Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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HP 12000/13100

Then when he just blinked his eyes, his health point changed.

HP 10000/13100

HP 9000/13100

For every second his health is decreasing. The pain was still minimal at this time.

HP 6000/13100

'Wait a minute! It looks like I'm about to die for real now. Maybe this doesn't work for adventurers.' Aero suddenly thought as fear grips his heart.
He didn't want to fail the quest that he had worked hard on for weeks.
After all it is said it works for mortal. He's not. He was an adventurer. He is not exactly the same as mortals.
Worry gripped Aero heart. Nothing has ever gone his way since he falls here.

HP 1000/13100

HP 500/13100

Just 500 health points left. Then nearing the end, he thought he was going to die, so he close his eyes.
But nothing happened.

HP 1/13100

And there it stopped. Aero believes it stopped because Thetis is holding his ankle. The only part not dipped in the Styx.
'Huu…I dodged a bullet. If I went here with Deria and hurled myself here, I would die a wasteful death.' He mused
Aero thought it's done. But he was wrong. Then he felt it. An indescribable pain.
He open his mouth trying to scream but the water river went into his throat and he felt like acid was poured into his lung.
It felt like everything was burning inside of him. Blood spurted from his nose by a bucket load.
He felt his intestines is being burned and cooked
Then from his eyes he could see it.
His flesh was melting right in front of his eyes as the water corroded his outer layer of skin. Anyone seen the last scene of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of Lost Ark?
Yeah, exactly like that.
It was the most disgusting thing he has ever seen. The pain was like someone takes his skin and ripped it from his bodies, slowly while savoring the seconds that passes by.
He know that his blood is filling the river now but he can't see anything but the darkness of the black water.
He didn't see red. He sees black. And maybe even the red blood of his melted flesh also melted with the black water of the river
Then after the flesh was melted completely from his bodies, he could see all his nerve like the anatomy model in his science lab during high school.
Then a surge of pain like never before felt hit him. The pain felt like thousands of knife stabbing his nerve, slicing his strength.
And he screamed again. And pain hit him again. Then he screams. Then pain hit him. Again and again it comes and goes.
The cycle repeats and it felt like an eternity.
Truly the water was like acid, melting him off, washing him with pain that did not allowed him to pass out. He looked at his health point.

HP 1/13100

Still the same.
He began regret taking this curse. It is really painful. He endured even until he was left to bones.
Then like the end of a torture finally his suffering ended. Thetis held him up from the river, black water slid down from his naked body.

Quickly his nerves reform, the flesh regenerates itself and his body is filling with an almost ungodly strength that seems to even be able to contend with the Gods.
"Huh…Huh." Aero was panting because of the sudden strength gain and because he could feel his heart beating with the strength of a war drum.
He felt like his heart will burst out from his chest judging by the intensity.
'Of all the thing I don't want to repeat that would be at the top of my list' He thought to himself.
Then notification windows started popping.
You have taken the Curse of the Styx.
You can only be hurt by divine weapon.
You are immune to every kind of poison.
You have become invulnerable
Only a part of you is vulnerable
Dark resistance increased
Fire resistance increased
Water resistance increased
Then Aero opened status window.

PROFESSION Grand Strategist
AFFLICTION Curse of the Styx
FAME 4050
MANA 1310+200
STRENGTH 9000+ 50
AGILITY 1000+100
STAMINA 1000+40
WISDOM 475+80
LUCK 159
CHARISMA 190+110
ATTACK 99999 (MAX)
DARK 50%
FIRE 100%
+ All stats are added 20 points in battle
+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.
+ Enables equipped items for the secret class
+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique
+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.
+ Affinity with scholars increased.
+ Affinity with wise men increased
+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.
+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Ying Yang Sword Techniques based on level of INT
+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.
+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.
+ Can talk to spirit and understand divine meaning
+ High leadership enables your troops to enjoyed 10 points of stats increase in strength
+ High leadership enables you to raise your troops marching speed by 20%
+ High Charisma enables you to establish rapport with townspeople quickly
+ High charisma enables you gain secret information ( Orders Of Letters unlocked[Click to get more info])
+ High wisdom enables you to join Celestials Scholars [Click to get more info]
+ High intellect enables you to join Council Of Athena [Click to get more info]
+ You have unlocked Baron status
+ You have unlocked Lord status.
+ Intellect is added extra 100 points
+ 80 points added to Wisdom.
+ 10 points added to CHM
+ Strength is added 150 points because of the title effect
+ Charisma is added 100 points because of the title effect
+ Leadership is added 50 because of the title effect
+ Attack and defense is added 40 points because of the title effect
+ Because you were blessed by Athena all your stats increase by 40 points
+ Curse of the Styx inflicted upon you.
+ Bonuses for Health, Endurance, Attack and Defense are void.

'Woah. That's the only things I could say. The pain was worth it even though I was still panting.'
That was what Aero was thinking as he looks at his status window
Then he checked something
A curse that is given for dipping in the River Styx to gain invulnerability. Can only be hurt by divine weapons or hitting the mortal part that is vulnerable. However once you died with the curse, the curse will disappear and you can never have it again.
He also learns a new skill.
Iron Body [1] Beginner
Enable you to harden your body like iron. Swords would be broken if it hit you. New abilities may be unlocked.
Mana Consumption: None. Special ability for receiving the Curse.
Then just to try it Aero tries to touch his ankle part. The moment he touch it the pain when he dipped in the River flashed inside his mind.
It was like all the pain was combined for that one moment. Even though he just touched it his health dropped rapidly.



Quickly he removed his finger from the spot. Deria was perplexed. Thetis on the other hand understands. She looked at Aero with sad eyes.
Aero could only bitterly smiles. Then Thetis spoke.
"Now that you have taken the curse, I will return to the sea to meet my Nereid. Pray to me son for I will always be watching. Your fate is now in the hand of the Gods. That's the price for the curse"
She said while still looking at Aero with those sorrowful eyes. She knows that he can't leave with her.
After all Aero still had to finish the quest. Aero could feel when someone is sincere to him so he replies sincerely
"I will mother. And call me, if you ever need help"
She nodded. And then she kissed him on the forehead and turned into a bubble and disappears.
Both Aero and Deria look on as Thetis completely disappears. Then Deria quickly handed Aero something. It looked like an eye patch.
"This is to shield any attack to your ankle. It's made from iron. So it's very durable." He simply said. Taking the gifts, Aero look at Deria and smiles.
Aero felt a little bit touched
So this is what he's been working on last night. No wonder he heard the sound of clanking iron yesterday. So Aero took it and use it to place it to his ankle.
Aero then put his hand on his Deria shoulder and nodded. Deria nodded too and then they laughed.
Then suddenly this bromance moment is break by a shrilling heard scream. The tone was like an angry man yelling.
In the distance Aero could see who it is and there is a smirk on his face
Creon is running towards them with anger etched on his expression.
'Oh, he finally reformed. This is a good chance to test this new ability' Aero muttered. Deria was about to engage him but Aero hold him back and said
"Move. I'll end him" Aero said grinning.
Deria just listen and move away. He also seems excited to see what had changed after dipping in the River Styx.
Then with a scream he charged.
Second part of the chapter. There will probably a new chapter tomorrow if nothing unexpected happens
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