Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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His feet is fast and light as he is about to meet her.
He entered the cave with a light hearted heart. And then he saw her from the distance and the edge of his mouth unconsciously rises up a bit.
When Aero returned to the cave, Thetis was waiting for him, walking towards him with unstable movement. Deria quickly rushed forward as he is holding her body from falling.
It seems the sea goddess is weak after her long imprisonment. Aero quickly wipe out any traces of disrespect
Then Aero quickly kneel in front of her.
"I am honored to meet you silver footed Thetis"
Aero already search the background information about Thetis. So he also knows her nickname
Thetis look at him with a piercing gaze and then she asked, her voice is like a heavenly melody
"Are you the mortal who rescued me from this infernal prison?" Aero nodded and reply
"Yes, silver footed Thetis. But we must hurry for Creon will return and with him his wrath" Thetis nodded
"Yes, that uncultivated brute is a face I would not like to see. We have seen enough of each other after all these years" She said her tone was filled with scorn
In the Underworld, nothing is truly dead.
So quickly they walk farther away from the prison and almost running if not for the still weakened Thetis.
Aero guard the rear looking vigilantly.
Their destination: Deria hut. Other than some curios soul that tries to approach them, Creon it seems is still not yet resurrected
Then finally after a few hours, a few detour on the way here and there they finally arrived at Deria hut.
The Goddess also seems to finally regain her composure and strength.
Then in the hut, Deria kneels to Thetis and offer her respect. Then he straight up ask
"I have a favor to ask of you for my dear companion, Aero" said the kneeling Deria. Thetis nodded and close her eyes before opening it back and then she said
"Ask and you shall receive, for that is the least I could do as my gratitude for breaking me out of that prison."
So Deria begins explaining that Aero wanted to dip himself in the River Styx for gaining invulnerability.
Thetis frowned for a while and then answer
"I can do that. But I promised Themis that such thing can only be done to my son. I have researched countless ways of making mortals immortal. I dipped babies in fire at night and in the morning I rub ambrosia in their bodies so they would heal. It boosted their endurance and strength. But the Gods prevented me from doing that again for they say it was cruel" Thetis recounts the story
Whoa, that is hardcore. Aero thought to himself. But he did not voice it out of course.
But then Aero recognize that the opportunity he fought for might not even be for him. But he did not despair immediately.
She would only do it for her son?
Aero was thinking then he said. This is a last desperate attempt.
"Make me your son, sea-Goddess Thetis. Let me share your bitterness. I will be your sword that slays your enemy, the shield that protects you from harm and ease your worries and console your sorrow"

Aero said sincerely as he kneels once again, his face shows only reverence and his spirit seems to embodied loyalty and devotion.
'I had no choice. If she wants a son, I'll give her a son.' Aero thought to himself.
The sea Goddess was shocked. But then she said
"Do you promise me that?" she said staring intently at Aero face.
Aero nodded. Aero felt pity actually towards Thetis, imprisoned by Hera. Not to mention Hera was the one who actually raise her when Thetis was a child.
Of course he heard this story from Creon. So, he make a promise to himself he will honour his promise to the best of his abilities.
Seeing Aero determined expression, the sea goddess nodded.
"I will believe you mortal. But I must warn you, if you succeed in this endeavor your fate will be tied more closely with the Gods and that is not always a good thing" she warns
Up in the Heavens, the Three Fates yarns the thread of fates.
They paused for a while as the Three Sister eyes glow with golden colors before the light disappeared from their eyes.
Then they resumed their works.
In The Underworld, Aero responded.
"I understand" Aero nodded
"So which part you want it to be?" Thetis asked while scanning Aero bodies
"What part" Aero said puzzled.
"The part that I need to held. The part that needs to be protected. The only mortal part that you will have for everything else mortal about you will melt away." She said, apparently thinking Aero and Deria understand what she is talking about.
Aero and Deria does not understand. Thetis shakes her head with a bitter smile on her face. It seems both of this children does not understand.
So Thetis began explaining.
"You could not be truly immortal. That can only be granted by all the Gods together. For if I burn everything mortal of you, you will not become an adventurer anymore. This one part will be the only way for people to kill you. There must be a balance and there is always a fine line between mortal and immortal. This one part of you will contain all of your mortality that even a graze could kill you. Now do you still want it?" ask Thetis sighing
Aero nodded. He was determined. After all death is not too much of a problem for him. He will worry about it later.
First, he had to have the ability to solve this quest first. He don't want to be trapped here in the Underworld forever trying to solve this quest
Sadly Thetis said "Which part then?"
Aero was thinking. If he chooses head, then people could shoot arrows at his head. It is an easy target for high level archer.
And it's not he could wears iron helmet all the time. Thinking of it, in the war with Vetten he narrowly misses a few of arrow attack on his head.
It is the most targeted point for someone that wanted to assassinate him
Then he was thinking behind his back.
But everyone strike in the back.
He remembers the war.
How many times enemy combatants tries to attack his back.
And he was slashed many times at the back during the war but because it's not such a weak spot, he would always heal quickly. Not to mention, he also attack people in the back.
It is his most favorite way of attacking people. Because it gives double damage
But Thetis said even a graze could kill him.
Then wouldn't being slashed in the back spell infinite pain for him? Humph, he never thought he would choose that part thought Aero noticing the irony.
"The ankle. I choose the ankle"
"Ankle it is!" Thetis declared.
After deciding on that they moved again to River Styx.
Now with a Sea Goddess helping them rejuvenated after her rest, they didn't even need to move.
She holds them and then she moved in an incredible speed and before they know it they are in front of the River.
Aero looked at the river from a distance. It was black; the water of the river and Aero could swear he could see faces in the water.
'Fuck, this is one creepy ass looking river' Aero thought to himself. Though he did not show his fear to Deria and Thetis.
Thetis looked at the river and asked
"Are you sure about this? There is no turning back after this" Thetis once again asked.
"Yes, I'm sure" Aero nodded
"Fine, come here my son….' She paused before she declare
'Take the curse of the Styx" said Thetis sadly.
So Aero come closer while looking at the River. The closer he came the more he could see, the more he could feel.
His heart is filled with dread suddenly. He didn't notice it before but when he truly look at the river he realized it is truly black….and it was like the River is looking back at him
He know it was black water. He see it from the distance. But seeing it this close he felt like he would get sucked into that darkness.
The developer really put a lot of work in this. He mused
"Don't worry. That feeling will pass" Thetis assured him noticing Aero was looking at the River.
"Alright, I'm ready Mother"
She looked flustered hearing me called her mother. And then she smiles a calm smile.
"Yes, son. Be ready. This will hurt you terribly" Aero undresses and appear before Thetis naked.
Thankfully there is no one else in this area or Aero would feel embarrassed. Since he turn off parental control, well, everything about him is uncensored.
But Thetis clearly did not stir. Not that Aero was hoping for that. It is just he is quite shy of showing his body to other people.
Especially to some Demigod and a sea Goddess that both looked like some kind of top rated actress in a box office movie and a young man that look like a fricking top model of the world
Not knowing what Aero is thinking Thetis took him by his feet and held him high from his ankle and dipped him in the River water.
Aero hope that it's just a rumor about the pain but the moment he was dipped into the water Aero knows that the rumor is not a rumor at all.
The moment he was dipped his health decreases almost immediately.
Part one of the chapter. the second part will come in a few minutes. Anyway, Aero has taken the curse of the Styx and as such a new destiny awaits him on this game.
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