Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The wind passes her by as she chases her prey on horseback. The clattering of horse hoof behind her was as furious as her warhorse
She is smiling in satisfaction.
'Keep on forward' she yelled. This woman is heroic and her valiant nature is quite weird at least to the perspective of the NPCs.
The NPCs notices that woman adventurer is unlike their woman. In that they are as crazy as the male adventurer.
It is a difference of culture. The NPCs culture is like a mixture of medieval and the Greco roman culture.
It is not that they are no brave woman in their midst, it is that it is lacking.
The reason why they do not scorn such woman is because of the many Goddesses in Olympus like Athena, Hera and now Artemis which is the Goddess of the Hunt
This woman leading the hunt is Raina.
Raina is hunting again today like the day before.
With her servants and personal guard roused form their normal duty, they are hunting for a boar in the vicinity of her mansion after the citizen asked her help.
Raina who was bored as fuck in her role as a Countess was roused to
After busy managing her estate, finally she got an adventure. She was excited and her body is full of energy.
Leaving her servants to manage the estate she jumps on her warhorses and ride.
So, as fast as she heard the story of the Boar she takes up her bow and went out of the mansion to hunt the boar.
When they find the boar, Raina uses this opportunity to lash out her pent up feeling of being stuck in the mansion these couple of week.
She hunted the boar's children and its kin and rewarded their furs and meat to her retinue.
By the time they killed the gigantic beast the boar was shot by almost three hundred magical arrows courtesy of Raina.
Her retinues and knights all were in awe of her and praised as blessed by the Artemis herself.
Raina was not satisfied.
The war has raises her skill so much and her level also rise by leaps and bound. So it's understandable Raina wanted to try her skills.
So after they killed the boar her personal guard then proceeds to accompany Raina as she hunt for every monster that is in the forest.
By the evening, the personal guard instead of being a guard becomes Raina gopher carrying her loot.
She herself acted like the Goddess of Hunt with hunting dogs behind her as she rides her horse and was proficient in the use of bows and arrows
Finally in the evening after almost half of the beast on the forest nearby her mansion she was finally satisfied.
And then with the joy of hunting she returns to the mansion to feast with the people of her estate.
She likes feasting as much as she likes her hunting, boisterous and noisy. She would open up her wine cellar and give away the meat she hunted
She likes it very much that Dan had to advise her couple of weeks ago to cut down the festivities or she would make her estate coffers to run empty.

But at least her people were happy. Even the productivity in her estate increases sharply. Her estate farmers also become hardworking as they do not have to worry about being starved.
At times like these she remembers Aero
Actually Raina tries to contact Aero after the ceremony after hearing that Aero still did not reached Asgaro Kingdom but she got a weird message.
It said
Your message cannot be sent because the recipient is in a different dimension
At first, Raina though it was a prank but after countless of times trying Raina believe that Aero is in the middle of quest.
What shocked her was the fact that the message seems to indicate that he is in a different dimension. What dimension?
He always had the craziest adventure when he is alone Raina thought to herself.
To be honest Raina was not too close with Aero. Dan and Amy are closer with Aero than she ever was. But that doesn't mean he doesn't acknowledge Aero effort.
After all without Aero, she, Amy and Dan wouldn't live the high life right now. She is now a Countess, respected and loved, and feared through the Kingdom.
She did not even have to worry about minor matters like food or other things simply because there are so many nobles trying to curry favor with her.
And if she ever hand a difficult quest, she could call up her retinue to help her with the task
The Kingdom army will protect her if she ever request help or protection
Her position with the nobility also helps her in receiving great quest and the rewards are also great.
She can buy things in bulk from the merchant. She even gets discounts up to 50% from the merchants.
Then she just sells it back to the players while jacking up the price. But to the adventurer who views gold and silvers like dirt, Sofia is making a killing.
Only in her position she knows how much the NPCs have ben jacking up the price.
What is worse, the merchant players never revealed this practice. And when Sofia found it out she also was disinclined to reveal it.
Weapons are also sometimes just given to her instead needing to buy it. The Kingdom citizen also seems tries to help her.
She even has a small private army gifted by the King to protect her.
Not that she need any protection. The others that follow Aero in that war are also well. Dan is a Marquis in Zantleaf.
With Lord Bradheim and Gruk almost finishing up the expedition in Vetten, Dan estate will be peaceful and the income from his estate can be collected.
And it will be a lot. After all Zantleaf is not a small holding. It is even larger than her estate. Amy on the other hand is in the palace serving as the Royal Physician and learning many medical techniques.
Raina also heard the money she gets from that job is a lot. After all she deals with the nobility in the palace and royalty. And no one dares treat her badly considering she lead the army unit in the war.
Dan, Amy and she herself wanted to find Aero after getting that notification. They all agreed that Aero is right now stuck at some place that makes him unable to contact them.
Amy suggests that Aero might be facing some problems. Amy said Aero is the kind of guy that could not face a threat directly so she wants to help him.
Though Raina thinks it was because of something else. She is dense, but she is not stupid. There is something between Amy and Aero
But even though Raina and Dan sent spies and Scouts around Asgaro and the kingdoms around them they couldn't find him.
Finally they decided just to wait. Dan on the other hand because of the King had to go to Duvar accompanying the Second Prince to ask marriage for a princess in Duvar.
The Second Prince of Vanheim did follow Aero when they were in exile but even Aero did not see him that much. Especially since he was so preoccupied on orchestrating behind the scene during that time.
Dan however did speak with the Second Prince sometimes during that self-exile of King George. Maybe, that is the reasons why King George trusted Dan to escort his second son to Duvar.
Raina drink another large beer glass and then she look at the moon above. She smiles and then said to the wind.
'Come on, hurry back. Let's raise hell again Aero' Raina thought while grinning.
I cut the chapter into two. The other part is a little bit shorter because it is cut from this chapter. If I did not cut it I think it would exceed ten ss. Anyway, the second part will be posted a few minutes later
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