other than King George. It is clear now that the King is about to ask him advise on certain sensitive matter.
Aero with no other choice urged him inside and received him befitting of his status as the subordinate
Like before, King George has a tendency to delay the inevitable. He began with telling the news about his sons.
Then he tells Aero about the news that the Second Prince Edward has won the contest for Princess Helena of Duvar hand in marriage.
Aero only smiles and listen. His mind is also thinking many things. Like Dan told him with this marriage alliance, if King George ever decided to lay claims to the title Emperor, he would have an easier time to march to the Holy land of Duvar
Aero did not make this point known because he knows this is not the reason why King George is seeking him tonight.
Aero congratulated George but it is clear he knows the King is holding back and delaying in talking about the important matter.
King George seeing Aero response knew the jig was up. He shakes his head and sighed.
'Why are your response like that?' the King asked. Aero only smiles and said
'Is this the reason why Your Majesty wanted to meet tonight?' He answers calmly and the King coughed in embarrassment.
'Fine, I will not hide it from you'
Then he began telling Aero about the serious stuff. And it all begins when he was gone and after the victory against Vetten that changes the face of the Vanheim court politics and its dynamic.
The changes were numerous, almost like an overhaul and factions was formed in the court with new officials was promoted and nobles power being taken away by a new type of bureaucracy
King George created a type of control in his court with a kind of parliament feel to it under the suggestion of Dan.
Aero was shocked beyond belief, his eyes widened and he is holding back himself from shouting his head off at the King as he rises from his chair.
"What is Your Majesty trying to say to this humble subject? Your Majesty mean to say after all the hard work we have done to give Your Majesty the power and authority to steer the Kingdom, you instead give it away?"
"No, no advisor Aero. Please calm down." The King said. It is clear he saw Aero anger despite his face was calm and his tone was steady.
Then King George explained.
Of the many complicated things he enacted the most important thing that allowed Aero to take a deep calm of breath was the fact that the power to decide ultimately is still in the King's hand.

