Age of Adventure
84 OATH 3
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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84 OATH 3


Athena was raging in wrath after she found out that Zeus has destroyed her temple in Asgaro
The disrespect shown to her was insulting. Zeus, The Lord of the Sky, Bearer of Thunder tries to calm her down saying he did not order such thing to be done to her Temple.
Athena look form the top of Mount Olympus as he saw the destruction and carnage these adventurers have wroth upon her city.
She could see the olive tree burning and her anger grew.
Athena in her wrath wanted to descend down from Olympus and smite the adventurer into dust and ashes.
She wanted to smite that adventurer with the most pain she can inflict.
'They will pay for what they have done to my children' As quickly as she declares her intention she flew down.
Her grey eyes sharpened and her heart is merciless. Her shining golden mail is as blinding as the sun and even the Gods would be in awe.
She shakes her sharp spear and high Olympus trembled in dread beneath the strength of the grey eyed maiden, while the earth rang terribly around, and the sea was boiling with dark waves, and suddenly brake forth the foam.
Ready to inflict damage to the world, she began raising her hand ready to spear Zeus the King of Veva with her own hand.
A golden spear formed on her palm as the wrath of the child of aegis-bearing Zeus is angered.
And she shoots the spaer.
The spears were so fast it reached a supersonic speed and broke apart the sky as it sails through the white clouds. Anyone that comes into contact will be obliterated.
But then suddenly the spear stopped in midair and the area around it compressed and exploded because of the sudden stopping..
"WHO DARES…." Athena was about to yell then she realizes who stopped her spear.
"Lord Hades"
Hades appears behind her holding back the already thrown spear with an invisible force.
"I am the Lord of the Death and the Law states that the Gods may not directly kill adventurers. If Themis is here she would have told you this"
Athena knows the laws. But in her anger she forgot.
"I will have my revenge!" she yelled back
"Yes, but not like this!" Hades scolded Athena while crushing the spear with a wave of his hand.
The spears shattered into thousand pieces and turns into beautiful motes of divine golden light
"Wait for the opportune moment" said Hades. After staring each other, finally Athena concede.
This is the reason why Athena couldn't meet Aero after he finished his quest in Duvar. She was too distraught from having her temple burned.
Of course the sword was also forgotten by Athena, and her thought about stopping the war that has been foretold by the Oracle Nestor began taking a different direction.
Now she wants war.
Aero on the other hand doesn't mind using other sword after all he's invincible now. And he thinks he would very much not to see Poseidon ever again
But unknown to him forces other than him has seen that the sword will return to him in the Great War.

The Three Fates yarns the thread and calculates probability and possible paths that one will take in the game and they arrive at this conclusion.
Aero just doesn't know it yet.
It is also because of Athena intention that Aero had to join the war. It is because Athena said these words, a word that resulted from Athena intention to start a Great War.
Athena will one day announced that United Kingdom of Veva could not be captured without him.
Thetis, who had foreknowledge that he would have to die if he went to war, concealed him from the Gods.
Though this would be so much, much later. And so the Three Fates yarn the thread and spins the spindle as the world goes round and round.

Thetis who has long not felt the air is freed and the moment she was freed she met Themis to ask a prophecy about Aero.
"Do you know of my son, Aero, Themis?" She said
The Titannes smiles and she said with a smile
"Whom else but Aero did a Nereid take be stealth through the Stygian waters and make his fair limbs impenetrable to steel?"
Thetis nodded and then she asked
"I came here to know the prophecy of my son" Themis nodded and then she closed her eyes and then after a few moments she opens it back again.
"Then hear me, Silver Footed Goddess"
Her eyes turned white and she started saying
"The Fates has decreed about your son--that one of two things had been allotted to him, either to live ingloriously or becoming glorious but to die very soon in a Great War to come."
And so hearing of this prophecy Thetis wailed and screamed to Olympus. She cries and her tears created stormy seas and waves.
"O sorrow! What is this fate? I have had a son only to be taken away from me in a war? Are the Heavens blind"
Thunder booms in the distance.
Thetis was determined to save her son. Themis who is looking at Thetis could already imagined what will happen when that time comes
In her desperate attempts to protect her son during the Great War, Thetis called in many favors from the gods.
These included Hephaestus and Dionysus, both of whom she had given refuge in the sea as they faced crises of youth, and Zeus, whose throne she had protected by summoning the giant Briares when the gods had sought to bind him.
Though that too is a story much, much later.
End of Gods Arc Part 1. I know some of it was boring. Sorry. I need to introduce the characters and set the stage for the Great War. Now after this, the new arc will return to strategy and court manipulation. Anyway hope you all enjoy it and leave some comments
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