Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Duvar is a land that is known for its bountiful and beautiful river
Look at the west and north and one could see large and unyielding mountains dotted the landscape.
In the tales of poets and songs of bards Duvar is a bountiful kingdom and full of prosperity and natural resources
The air is fresh, the scenery is breathtaking and the people are beautiful.
It is truly a kingdom full of life and beauty.
Dan was summoned to the place by King George. Once there, he was tasked to bring the Second Prince to ask for the hand of Helena, the most beautiful women in the continent
But in the carriage he had time to marvel and awed by the scenery of this kingdom. It was beautiful, breathtaking and peaceful.
But then he saw the reputed the most beautiful woman in the world. Princess Helena
Dan also saw her among the crowd when she stands on the balcony of her palace to address her people. It's true what they say about her. She is beautiful
No, beautiful is an understatement. NO wonder people called her the mortal reincarnation of the Goddess of Love
Fair skin, bright eyes, a bright personality and a beautiful hair that flows freely every time its blown by the wind Dan even question how can the developer create this kind of beauty?
But he came here for a more important task. He needs to ensure that Prince Edward wins her hand.
King George has already explained to him what is at stake.
If Prince Edward succeeds in taking Helena hand, then the path to the Holy Land capital will become easier and King George could proclaim himself Emperor when he arrives at Duvar.
It seems like an easy task from the get go. Thus, Dan unhesitantly accepted the quest.
It wasn't until he knew of her reputation that he thought to himself that this might be a little hard.
But he is far from discouraged.
It wasn't until he arrives at Duvar he really knew what he got himself into.
Dan couldn't have expected that the number of suitors reach dozens and all of them are influential, powerful, rich or all of above
Every Kingdom in the Eastern Continent except Vetten sue for the hand of Princess Helena sending their Princes, Dukes and Counts
The North and the West also sent some of their prince and some prince that could not appear in person sent emissaries and their ambassadors.
And with Vrandeus not choosing anyone, the suitors become anxious by the day. There are even some princes that try to take Helena by force.
Thankfully Castor and Pollux are able to deter the princes with their strength. Everyone in the Vilajeri Continent knew that Castor and Pollux are very strong and brutal and they love their sister dearly
Of course Dan befriended them the first opportunity he got .They're good guys. They're just worried about their sister.
But that is not the only reason. He wanted to trigger any questline but maybe his intimacy with them is not yet high so he didn't get any quest.

If Aero was here, he must have an idea to solve this problem. Dan is not used to solve problems without Aero.
After all, Aero was the brain in their team. And today again he waited. Vrandeus seems to be waiting for someone.
It is the same thing every day with him asking to meet Vrandeus on behalf of the Prince and he would be sent away with some excuses like Vrandeus is praying to the Gods or something along that line.
He wants to go back to his estate, his comfy castle and his comfy bed and great dishes that are prepared by his cook.
Vrandeus must make his decision fast of who is going to get the hands of the Princess. The princes' patience is beginning to wear thin.
Dan really hopes nothing happens that would spark any conflict. With these many princes here in one place, if they all got into a conflicts it is enough to start a world war.
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