Only this time the officials could debate their position, remonstrate him, offer suggestion and the King would decide on it
Though it relieved Aero he also had another though. He had half a mind to choke Dan to death for putting such ideas into the King mind.
'What were you thinking, Dan? This is not a democracy' Aero thought to himself and sigh internally.
This might seem like a great proposal but one day the courtier would probably grow more powerful under a weak King and what if they use that power to influence the people to move toward some kind of a democratic like governance?
Then the king power will be reduced considerably and might even be abolished almost completely
Of course this is on the basis that a certain change was to happen but the possibility and chances of that happening is there.
King George also explain to Aero there are two factions now in his court and they fought almost every day bringing a headache to his rule.
The faction is the Pro-War and Anti-War faction. Aero smiles a bit as he fans his face with his feather fan, looking completely relaxed.
"So, what is it you will ask of me?" Aero asked after finally realizing George intention. The King no longer hesitated and then he said to Aero
"I sided with the Anti-War faction and I thought that would be the end of the arguments in the court. The Kingdom need time to heal and replenish the troop before engaging in another military combat. But the people of the Kingdoms want war. The whole Kingdom is in war fever. Many adventurers also want war." Said the King sadly.
Aero sighed and then said
'In general, anything that develops too fast will fall apart just as quickly, whereas a slow and steady development is more assured of yielding favorable results. Plants that unravel into full bloom in early morning may wither and fall by the evening, but the slow-growing pine trees will not wither even in the extreme winter cold. Hence, a wise person does not hasten to achieve results.' The King nodded in agreement. It is precisely the same sentiment he had.
There is no reason to rush now. While the coffers of the Kingdom are overflowing right now, war is a money eating scheme
Aero was thinking as he stopped fanning the fan on his face. He contemplated the problem and he knows what the problem really boils down to.
This is the issue of unification of the continent and a war against Niovar.
Niovar has always threatened in the past that they will not let Vanheim unite the Eastern Continent. It is an old threat and it work at that time because of the internal problem of Vanheim.
But that was when Vanheim was a weak country lead by an ineffective King.
Now without internal problem and after an almost miraculous victory in the plains of Coro, Vanheim is an awakened lion ready to pounce on its prey.
Its roar is heard all across the continent.
Now, things are different and Niovar is wary of Vanheim and if they had to admit it, they also felt a little bit sacred.
The King continues as he said
"My son, Prince James is in favor of the war. Considering he's next in line and my Crown Prince many courtiers and ministers and the parliament rallied to his cause. They are prepared to back any mobilization of the troops."
Aero nodded, understanding the difficulty of the King.
If he just uses force to disband the War faction, then that would be as the same as undermining the result of the Crown Prince and might even strain the relationship between father and son
"And you're not?" Aero asked. King George sighed and shakes his head
"I know if we fight with Niovar right now, how many more people would die from this war. Like you said before to me, preparation is paramount. Even though we won against Vetten, that doesn't mean we can keep plunging headlong towards war without thinking about the consequence"
It seems George is a realistic person. I may have underestimated him. Or did he grow after assuming the Throne? Aero mused and he chuckles a bit
"Now the Court is divided. I'm asking you for your help" Aero did not give his thoughts easily.
But he also had to make some things clear for the King so that he would not alienate his allies and instead make enemies along the way
Then he said
'There is one advice I would like to give Your Majesty before I render my judgment on this matter. If a leader habitually humiliates his ministers and subjects, wise strategists will become reluctant to devise plans for him; eloquent people will become reluctant to embark on diplomatic missions for him; courageous men will become reluctant to engage in warfare for him. Without the advice from the wise strategists, the country will be trapped in danger'
He paused and then continued.
'Without the services of eloquent diplomats, the relations with other countries will be put under strain'
He paused again and then he continued again
'And without the dedication of brave men to fight gallantly, the frontiers will soon become targets of invasion.'
And he ended his advice to the King
Aero wanted the words to sink through the King mind. That while there is a faction of Anti War and War factions in the court, one must not forget the military while sometimes vile in the eyes of the scholars it is that same vile person that the invasion of others was repelled.
And while the military always ask the scholars in mocking insinuation whether they could fight with their mouth in the battlefield, it is the scholars who was eloquent that maintain the peace with other Kingdoms and could negotiate peace thus saving the lives of soldiers.
Anti-War or War faction, the King in trying to get the result that aligned with his personal conviction must not make the mistake of thinking any of them is his enemies.
They are at the end of the day is still his people and he must not hate the people he will use. Instead he must treat them with respect and care.
The King digest Aero word and then smiling he said
'I understood' Smiling Aero nodded and then he said
"Fine, I will think about you said. But I make no promises"



Help either the Pro-War faction or Anti-War faction

If helps Pro War Faction and Pro War faction wins
: Elected Supreme Commander of the Army
: Fame increase
: Reputation increase
: Honor increase
: Intellect increase
: Wisdom increase
: Charisma increase
: Leadership increase

If choosing the Pro War faction and lose
: King George trust towards you decreases
: Fame decrease
: Reputation decrease
: Honor decrease
: Intellect decrease
: Charisma decrease
: Leadership decrease

If helps Anti-War Faction and Anti-War faction wins
: Fame increase
: Reputation increase
: Honor increase
: Intellect increase
: Charisma increase
: Wisdom increase
: Leadership increase

If choosing the Anti-War faction and lose
: King George trust towards you decreases.
: The people might believe you are responsible for the war.
: Fame decrease
: Reputation decrease
: Honor decrease
: Intellect decrease
: Charisma decrease
: Leadership decrease

George held Aero hand and thank him nonetheless
He then exited Aero room as shadow guards that was waiting outside Aero room follow the King back to the residence.
Aero is still sitting in his chair, closing his eyes.
Is he truly thinking about this?
There is many thing swirling in his mind. King George ask him to support the Anti War faction. It is subtle but that is the intention of the King and the King asked him help.
But there is not much benefit in doing so. It is more beneficial to join the War faction. In the war fraction, Aero could be considered like a superstar.
If Vanheim goes to war, he would be the one who would profit the most.
After all, considering he is one of the hero in the Kingdom, surely if war breaks out he will surely be asking by the War faction to lead as Supreme Commander of the entire armed force.
Hah' he sighed as he shakes his head.
Aero that night was thinking hardly about his decision.
Last chapter for today. next chapter will come on the sixth of July.This chap[ter os a bit lomg and the SS might be a little steep than usual
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