Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The moment he opens his eyes he is in one of the numerous temple of Athena
Aero could hear many people praying and saw some people burning some offerings to the Unwearying Goddess
Aero could smell fresh air as he marvels the Temple itself. The Temple of Athena is usually located atop the fortified acropolis in the central part of the city.
The many statues in the Temple portray her as a warrior goddess.
Aero then calmed himself down as he notice that no one seems to realize that he just appears out of nowhere.
It was like he was being shielded for a while and no one had seen him when he appears. It is lucky coincidence.
But now that Aero knows that the AI that govern this world do more than just govern the data, then probably it is not luck at all. Instead it might even be it is just probability.
Then he go out from the Temple after tossing some leftover ambrosia into the fire and make an offering to Pallas Athena
The moment he stepped out from the Temple he is greeted with the sight of a lively market, with people buying and selling, stalls set up in the corner of some alleys and people shouting and screaming about prices of food.
'A business market' Aero said to himself trying to ascertain where he is now. Then he remembers the voice message that comes to him a few second ago.
Athena orders him to find King Vrandeus in the palace and said to him that Hera had send him to help him in his matters
Aero sighed.
'The Gods are really troublesome' he said to himself. Though he is waiting for a questline where he could slay a God. That would be the day.
Walking out from the business market, Aero went to the nearest taverns, a hotbed for information and asked some people to point him in the direction of the Palace
It is not hard considering the palace is the most recognizable structure in any kingdoms. Aero quickly follow the direction and then he saw the palace.
'I should have guessed it would not be that easy' Aero said the moment he arrived near the Palace entrance.
Outside the Palace Aero could see many nobles out there pitching tents, all seems to be waiting for something from the palace.
'I need to find a way to enter the Palace without them thinking I am trying to do something dangerous' Aero was about to contemplate his next move when the most surprising thing happen.
'Oh, you've gotta be kidding me' Aero see in the distance someone he knows. It was Dan sitting with some nobles trading laughs and bantering with them in good sport.
Sweet serendipity. Aero wanted to say but then shook his head. He immediately hold up his hand and yelled
"DAN!" he yelled from the distance. Dan who was concentrating on something a noble said to him was started.
He looked towards Aero direction and he was surprised. Gobsmacked more like it. He got up from his seat and went to Aero almost immediately.
Behind him, his knights follows him. Then surprised and puzzled, Dan immediately hug Aero and then said

"Aero, you're here. Who would have thought? We thought you were in a difficult quest. Amy and Raina were ready to send someone as far as Veva"
Aero smiles and then said
"Oh, I been here and there." Aero said. To tell the full story right now would be too complicated
"What are you doing here?" Dan asked again. Aero looking at the crowd then lean in to Dan ears and whispers
"How about we talked about this at a more discrete place" Aero said noticing the weird glance people are giving them.
Dan nodded agreeing with the suggestion
So, they went into a private tavern. They pay for their table and then they began talking.
First, Dan tells him his story of why he is here in Duvar. He was tasked to accompany the Second Prince of Vanheim, Prince Edward to ask Helena hand in marriage by King George.
He even managed to boast a bit about the adventures along the way. And Then Aero told his story. And Dan felt a little embarrassed sharing his adventure story.
Aero told the story of how he fall into the Underworld because of a God. A God! Then he told the story of how he need to fight the Cerberus, the three headed dog of Hades and all the monster in Asphodel.
Dan was slack jawed when he heard it. Feeling shock would be an understatement
Then Aero also told Dan what he is supposed to do now.
"Oh, you need to see King Vrandeus. I know how to reach him"
"Yes. But tomorrow. You seem like you need some rest'
Aero nodded and said
'But a drink first. To old friend and good fortune' Dan clank his cup and nodded as they both laugh and trades stories
Part one of the chapter. Huh. I am tired of posting thing. But I will thrive on. Next chapter will come in a few minutes
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