Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He enters the room, trying to contemplate what has happened. He still did not rest properly. The events that happens back in his way home could be summarized as eventful.
Who would have thought a simple journey to Asgaro had him visiting the Underworld and meeting the Gods and Goddess and coming back to the world of the living?
Today, he had return home to Vanheim only to be summoned to the Palace almost immediately.
He is now in front of the throne room. He hesitated a bit before entering probably because he knows that if he enters there might be another problem waiting for him.
He slowly pushed the throne room door and the hinges creak.
He slowly and gracefully enters. He expected to see George sitting on the throne looking at him from the majesty of his throne.
But instead the room is empty, devoid of any person. Then like he was attacked someone hugged him. That person that hugged him pats his back, his voice is boisterous and the tone jovial.
The person that hugged him is none other than King George. Aero thought to himself
"Is all Vanheim person a hugger?' But this did not mean Aero only felt annoyance in his heart.
He also felt touched because of the King familiarity with him.
The more Aero spend time with the NPCs the more he empathized with them that even at certain times he felt that there is something wrong with him.
They are clearly NPCs but Aero experience taught him that each of them have their own aspirations, ambitions and dreams. It was almost like they have…. a life of their own and that confused Aero.
Sometimes without even meaning to he forgotten the fact that they are NPCs.
Then he takes a seat on the jade table below the steps of the throne. The King has prepared some tea from some distant land which traded with Karak
King George then recounted the effort he expended to search for him when he heard that Aero was lost in the sea. He sent some of his best sailors to the sea
King George spare no man to search him even though they were at war with Vetten. How could Aero not feel touched. After all his heart is not made of stone.
This kind of grace bestowed upon the monarch to its subject is rare and as such one could see how King George treasures Aero.
It is more than just the bonds between them as superior and subordinate, it is true concern that of a friend.
Aero himself see King George has the making of a sage King and talents will seek him.
And when King George got the letter from Dan saying he was in Duvar, he was overjoyed and asked his subject to inform him when Aero return to Vanheim.
When Aero enter the market people have already informed the King of Aero arrival to him which is why Kling George sent Marco to escort Aero to the Palace.
Seeing the King being so enthusiastic with his return, how could Aero not reciprocate?
Aero in that spirit of joy also told King George about his adventures in the Underworld. Story about Gods and Goddess, about divine quest and the Underworld.

King George hearing this was awe, fearful and at the same time was amazed. he almost didn't believe the story in the beginning.
Then Aero reached to the part where he was seeing Asgaro vision
He told King George about the inhumane slaughter of the people in Asgaro by the ruthless King of Veva Zeus and the hospitality he received at Veranis.
The King was enraged after hearing about Zeus action, feeling empathy to the displaced people after the war and those that died in the war and the slaughter that happens after the victory of Vevaian forces against Asgaro but of course there's nothing he can do.
However, when he told King George about Philip of Veranis he was considerably happy.
They are old friends after all and hearing that the King of Veranis did not slight Aero and even gave him such a warm welcome is giving face to George and the Kingdom of Vanheim
They were lot of other things they talked about. The tea was hot in the beginning before it turns mildly warm and then cold.
Tea after tea, the minister and the King shares their worries and joy, trading stories, banter like old friend, laughs and frowned as they talk all about the things they experienced and talk about all the things under the heavens.
The talk of grand ambitions was never fully verbalized, but it is there. Promoting virtuous people, searching for talents, investigate any officials and nobles, daring to accept remonstration, refraining from overindulgence, and being just and fair in the matter of rewards and punishment, all of this is a sign that King George is truly intending to model himself from the Wise Emperors of Old and this alone shows his grand ambition for the world to see.
They have been talking until almost until late evening. The King has readied a residence for Aero in the Palace for today so he doesn't need to sleep in the Inn.
Aero enter his residence and logged out. He went out from his capsule, and take a shower before having a quick meal and then he lazed himself on the sofa.
He sits thinking about the conversation he had with the King and remember all the scenery he saw in the market.
So full of life and vibrancy that it is no different than the people of his world.
What is real and what is fake? He asks himself.
Looking at some of the news, he saw the news reporting on King Corporation new merger and acquisition and their technological breakthrough in new health enhancing drug.
They are also news about Vega corporation among other things. He takes a nap for a while before he returned back to capsule and enter it back
It was night when he logs back in.
That night the King summons him again and then in the throne room Aero and King George resumed their conversation.
It was a short talk before Aero return back to his room.
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