Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Kyle after he was allowed to log back in chose Veva as his new Kingdom. He checked his level. And his face sunk almost immediately
'Fuck, fuck!' he cursed quiet a storm before he could calm himself down.
Now his level is 112.
He lost 150 levels by enduring the torture and his subsequent death. His heart was screaming with anger and the injustice he felt.
He swears that he will get his vengeance someday.
Actually after he logged back in he wanted to hire the Blood Brotherhood to assasiante Aero but now that he has no money, he need to gain money first.
Of course his first day back in Veva was a humiliating. Every player knows who he is.
"Isn't that Kyle?"
"Yeah. So he came here after being banished" Some of them look at him with a mocking smirk.
"Hope that Zeus won't give him any armies to lead. If not maybe Veva will be like Vetten. Hehehehe" some players were snickering at him.
Kyle had to endure this humiliation and begin solving low level quest since some of the NPCs have also heard of his reputation and refuse to give him B level difficulties quest.
The insults were understandable. His mistake was catastrophic in hindsight as he let his emotions clouded his judgment
His mistake was a fiasco of mythic proportion. So his days went by solving quest and building familiarity with the NPCs and before long the NPCs began trusting him again.
But still this is far cry from his previous status.
But he has to endure this for now.
'Endure. Endure. Endure' this is like his mantra now.
When he heard people mocking him, he endures it. He would never let his emotion become the master of his action ever again.
If Aero could see him now, he must be terrified. Aero did not fear people who are confident or fearless.
He fears people who could endure. After all only certain people had the tenacity and will to endure such treatment.
For people like this, Aero would either make sure that person is under him or in the same side or if they are not to be persuaded, then to erased him and make him unable to rise up ever again
Kyle in the time he spent resolving quest also heard Bradheim and Gruk have almost conquered the capital of Vetten.
He guesses that his revenge against the minister in Vetten has to be forgotten. Unless of course if King George employs them later.
That leaves only Aero as his sole target of vengeance.
Remembering the treatment and the insult he got because of Aero actions gives Kyle motivation to raise his level as quickly as possible and then he will exact his revenge towards Aero and all the people who have insulted and humiliate him.
That day after solving another quest, Kyle returns home to his hut that he builds outside the city, just near the villages there.
Just when he came inside he heard a deep voice that startled him
"How the mighty have fallen" said a man wearing a robe.
He was sitting on one of the chair in the hut. From his appearance it looks like he is a noble. His entire existence seems to form a dissonance when compared with Kyle humble dwelling.

Then Kyle also realizes there are guards inside his house looking at him coldly and without emotions.
Kyle immediately reached for his sword on his hip.
"Don't be so hostile, Kyle" said the man clearly recognizing him.
He doesn't look worried. He looks bored. Kyle halted his movement as only his finger still holding the sheath, ready to attack the moment he spotted anything suspicious.
"Leave us. I need to speak to him alone" said the man ordering his guard to get out of the hut.
It took a few moment before Kyle deiced to listen to this mysterious man in white robe
Kyle then also sits down staring at the face of the stranger.
"Who are you?" asked Kyle. The man smile an amiable smile showing his charming manner.
"I'm Eric. You sure come back home late, Kyle"
Kyle eyes widen before his eyes once again narrowed with suspicion.
He of course knows who that is. He is known to be close friend of King Zeus and Bart. He is also known as the strategist of Zeus army and the strategist for Veva.
He is loved by the people because of his prowess as a warrior and his elegance.
But why does he come here?
"So what is the reason you're visiting me? I have no doubt you already knew what a failure I have been"
Eric nodded but he is not quick to speak. After a few moment of silence he sighed and said to Kyle.
"Hah. One failure and you give up? Don't you want to have revenge towards Aero?" said Eric mocking Kyle.
"Of course. But are you going to give my vengeance toward Aero? Deliver it to me in a silver platter?" Kyle asked sarcastically.
Eric doesn't know how Kyle heart burns every time people mention Aero and praises him as a great strategist and statesman.
"Not for free. The reason I came here is to ask you whether you want to lead a division of Veva military. Though of course you have to prove yourself first" said Eric
Kyle face lights up.
"Why? And prove myself. How?"
"I don't know how you would prove yourself. Find a way. You are a resourceful man. And if you can't prove yourself then that means you have no value or worth to me. It is only when you have proved yourselves then I can persuade Zeus to give you a title."
Kyle nodded and then he ask a question
"Why do you want me to lead your army? I have already lost terribly with the war before and it is not that you haven't heard that my reputation is in the gutter after that war"
Eric believes he must put all the cards at the table.
"Well, because I believe Aero will be a threat to my friend. And considering you're the only one who have ever battled a war against him, your experience will prove to be useful."
After contemplating, finally Kyle said,
"Fine. I'll do it!" Kyle declared. Eric smiles and then he got up and shakes Kyle hand
"Good. Now I have other matters to attend" he said saying farewell. There are other people that will explain about what to do next to Kyle.
Then Eric went out from the hut and ride his horse back to the palace. Eric has begun moving his chess pieces.
If Zeus really intends to rule over all, Aero is a thorn in their side.
'Better safe than sorry'
That's why he wanted to hire Kyle. Before the war, Kyle is known as magician mercenary of sorts but he was formidable.
People tend to judge people only by their failures. All success is forgotten. That's why Eric wanted to hire him.
Experience is important. So, now he just needs to see what happens next. Of course he already has sent spies to locate Aero after his disappearance act in the sea but no news of him surfaced.
And that is worrying. It means Eric don't know Aero movement.
'I hope they have good news for me' He thought to himself as he enters the Palace.
The reappearance of Kyle. Anyway, like always if you like the story please vote and leave some comments.
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