Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Amanda comes from a rich and privileged family. And as such, she was educated with all the etiquettes befitting of such families.
She learns etiquette, classical music and instruments, poetry and dance among other things.
Her father and mother is quiet strict on her.
She never felt much freedom in her own house. Truthfully, she felt suffocated. She always had. She had a sister named Amelia.
Though she died two years ago in a plane crash. At least that what her parents tell her about the death of her sister.
For some reason she always felt that story is weird and strange and the more she grew older the more she felt that the story was weird.
Amanda is the perfect daughter anyone would have liked. She is smart, graceful, and obedient.
She is the obedient one.
Her sister was different from her. She was easygoing and free, and Amanda admired her. She was a lover of the art and fond of visiting galleries
All she knows that her sister and her parents had a disagreement so her sister left home travelling other countries.
She heard her sister was coming back when the plane crashed. Of course, their parents blamed themselves.
But even though she doesn't show it, she was the one that was most devastated. She fell into bad crowd and grows more rebellious.
Until she was introduced to Brave World by Dan. Dan is her childhood friend and was quite worried about her.
In it, she could be anything.
She does not have to wear dresses or frilly clothes. Nor does she need to answer the expectation of her parents.
She became a healer in Brave World. Healer could save people. That what attracts her to the class.
Even in an almost dying state if the healer is high level then Amanda could save them. Though her personality is more like a ruffian instead of a healer.
Then one day, she met him. At first the man tries to follow their group. Amanda is shy among new people so she didn't want to let that guy follow.
Of course what happens next was something she could never imagine. That guy clear several floor infested with monster by himself.
Amanda felt the guy was showing off. And truthfully she is right though that man would never admit it.
But that's how it started. That is how almost all love story started. With the guy doing something stupid and the girl get curios.
That is the great trap. Man stupidity and woman curiosity
Then she slowly but surely falls for him.
The way he carry himself. The way he smiles. She smiles at his smile. Even his grinning is endearing. The more they fight with each other, the more she felt for him.
And when they fight in that war, she could see how dashing and smart he was. Confident and charismatic, leading men to battle.
She has tried to forget him and she cannot. She cannot stop thinking of him. She cannot stop dreaming about him.
When he is near her, her heart beats erratically like it is about to explode. Without knowing why, she pushed him away sometimes.

She wants to know him better. What does he like, what does he hate? She wants to know all this things and more. And she wants him to want to know her better
But she could not say it. So she tried to act kinder towards him. At least kinder than usual. But it's not like he make it easy for her. He always teases her and she always mess it up.
And Dan always had to interfere. Then in the night of the victory ceremony Sarah whispers to her, that shook her heart
"You know, I think I like Aero. I mean maybe we could be something more" she said whispering to her ears.
And it was then that she knew what she felt for him. She likes him. Why? Because the moment she heard that she felt something clenched in her heart.
A tingle of fear. An alarm sounding out in her mind. her heart was anxious. She felt anxious of losing him to Sarah.
Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.
And she knows that she needs to do something. That's what she concluded that night. So, she looked at Aero during he received his rewards.
Thinking how will she catch his attention? If staring could communicate one thoughts then that night Amy could have convey her feeling as simple as that
She couldn't even hear the other conversation like everything was tuned out of her ears and mind. Her minds were swirling with so many what-if scenarios that it almost drives her crazy.
People were in joy but she is not.
Dan and Victor were talking with each other comparing their manhood like most boys do. Raina was with Victoria. And Aero just flitted in the background, wearing a mysterious smile like he always did.
Then she realized he went upstairs so she followed him. How could she not realize when her eyes were trained on him like a hawk?
She approached him slowly all the while thinking what she should do. And then she heard him
""I wish you could have been here. The sun is beautiful, the moon is elegant and the wind is soothing. Sound of music filled the roads and the stars twinkling on the night skies. Life….is beautiful. But, mainly, I wish you could have been here'
The moment she reached upstairs she heard he was saying such words while looking at the beautiful moon.
He looked lonely. Then uncharacteristically of her she asked him
"Who?" she asked. She was curious who is he talking about.
"Why are you here? Go celebrate" Aero raised his tone towards her. It only made her even more insistent
"Who?" she asked again.
"Who what?"
"Who do you wish to be here?"
"Someone who is not here anymore"
"Then, isn't that stupid?"
I mean what is the use wishing for someone is not here. It's a waste of time. Amanda thought at that time
"Is it?" He ask back, his tone is a little cold
"Yes, why not wish for people that are here." she said, as she too looks at the stars
"Who would I wish for then?"
"How about wish for me?" she said bravely. But she can't hide her blushing. her cheeks turn red.
"Maybe I don't want to wish for you" He said smiling
"Why not?"
"You're stubborn" he said
"But in a good way" she countered back
"You're difficult" he shot back
"No, that is inaccurate. I'm challenging." she corrected.
He looked confused. Even Amanda knows her behavior is not the same way she usually acts around Aero.
But she doesn't want to lose him.
"What do you want Amy?"
She decided then that she will say it honestly. She has lost too much because she could not be honest. Maybe in the real world she had lost many times but not in this world.
"I like you, Aero" she said it fiercely. But the most important thing was that…she said it
Aero face began reddening.
"Yeah, I like you too" Aero said nonchalantly.
"You know that is not what I meant"
"Don't joke around Amy"
"I'm not joking"
He then suddenly comes closer to me. The distance is so close that he could hear her breathing.
And her heart stopped.
It just stopped beating.
And for the first time in her life, she had that feeling. You know, like the world is moving all around you, all beneath you, all inside you, and you're floating around it all.
Then Aero said
"What would you do if I kissed you right now?"
She stared at his beautiful face and his beautiful mouth and she wanted nothing more than to taste it.
To lost herself in that kiss.
"I would kiss you back." She reply with a conviction in her voice
That was clearly not the response Aero expected. Amanda was grinning.
"Ok, enough of this. I'm going to the hall."
Aero was about to step down the stairs, but she could not let him go like this so she held his hand and pull him to her.
They were inches from each other. Both of them could hear each other breathing.
"What do you thi---" Before he could even finished his sentence she kissed him.
She kissed him desperately and passionately.
She thought he would shove her off. But then the most surprising thing happen.
He kissed her back. Slowly at first then it turned to something else.
Passionately, desperately with a ferocity she never encountered before.
Licking the sides and corners of her mouth, he delivered it back to her, the passion and the desperation, over and over.
And she lost herself in his kiss.
For that moment she feels… that they could come to mean something to each other. She feel so many emotions she did not know how to feel.
'Only you and me' she heard him whisper. Then she stopped. They were both gasping for air.
And she looked at him. All the while she felt like she was flying. And the only thing keeping her from drifting away to the clouds is his eyes.
They're connected to her by some invisible force, and they hold her fast while the rest of the world swirls and twirls and falls completely away.
She was lost in that eyes
She then smirked.
"Why did you—" he asked
"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."
She said that matter of factly. Then she stepped down back to the festivities.
'Now, I dare you to forget me. Let the game begins, Aero. I'll make you fall for me' she whispers underneath her breath
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