Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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That day, the clouds were full of thunders and lightning and the Oracles in the Temples seems to be in fear as they burn suffering to Olympus so that the Gods would calm their anger
Something seems to brewing in Olympus.
Two divine lights ascended to Olympus that day and then thunder and lightning follow and the sound of a peacock seems to echoes in all of the Oracles ears.
Queen of Olympus seems to be angered. And the Gods and Goddesses also seem to be watching this spectacle with interest.
Zeus brought back two of his children to Olympus and this does not elicit the pleasure of many Goddess especially that One
To the One seated on the golden throne the daughter of Rhea, the immortal queen, the one and only bride of the loud thundering Zeus.
Hera was not pleased. That is Queen-speak meaning she was full of wrath and anger.
The Gods come to Zeus abode of thunder and lightning and demand an explanation. Thus, the lightning bolt bearer, Zeus spoke.
"We are a family, and family stays together" Zeus said convincing the other Gods. But not Hera.
The Gods then asked themselves. Why was this two children was special than the other countless of mortal that Zeus have slept with?
Why were these children given the honour to rise to Olympus? Because these are the children of Leto.
The story goes that when Hera found out Leto was pregnant with Zeus child, just after her wedding with Zeus finished, she was furious and jealous for even she is still not with child.
Her anger reaches the heavens and earth. The sky shakes and the world experiences typhoons and calamity.
People divorced and household all over the Brave World are all filled with strife's as the secrets every family kept were revealed by the hands of fate.
Mostly these affect the NPCs at the beginning. But the longer it went it even affects the player. Because of Hera anger, favorability rating of NPCS were hard to increase.
Hera is after all the Goddess of Marriage. She kept the bond of marriage strong and stable. She kept relationship and guided it to its completion.
The people who pray to the Gods even held her more in esteem than they do for the Goddess of Love.
After all, it is easy to fall in love; but it is harder to make it stay.
Maiden who have confesses their love; will no longer pray to Aphrodite for they will pray to Hera for their relationship to keep strong, for their love to not betray them and to not cheat on them.
When the Queen of Olympus Hera is uneasy, then the world is uneasy.
Leto affair with Zeus was before Hera marriage with the Lord of the Sky. Still, Hera felt cheated.
So, Hera in her jealousy pursued Leto from land to land and from isle to isle, across hills and mountains and endeavored to prevent her finding a resting-place where to give birth.
There is even a dragon called Phyton who chases Leto during her wandering, on Hera orders.
Hera even kidnapped Eileithyia the goddess of childbirth to prevent Leto from going into labor.

If not for the other Gods interference and tricks, Eileithyia would forever be imprisoned in one of her many numerous palaces
Many minor Gods were also given warning by Hera not to shelter Leto. And when the Queen of Olympus gives you an order in wrath, you will never dare to disobey it
Zeus of course knows about it. But Zeus could not let his children not being born. After all, it is still his children
So, he has a plan.
In her wanderings, it seems like there is nowhere on Heaven and Earth that will shelter her, Leto have almost given up.
At last, however, Leto arrived in an island constructed by Zeus, guarded by Themis foreseeing this event, where she was kindly received by the nymphs and naiads and all creature on the island, and after nine days of hard labor, she gave birth to twins.
The nymphs Korythalia and Aletheia nursed one of the twins.
This island had been unsteady and floating on the sea. Hearing that Leto is about to give birth, the other major Gods come to the island.
Hades and the other Gods were all there assisting Leto with the birth. Except Hera of course. Hades was honored by Zeus to name the child.
So, Hades named both of them respectively as Apollo and Artemis.
"Apollo means to destroy" said Hades
"To destroy and ward of evil" Hades continue saying after the Gods were looking at him weirdly.
Hades also said
"This child is born of light" he said while holding Artemis in his embrace. His eyes shines dangerously black when he is looking at Artemis.
Apollo was born under an olive tree at the foot of Mount Delos Mountain.
The island of Delos, which previous to this event had been unsteady and floating on the sea, now became stationary, and was fastened to the roots of the earth.
Of course this event was seen by the NPCs and adventurers alike. But all they see was a moving island suddenly stops.
The island stops near Veva Kingdom.
On the island, the Gods were all in joy. Aphrodite recite a poem.
Leto bore Apollo and Artemis, delighting in arrows,
Both of lovely shape like none of the heavenly gods,
As she joined in love to the Aegis- bearing ruler.
Zeus on the other hand is so happy to embrace his handsome son.
Apollo appearance bore resemblance to Zeus when he is young.
His forehead is higher than any other Gods, and on it there is a pair of locks, while the rest of his hair flows freely down on his neck.
