Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The cold wind did not bother him as much. He smiles a smile of confidence. He felt the energy coursing through his every vein like he was reborn.
In the distance someone is charging towards him but he remains unaffected. Because he knows he can't be hurt.
And he is eager to try all his new abilities.
With the feeling like he could hold even the entire Universe eon his back, how could he fear that charging man no matter how enraged that man appears?
He might be afraid before but now, nothing seems to waver his heart. He comes closer and closer and then Aero activated his Iron Body
'ARGHH! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS AERO!' Creon shouted with all of his nagger as he jumps from the ground and when he is in a striking distance, he stabs Aero with the sword.
Aero smirked
'I guess, bearing the Curse of the Styx do come with a perk' Aero says this because instead of feeling of pain, he only felt a small tingle in the spot where he was stabbed like something tickled him.
The sword that Creon used to stab him had a sad fate as it began to cracks and then as the wind blows the sword shattered to thousand pieces.
The look on Creon face was priceless. Aero even had the feeling that he is about to laugh if not for the fact that Creon felt so injustice.
Creon looked at Aero with puzzlement. And Aero look at him back with a challenging smile on his face, not a spot or a scratch appeared on his chest.
Of course this is not the same sword that Creon used to imprison Thetis. Deria brought it to his hut to make sure it does not fall to Creon hand again.
Then what sword is in Creon hand right now. Obviously It is an even a more powerful sword than that.
But….the result was something unbelievable. How can the very swords that have fell so many warriors and soul is rendered into a thousand pieces the moment it made contact with Aero body?
Then a terrifying answer dawned on his mind and his eyes seem to lost hope.
"Did you bathe on the Styx?" asked Creon with a slight hint of disbelief in his tone mix with a faint trace of hope that Aero did not bathe on the Styx.
"Yes. And I think now it's my turn" said Aero grinning
The moment Aero said that he close his distance with Creon almost instantly like he was lightning personified.
The ground underneath his feet exploded as the wind around him spirals out away from him
Creon was too shocked to react. The movement was too fast and almost instantaneous. He couldn't anticipate that speed coming out from Aero body.
So in that momentary confusion on Creon part, Aero give him a punch to his gut. The air around him compressed
Aero thought Creon would collapse but Aero never would have thought what would happen is different entirely. Creon flew about ten meters.
Aero could hear it when his fist connected.
The sound of bones breaking.
'Must be the ribs' Aero thought to himself.
In fact he was not entirely wrong. Almost all of Creon bones around the ribs either c rack or broke upon first contact

"Uhuk,uhuk" Creon was coughing blood in the ground, his hand is trembling and his internal organ are all roiled up and breaking down.
Aero on the other hand felt excited.
'I am stronger. Hah. Maybe capturing Cerberus is possible now.' He mused about his possible conquest
He looks in the distance and he could see Creon is struggling to get up. He did not finish off Creon easily.
Aero waited until Creon stand up. He looks at Creon and Creon look at him.
Then despite the pain he is experiencing and the fact that his body is about to give out Creon charged again this time.
He tries to fight Aero with his fist.
'Big mistake, Creon' Aero shouted when he found out what Creon is thinking about
His fist strikes Aero gut. Aero felt nothing. Not even a tingle. It felt like a wind breeze by his gut. And Creon also realizes it at that moment as he heard his own knuckles breaks.
It was like he was hitting an iron wall
His bones broke and the crack in his bones spread out all over his body.He cries a scream.
Aero grinning satisfied with the curse, quickly aims to end this fight.
After all it's getting boring. Before at least Creon provide a decent challenge to him. Though, of course during that time the biggest obstacle was Creon sword that had a high damage.
Now without that sword and Aero invincibility Creon is nothing. So he quickly broke Creon leg with a kick directed to his knees
His knees swing backward and he falls to the ground looking weak and pitiful.
Crawling in the ground desperate to run away, Aero comes to him and stopped him.
'Sorry, Creon. You went after me. You shouldn't have done that. I think this is goodbye'
Aero focuses his energy and punch Creon face as hard as he could that even the ground shakes. The moment that fist connected, Creon face was smashed.
The ground exploded around the impact area because of the fist.
Creon face looks like a smashed pumpkin with blood all around. It was a fucking mess. Deria was just watching the battle on the background with amazement.
He slowly approaches Aero and then pats him on the back. Aero take a deep breath and got up like he was awaken from a trance.
His hand is still dripping with Creon blood as it drips silently to the cold dark ground of the Underworld.
Deria look at Aero and gulped. He heard that those who were taking on the Curse of the Styx usually went crazy.
Of course this is the first time an adventurer ever cursed with the Styx. Deria try to clams himself down and then Deria ask cautiously
"So, what now?" Deria asked. he is ready to leave the River and return to his humble abode
Aero smiles hearing Deria question and said
"How about teaching manner to a dog?" Deria shakes his head and grins.
"Heh, yeah, what the hell. Let's do that" Deria nodded
This time they are going to River Acheron and they will beat that three headed dog. They will beat it until that dog knows how to respect them.
Part two of the chapter. Today I guess is a mass release. Anyway, next chapter will be the last chapter for today
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