Age of Adventure
83 OATH 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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83 OATH 2


Refreshed and full of energy, Aero is ready. Today is the day Aero finally met the Duvar King.
Dan told him the do's and the don'ts. So, he won't mess up that badly. And he had quite a good grasp about the King problem. But he doesn't want to assume.
Once he reached the Throne Room Aero quickly introduce himself like Athena instructed him.
'I have come here under the guidance of the white armed Hera'
Hearing that Hera has sent him the man in his dreams the King was overjoyed and quickly tell him his problem.
Aero underestimated the influence of saying you come under divine guidance.
The King would have never share his problems with anyone else but the moment Aero said he was sent by the Gods, like magic, the King opens himself up to him.
Thought not to mention Aero reputation himself.
After all Aero name is known far and wide in the continent as an able administrators, a divine strategist and a great advisor.
The problem like Aero suspected was about his daughter, Princess Helena
Aero actually has already had a solution to the problem. It is the simplest and crudest possible solution.
But well, it is not his problem and Duvar is not the King he served so he couldn't care less if this solution backfires. As long as he solves the problem it is good enough.
"What is your solution, Sir Aero?" the King asked eager to know the solution.
The King realizes the suitors are beginning to get angry waiting for him to make a decision. And he could not contain that anger for much longer.
After all he could not always stay cooped up in his palace and waiting for a battle to happen.
Aero then said
"I proposed that before the decision is made all the suitors should swear a most solemn oath to defend the chosen husband against whoever should quarrel with him. This way, none of the suitors would dare kidnap Helena against his will. After the suitors had sworn not to retaliate, then held a contest to decide. This way when the winner is announced none will dare attack your country and blame you since they have taken an oath before the contest begin." Aero said suggesting his opinion.
King Vrandeus nodded and agrees
"Ah, you're right. That would work wonderfully" said the King as he is already thinking of using this solution to convince the princes and the suitors.
"Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir Aero?" asked the King.
Even though he is the King, he knows this Aero person must not be an ordinary person. Since the Goddess sent him, the King dare not offend.
Aero think this quest is already finished. He wanted to finish what he started
"I would just ask if you would kindly provide me with a carriage to send me to Asgaro"
"I am much obliged" said the King as he immediately ordering a carriage to be prepared for him.
Aero intend to rode to Asgaro and come to King Fjord aid.
Actually after speaking with Dan, Aero knows that King George wanted his son to marry Helena.

So that's why last night they were going to Veranis second prince and ask him to step down from asking the hand of Helena considering their good relation.
Alexander had a quite a good chance of winning the suit.
Alexander readily agreed because he already has a lover back in Veranis and he just needs an excuse to step out from this business.
After all he could not say to his father that he simply don't want to not after his father persuaded him that hard.
At least by saying Vanheim ask him to step down, his father would not force him again.
The other princes are not too formidable for the competition. Edward can handle them easily. After all Edward was tutored in sword fighting by Bradheim.
But it not that it is guaranteed. But anyway, that is not his problem.
So, Aero will leave everything to Dan. As for him…..he need to quickly go to Asgaro, solve the quest, and met Amy. He needs to talk to her….face to face
Then the sound of the notification sounded in his ears

Created the Vrandeus Oath.
: Fame increase
: Reputation increase
: Favor by King Vrandeus.
: Wisdom increase
: Intellect increase
Difficulty level: B

The quest window completion popped up. Aero was half expecting alight to shine down in the throne room.
But Athena doesn't show herself like usual. And that was weird.
After eating and drinking and send some words to Dan who is busy with the competition, Aero said goodbye to the Kingdom of Duvar.
He didn't even have time to explore the Holy catacomb of Old Heroes or visit The Grand Temple of Zeus or see the beautiful painting of the Seven Celestial in the Holy Square.
There were many things he would like to see and experience in Duvar this so called land of prosperity.
But he just doesn't have the time. So you could just say that he was only stopping by to solve Vrandeus problem along the way like it was not a big problem whatsoever.
He didn't even have the chance to meet the famed beautiful Princess Helena.
Little did he know at the time that this oath he just created will one day come back to bit Aero in the ass.
The marriage of Princess Helena and Prince Edward and the subsequent event after that will marks the beginning of a great war among the heroes that would involve The Eastern, Northern and Western Continent and shaped the Vilajeri Continent more profoundly than ever.
And there up in the sky, someone look at this with eye full of malevolent intent
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