Age of Adventure
85 WAR?
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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85 WAR?

A black raven look perched on top of some headless corpse, looking at the battlefield and then caw with its eyes opens and close.
On the sky vultures can be seen circling the mound of corpses in Asgaro battlefield while some of them swop down and taken some flesh off the corpses.
A vulture could be seen nibbling on the some of the corpses eyeballs, eating it deliciously.
Mound of corpses form a hill on which ten hills around the battlefield could be seen.
The base of that human hill is full of smashed up corpses.
The sight of mashed head into the soils spoiling brain matter and the smell of piss and blood intermixed with each other in this abandoned battlefield
There must have been great carnage and bloodshed here that would create such sight and smell.
The raven looked around and it can see fire everywhere though that fire is all on the verge of ending.
The war was over and the result was tragic. Ten thousands of lives serves as a fertilizer for the ground and the sight was gory
Blood runs like rivers and bones lined up the soils
The raven that was looking at this sight, its eyes is white like chalk.
Somewhere in Duvar someone open his eyes and sighed. That someone is Aero of the East
Aero was in still in Duvar when he sees the event from the raven eyes.
The raven was from Athena and he can finally use them
Asgaro Kingdom…..the kingdom where Aero was supposed to render his counsel and advice was attacked and conquers by the King of Veva, Zeus of the North.
Now the Asgaro Kingdom is no more and as such Aero invitation before could be regarded as void.
Aero only sighed at this unfortunate event
Veva has taken full control of the Kingdom.
'A kingdom of ashes' Aero remarked while shaking his head
Aero also see the way Zeus treated the people of Asgaro after he won the war.
It was repulsive and cruel. Whether it be in their policies of governance or the general treatment they would receive from the Veva citizens.
Zeus of the North just keeps slaughtering and killing people up and down the Asgaro hillside even though the war was won.
No one was left alive as villages were burn and cities were razed. It is excessive and unnecessary
Zeus….is a ruler that ruled by military might.
His rule is stable….as long as his military is stable. But ruling with military might is not entirely wrong as long as one is not excessive with the use of force.
What is important in any rule of governance in the world is three things. Sufficient food, sufficient military equipment, and the confidence of the people.
And if one is to be dispense with, which of the three one should forgo first? Then the first that should go is military equipment.
And what if another one of these two things needs to be dispense? Which one should be forgo?
The confidence of the people or food? Part with the food. From ancient times, death has come to all men, but if people have no faith in their rulers, there is no standing for the state.

Ruling a state or a kingdom, once the trust is broken, then what await for such kingdom is endless trouble and rebellions
Aero did not pray that this will happen to Zeus because Zeus and him had no beef and he is not going to start one.
Fearing something else would happen, Aero turn back to Duvar and from there quickly went to Veranis.
As Veranis is an allied kingdom he was received with honors. In the meantime he hunted a few monsters and familiarize himself with his newfound strength.
Nobody would have thought that hiding behind his body is an invincible prowess.
In Veranis Palace he was greeted warmly by King Phillip.
"Sir Aero, we are honored to receive you in our court" The King said when he arrived and Aero respond appropriately
"No, no the pleasure is mine"
As a sign of honor and respect the King held a banquet that night. Of course Aero to to reject it but Philip persists.
Offerings were burned to the Gods, and hymns and song praising the Gods were sung as the curtain of the night banquet opens.
So, that night he was honored with a banquet, and an entrance worth of a hero
"Here is Aero of the East, the General Who Pacified The North and a true friend of the Veranis people." King Philip introduces him to the nobles.
"I'm not deserving of such praise" Aero said humbly bowing his head a bit
"Oh ,my you must have jest, Lord Aero. Don't be humble for the praise was deserved" Some of the nobles said
"Yes, you're truly a hero among heroes" Others said nodding
"We have watched the play about the tale of your bravery" Some other have spoken
'Who is this group that uses my stories as a tale?' Aero thought to himself. Aero all reply to them with humbleness and a slight smile.
Then the feast began. Music of many kinds was played with harps and lyre melody fills the night and the dance halls.
The wines from all over the continent were served. Variety of sumptuous and delicious food was prepared.
All in all, it was a good night.
Aero like always socializes with the nobles and spoke to them in such a subtle way that he slowly digs out any information they have while basically offering them nothing of the same sort.
Aero get a great info when staying in Veranis that night.
Vetten Kingdom has fallen and has become Vanheim dominion. Aero eyes was shining and he laughed for a couple of second when he heard the news.
Veranis on the other hand has conquered Tian Dynasty and now beginning attacking Gerad to fulfill their Old Dream.
Aero also got to learn something else. At first Kingdom of Niovar also wanted to join the war to take Gerad before Prince Alexander of Veranis could take it but fearing that Vanheim would move to attack Niovar while they're attacking Gerad makes them frozen in their country.
By not moving they are actually sealing their fate. Aero thought to himself. This reminds him of another military leader in history.
When Oda Nobunaga faces the Imagawa Army many of his advisors persuaded him to surrender to the Imagawa of Suruga.
Some people even said to fight the Imagawa in a siege battle and wait in the castle to resist the invaders of Owari.
But Oda Nobunaga knows that if he waits in his castle, the least he could do is only to buy him a few days and at the end he would still lose.
Instead he crafted an almost suicidal plan which won him the most important battle of the Warring period of Japan.
If he waited….then in history, no one would have remembered the name of Oda Nobunaga.
But because he decided to gamble a path was opened for him. If Aero was the advisor of Niovar, and these two choice presented itself, Aero would have attacked Gerad no matter what. True, Vanheim could take advantage of it and attacked Niovar but the worst that could happen was that Niovar would lose a few states. But, that is better than to be locked up. Because Niovar now…is nothing but a trapped bird in a cage
Sooner or later it will fall.
By trying not to lose something, Niovar will lose all of them
Aero only sigh hearing the news. He also tries to find news about the crew in the ship after he returned to land of the living but he heard all of the crewmate died in the storm.
As compensation, he gives ten thousand gold coins to King Philip and asked him to search the last of kin of the crewmembers and give them equally that money.
This is because Aero remembers that one of the crewmate has a family.
Aero felt a sense of responsibility of what happens to them. And maybe it will lead to some quest.
Who knows?
Maybe a secret quest or something like when he encounter the Sage of Trethelm Lake?
Athena after the last task has not contact him. He likes it better like this.
One thing he knew about myths is this, the hero always end up dead.
So, that morning after all the greetings and farewell, Aero started moving back home to his Kingdom.
Aero is returning home. Anyway, today there will be a few chapters that will be released. if you like it like always leave some comments. The next chapter will be posted a few minutes later
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