Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sound of clanking iron can be heard. Fire sparks can even be seen from outside the forges. The smell of smoke and burnt iron can be smell form miles away.
Hephaestus was there hammering iron and gold. Hammering weapons and tools of divine properties. Of all the Gods only he has that kind of abilities.
Twenty anvils and bellow worked under him tirelessly all these years crafting things for Olympus.
Golden and silver lions and dogs at the entrance of his forge created in such a way that they could bite the invaders
They are the famous automaton of Hephaestus
Even the palaces in Olympus were constructed by him. His body is enveloped by fire, but he just stand there hammering amidst the fire without even flinching.
That's what he always does when he is nervous. Hammering and tinkering with things. By now Athena must have known what he has done.
He has conspired with Poseidon to kill an adventurer.
Of course, he had made a deal with Poseidon. That's the only reason he would break a divine law.
For his son. His handsome and talented son. So pitiable.
So young to suffer such fate.
If not for Zeus, his son will be with him and he can guide the boy to become a great hero that would bring fame and glory to him.
But Zeus in his anger cursed his son. That enraged Hephaestus, but he knows Zeus is way stronger than her.
And now he believes Athena will come here to ask him of his involvement with the death of that adventurer.
And no sooner than he thinks about it, a light shone from above and the sky produce thunder
The forges shook. The tools in the forges drops and some of it drop down to Earth.
'Finally, she came. How would she look like? Angry?' Hephaestus thinks to himself.
Hephaestus once sees when Athena was angered. He did not like that face. And from that light, emerged Athena the Aegis bearing Goddess with all her glory.
With her war armor and aegis she looked as formidable as ever. Her face is expressionless and there is an aura of war emanated out from her, her eye shines with wisdom.
"Have you come to apprehend me, War Goddess?" Hephaestus said as soon Athena steps outside the light.
Athena only smirks and ask a question of her own
"And risk a war? I represent thoughtfulness and wisdom in the affairs of war, and protect men and their habitations during its ravages. Why should I apprehend you and incite wars?" said Athena while smiling.
'Oh, this looks good. At least she doesn't seem angry' Hephaestus seems to be thinking in his mind
"Then, why have you come?" asked Hephaestus puzzled.
If not to apprehend him or capturing him, he doesn't know what Athena intend to do here in his forge.
If Athena really wanted to capture him, he will not stand still. There were many thing he did not try during the Titanomachy
But still Hephaestus is cautious. After all this is the Wisdom Goddess he is talking about. She must have a scheme and her plans.

"I have come to make a deal with you Hephaestus" Athena said
"A deal?" He was puzzled
"Yes. I know what Poseidon promises you. I intend to do you one better. What if I promise you that your son can be saved and brought out from the Underworld in the span of a month?" Athena declared.
"A month!" Hephaestus yelped
Even Poseidon promises to release her boy in another thirty years. But can Athena deliver on her promise?
"How do you intend to do this?" Hephaestus asked.
Then Athena quickly explains to him.
"That…That could work" said Hephaestus while nodding his head.
If it's Athena it's possible. Now wonder she is the Wisdom Goddess. Then contemplating for a few minutes he finally decided
"Fine. I'll vote for that boy if he succeed in bringing back my boy from the Underworld." Hephaestus promised.
However Athena is not entirely convinced.
"Swear it on the Styx" retorted Athena. Hephaestus rolled his eyes but he comply..
"Fine. I swear it by the River Styx" Thunder boomed in the distance, but the shaking shakes the forges.
Athena satisfied with her new ally, disappears as the hammering and tinkering started again in the Hephaestus Forge.
Athena then teleport herself back to Asgaro watching the war preparation and giving courage to the soldiers and inspire the advisors to give great ideas to Fjord.
Of course they didn't see this with their naked eyes. Gods rarely come to mortal world while revealing their form. Then Athena stops to think.
'Everything is moving smoothly'
Athena believes Aero is the one in the prophecy because Nestor talks about Zeus the Vevaaian King.
Zeus is an adventurer. So it stands to reason the other adversaries will also be an adventurer.
And the only adventurers Athena knows that fit the description is Aero.
Adventurers and mortals work by different rules. Adventurers can even defied fate itself. Mortals can't.
So Athena thought to get close to Aero to advise him not to go to war with Zeus. So he sent Aero to the Underworld to help Aero retrieve his sword. By saving Deria Aero will gain the vote of Hephaestus in the Council.
Then she tasked him with capturing the Cerberus. A task Athena knew Aero could not do which is why she asked Aero to bring Deria with him.
Deria has been in the Underworld for a long time. He must have known about the story of River Styx and Thetis.
By releasing Thetis, Zeus will also be overjoyed because it was his wife that imprisoned Thetis and he will surely let Deria live in peace.
But Hera will of course not be pleased with Aero releasing Thetis. So Athena will say to the Goddess that it was Deria idea.
And no matter how angry she is, she would not dare harm the children of a major God. If it's Zeus child maybe she can because Zeus is her husband. But the other Gods?
If Hera starts to invade their personal business then Hera will not be safe and her reign will be in chaos even though she is the Queen of the Goddess.
And when Aero solve Vrandeus problem, Hera will also cast her support of the boy. And Athena will then ask Hera to ask the other Gods to vote in favor of the boy.
Everything has been set up perfectly. Athena look at the mortal world and close her eyes and her mind seems to be saying
'So, pray to me, Aero and I will bear witness of your glory.'
Athena knows that any time now Aero will be able to capture the Cerberus. Patience is a virtue. So, she waited.
Part one of the chapter. The second part will be posted a few minutes later.
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