Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The wind whistles and the ground was hard and yet at the same time damp. Aero footstep is lighter now and his mood is even more.
Looking in front of him, there is a smile of confidence plastered on his face. Behind him is Deria.
They have finally arrived at River Acheron. Looking from the distance the dog is still there.
And a smile unconsciously formed on his face. He was beaten black and blue by this dog before.
And he was frustrated because he could not even fight the dog and always had to retreat.
But now…it is different. Aero is confident he can beat the dog now. So, this time he only said to Deria to pull him away if he could not move.
'This time let see who wins' Aero said as he inches closer to the dog. He is trying to spring a surprise attack on it.
Then like it possess some supernatural instinct the middle head moves and realizes him and quickly like it possess some telepathic ability it communicated the information to the other the two heads.
The bark produces soundwave and the ground beneath Aero tremble. The left head moves swiftly and open it mouth wide to attack him.
Aero could see something is building up in its throat and then with a sizzling sound the left head sprays black smoke to him
The smoke seems to kills anything it touches
'Fuck!' Aero cursed. This is the smoke that brings diseases. It passes by Aero body but then Aero calm down.
Nothing happens to him. It was like that attack had no effect. The only thing that attack seems to do was to blur his vision for a couple of seconds.
'Ah, I almost forget' Aero was about to attack when the right head opens its mouth and even before that thing comes out from its mouth Aero could feel the heat building up.
Then large fires started coming out of its mouth like the dog head is some kind of a flamethrower
The ground around Aero is all scorched up and burning. This time Aero is not panicked nor he is flustered.
He embraces the fire. The fire envelopes him from his chest to his waist but Aero felt like he is bathing under a waterfall.
Aero check his white robe durability and he frowned a bit.
Durability 900/1000
He is fine but the White robe is not fine. Its durability is beginning to decrease and it is decreasing faster and faster.
Aero could not let this go on of course. He dash forward, and then he hammer his fist onto the dog right head.
The right head immediately brought down its entire body weight come crashing down onto the ground.
Aero smiles as he took that wide open mouth of the right head of the dog and by brute force closes that dog mouth.
The right head winced in pain as the middle head barks at him. Then it tries to bite him.
Aero slap that middle head and a large ripple of shock produced form that slap. It tries to bit again and this time Aero was not merciful as he directed the middle head to bit the left head.
AUGHH! The dog seems to shouted in pain as it bits its other head. Aero laughed bot at the dog situation and also because he was excited

"HAHAHAHA, stupid dog. This is for that bite you gave me that time" Aero laugh.
When Aero had managed to close the right head, Aero yelled to Deria
"Give it to me now!"
Deria quickly open the bag and proceed to take out a rope of iron he created last night.
Aero plans to use these to bind the dog mouth from spitting harmful substance and to bind their legs. Deria quickly threw the ropes to Aero.
Aero received it well and proceed to bind the right head jaw forcefully as the right head whimpers.
The dog now realizing Aero can overpower them began struggling in earnest. The right head quickly realizes the iron that covers his ankle and spits fire at it.
Dogs…certain dogs are breed to be hunting dogs. And Cerberus is a hunting dog. Its instinct for weak spot is rarely wrong.
The flames cover his ankle.
And since iron is a good conductor of heat, Aero felt it. The pain was indescribable, and he was so much in pain that he had almost collapsed right there and then.
His health decreased almost instantly and drastically.
And that's not even a direct hit on his ankle. It was at this moment Aero knew he made the right decision to tie up the right head first.
The dog fire could be his undoing. However this is not the time to falter and relaxed his assault.
So when the dog tries to spit the fire again, he dodges expertly, the rope is still in his hand.
The dog began getting serious as they bark louder and louder like a bad omen. Suddenly the air felt different. It is colder and harsher.
The ground they're standing on grumbled and the wind whistle like the wailing ghost that roams the bottom of the Styx.
Web like cracks appeared in the ground
And then suddenly skeletal hands shrouded with dark aura emerged from the cracks clawing their way out of the way.
There were hundreds of them, crawling up from the ground. This time Aero almost wanted to shout in frustration to the sky
But above all he was angry. He was angered of course. He thought that he would just have to fight the dog and beat it senseless and haul it ass back to Hades.
Now, they can summon The Underworld Guards?
Deria seeing the confused look of Aero which is actually his frustration face misunderstand and yelled from behind.
"Aero, don't be confused. Hades summoned them. He must have known you're here" Deria said noticing my confused looks
Hearing this Aero was enlightened. he clenched his fist and then with a sense of bravado he rarely projected, he screams
His scream echoes and then he ran straight to the horde of skeleton monsters.
ARRGHH! He screams and then he punch one of the skeletons. With one punch the skeleton guards turns into dust. And then like a storm Aero keep fighting.
The skeletons are not the inhabitants of Asphodel. They are The Underworld Guards. Souls that wish to do penance to be elevated to other places.
But their attack and defense is usually not that great. Aero swear in his heart that when he is done with the skeleton guys he would punch that dog so hard it would fly in pain.
He should be scared. But he wasn't. Because he know he can do this. A hundreds of skeletons? Easy. As long they do not know where to strike it's like they are striking an iron wall.
So, filled with excitement he ran to the first skeleton and punched him. His bones were all shattered with one punch.
Then he collided his body and his body is like a tank as it keep bulldozing the skeletons into ashes of white dust
Deria on the other hand also unsheathe his word and joins in the fight.
The sword on his hand right now belongs to Creon originally. After taking it Aero realized it has a requirement of being level 300 and considering Deria level was 420 he did not hesitate to give it to him.
Well that was expected that Deria level was that high. After all since he died the only thing he did was killing the cursed warrior.
After the first skeleton warrior fall, Aero was in a roll. One skeleton tries to strike him with his sword only to find his words shattered.
He quickly turns around and punches the monster to death.
They are also other who he killed by head-butting them or his jumping knee attacks.
The others were killed by his fist or his kicks.
There is this one instant in the battle when the monster realizing that Aero could not be hurt by their weapons tries to overwhelm him by throwing themselves at him and pinning him.
They succeed at pinning him. But he was not scared. Instead he only scoffed in disdain.
Aero gather his strength and he released it making all the monster that tries to hold onto him fly ten meter s away.
Deria was also slashing and knocking the monster vigorously and effectively.
Considering his level it was a walk in the park.
You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!
This kind of notification windows keep popping up.
Fighting the skeleton was good. Aero began leveling up. Spears and swords were left around in the battlefield like they were junks.
It would look funny. Two people fighting a hundred of opponents.
At least Deria had a sword. But Aero only fight barehanded. But Aero knew he would win. He never felt stronger in his life. Before, with his swords he brought destruction. But it was his sword that does most of the work.
But now, he is the Destroyer. And how liberating it feels for Aero for once, not to think too much and just enjoy the fight.
Finally after half a day fighting the monster without stopping the skeletons were all annihilated.
The dog is still there. Waiting, thinking that he must have been exhausted from all that battle and killing.
Deria was panting but Aero was not. Silence descended to the area.
Aero looked at those furious eyes and turned back to see if there is anyone left behind. There was nothing left in the battlefield.
Empty. He had destroyed them all. Then without meaning to Aero was laughing maniacally
Now for the main event.
Part one of the chapter. Anyway, today is going to be another mass release. Hope you are all ready. And if you like the story please vote and leave some comments
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