Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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A person arrived at the entrance of the square looking excited and giddy.
'It has been a long time since I am here' that man said.
He smiles a bit before he nodded to himself in a gesture that seems to be saying to himself that he has done good.
It has been a long journey home from Karak. This man is none other than Aero.
As he walks the streets he felt himself feeling unfamiliar. He still remembers this street right back when he was a beginner doing miscellaneous quest for the butcher, the pharmacist and the other people around here for silver and gold.
Of course at the time the streets are clean but it is not as organized or as pretty as it is right now.
Aero could not help but marvel the change that has happened to the Capital City of Vanheim.
The people all looked happy and busy. It is crowded but organized and there is some sense of pride etched in their manner.
It is a pride of a winner. Vanheim victory over Vetten mark a change in the entire structure of Vanheim government and policies.
Vanheim have always been a large nation but it was always beset by internal problems and nobles civil war.
Not to mention noble authority sometime even trumps the King orders
So, even though it is large it was disjointed and weak, as brittle as old bones. Aero success in elevating King George and his subsequent oppression of the noble class gave the Kingdom a new breath.
A vigorous ambitious King. And then when all thought that the war against Vetten would go badly, King George pulls off a victory.
From that day on forward, the policy in the court has also changed.
From being defensive and diplomatic in its communication with foreign powers, Vanheim has now even use military threats and aggressive methods in their negotiations.
The delegations of diplomats also held their head up high in the other kingdoms embassy and not shy away in conflict in their negotiations as one could feel the majesty of the victory after victory that seems to forged itself and emanating from their bones.
It was like the whole Kingdom was juiced up on bravery drug.
And who could blame them?
Vetten, once a large threat that looms over the head of Vanheim like a sword on top of a ceiling was eliminated brilliantly
The nobles on the other hand have been beaten into submission by the king with the King hold almost unlimited power in the court and in the military.
Revamping of the military is parallel to the improvement in the policy of economy.
The opening of trade routes in Nairhell has made some people pretty rich which they spend in Vanheim and thus increasing the Kingdom prosperity.
Many cultural program is also revived. One could say, the entire Kingdom is facing a positive change.
But at the same time the diplomacy thoughts in the court did not really dissipated with the success of Veranis acknowledging the claim of King George and recognize his intent to rule.
As he walks Aero could see many new building is constructed in every alley and every corner. Stalls are enlarged, shops are upgraded and house turns into manor.

And not only that, many types of new building also can be seen with different kind of architecture.
One could see Romanesque influence villas on the Hills near the forest, and on the other side one could see a baroque looking manor.
Builders a class in brave World vocations have also grown with many quest for them to complete with the sudden economic boom in Vanheim
This trend must be the result of the advancement in building techniques. As Aero walk further ahead, he enters the markets.
He could see, smell and hear many things the moment his foot stepped into the market.
The markets were full with exotic goods from all over the world.
The trading route with Nairhell certainly helped but now items, spices, treasures from Veranis and Vetten also shows up which marked an increase in powerful weapons being traded out in the markets.
With Vanheim taking over all the gold and iron mine they found in Vetten, Vanheim is now on top of being a threatening presence militarily it is also becoming prosperous.
This is the trend of the world and no one could easily halt it.
Aero eyes widened a bit when he walks through the market. There are even some merchants selling Slithe bone.
Slithe is a creature that look like a snake, only it is much much bigger and much more terrifying than your regular snake and it only live in Nairhell
its bone has healing and strengthening properties among many other beneficial effect.
The people seems happy and living prosperously in what some might say the Golden Age of Vanheim. The economic treaty with Gruk has begun showing fruition.
As he walks Aero could not help but feeling happy. Aero was proud of this advancements.
Everywhere Aero went as long as someone recognized him he was greeted warmly by NPCs and players alike.
The NPCs usually thank him for winning the war and giving wise advice to the King. Aero and the King relationship is known to all and they like it.
There is many Kings in history that could not rust their courtiers and instead maligned them. Every time such loyal courtiers fall, the people also mourn that courtier loss.
Some generous NPCS even give him supplies and ask him to bless their son.
The players on the other hand always ask him if he could introduce them to the king or the noble. Some even ask for tips on how to deals with nobles.
Aero of course handle this people with grace.
As he walks to the patrol area, even the guards know him. They bowed when they see him, offering respect to Aero.
Then finally he arrives.
He was about to enter the Tiger Gate Inn, one of his establishments after being gifted by Thornleaf. (More like a bribe really) when someone grab his shoulder from behind.
Aero were about to karate his way out when he realized it was someone he knows
He stops his movement and shake his head.
That man is smiling at him and laughing. It was Marco
"Man you should not have shocked me like that' Marco keep laughing. If only Marco knew how powerful he is now, Aero don't think Marco would ever dare trying to touch him from behind anymore.
With a sigh Aero said
'Marco, nice seeing you" Aero said smiling for the nice surprise. Well, it was nice…. A bit.
"Yes, well, nice seeing you too Aero" Marco said smiling but the like he remembered something he tries to keep the smiling at the minimum.
Aero already sense something is wrong from this slight behavioral change.
"Are you coming to the Inn? Please come in" Aero said inviting him inside.
"No, Sir Aero. I came here bearing the King decree." His tone became serious. The moment he turned to formal Sir, Aero knows things is about to get really formal
Then Marco bring out a parchment with the Vanheim seals. Aero eyes did not miss the seal. He smiles bitterly
'I guess I won't get that long awaited rest after all' Aero thought in his mind.
Aero kneels. So does the other people behind him who saw that seal. It is the personal seal of the King which mean this is the decree of the King.
Then with his most ceremonious voice, Marco announced
"By the order of King George, Ruler of Vanheim, Aero is to return to the palace as soon as possible"
Whoa, that was short. Aero was about to said but he managed to hold himself back from saying that.
It is urgent. Aero could feel it. Especially from that curt writing. George is worried about something
Then Marco handed the parchment to Aero.
Aero received it and kept it in his item bag.
"So, I guess you're my escort" Aero said smiling a bit. Marco nodded and chuckles a bit
"Yes…I guess it is not that different from the old days.
'It is not that long ago' Aero said and Marco only smiles.
Aero shakes his head and said
"Fine, lead the way"

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