The limbs are harmonious, the muscles are not worked out too strongly, and at the hips the figure is rather thin in proportion to the breast.
Considering its close proximity with Veva, the Oracle already is getting dreams from the Gods notifying them of this event and to construct a temple to honour this occasion.
So the Oracle constructed a temple in the island dedicated to Leto, Apollo and Artemis. But none happier than Themis.
Themis was the prophetic Goddess that was there in her role as the prophetic goddess of the oracle, which Apollo was destined to receive.
So Themis fed the child ambrosia and nectar and no sooner had Apollo tasted the divine food, he sprang up and demanded a lyre and a bow, and declared, that henceforth he would declare to men the will of Zeus.
Hephaestus then gifted the boy with bow and arrows. Delos exulted with joy, and covered herself with golden flowers, that if eaten will give strength and stamina.
The swans circled Delos seven time and the nymphs sang in delight
The Vevaian King Zeus also got the same order from Zeus. He became Zeus stepson after the Lord of the Sky was in awe of his fighting prowess.
So, he spares no resources for the construction of the temple.
"He will be my listener" Zeus declared while seeing Apollo.
The Oracle prostates before the young God as from now on Apollo will send prophetic dreams to them
Then when Zeus insist on bringing him to Olympus, Hades wisely point out
"You should give him a task to complete or Hera will have reason to discredit these children"
So, Zeus ordered Artemis and Apollo to go to the Gods old abode, Terra De Deorum to tend the swift steed of the Gods.
After finishing that task, finally Zeus could brought them to Olympus.
Hera was sulking.
Of course Zeus tries to console Hera but Hera didn't want to listen to none of it. Still the child plays on Olympus and Hera desire to bear a child for Zeus grew bigger.
Hera trashed Artemis to the ground and Artemis weep on the laps of the thunder bearing Zeus.
Zeus brought her up to his knees and Artemis asked him to grant her wishes.
She wish to always remains a virgin, to have many names to set her apart from her bother Phoebus Apollo, to have a bow and arrow made by the ancient Cyclops, to be the Light Bringer and to have a knee length tunic so that she could hunt dark creatures that escaped the Darkness.
When asked is it enough she asked back to her father?
'Can you fulfill it?' Zeus laughed and he nodded
'Ask more' he said amused with the bravery of this daughter of his.
So Artemis then said that she wanted sixty daughters of Oceanus, all nine years of age to be her attendants, and to have to rule all mountains and any city and to have the ability to help women in the pains of childbirth.
Zeus gives her a quest and if she succeeded, her wish would be granted. Artemis then descended to Brave World and began completing quest.
Hera seeing this only increases her anger
She wanted a son more beautiful than Apollo for Apollo was beautiful and he has this youthful exuberance that even Hera envy.
So, she tries to hide her resentment toward the child and softened her position on the twins.
For after all, she is the Goddess of family and sometimes you sacrifice for family.
'I will bore Zeus a child more beautiful and more useful than Apollo' she thought to herself
So, Hera went to the Three Fates to ask for her fates.
They were probably the ugliest women one could encounter but no one ever dares point it out.
Severe, inflexible and stern. That's their personality. So when Hera arrive at the Three Fates Temple she was very respectful.
Hera asks them for a prophecy of her child.
But the answer was not to Hera liking. The Three Fates decreed with their creepy low toned voice
"Beware, blessed Goddess for your son will incite the greatest war among mortals. Your son will be the personification of bold force and strength. He will bring tumultuous time, confusion, and horrors. He delights in the din and roar of battles, in the slaughter of men, and the destruction of towns and Kingdoms."
Speak the Three Fates with unison.
Hearing this Hera was enraged.
"YOU DARE!" Hera screamed trying to send an energy force to shot the Three Fates.
The Fates just swish their hand lazily and the energy dissipated.
Then they speak with such eerie voice that it is impossible to know who utter the words for the Fates speak in unison.
The voice reverberated through all the Heavens and all the Gods hear it. Even Hades in the Underworld and Poseidon in his Sea Palace could hear it.
The Sea Palace pillars shakes as the waves grew tumultuous.
The Underworld fires burns brightly and hotter than before as the scream of tortured souls become more intense.
In the hut of the Three Fates, three of them pointed their fingers at Hera
"NO! It is you that dare to raise your hands against us! And you will pay the Price!' Said the Three Fates and they began twisting their hands like they are grasping something invisible.
Hera felt a tugging sensation in her gut.
It was a pain like no other. So painful it was that Hera collapsed to the floor, the Heavens turns dark and the world is rumbling, devilish wind swept the world and calamity descends in many places of Brae World
Then with a swish of Clotho hand, Hera was thrown to Mount Olympus hitting the gigantic entrance archway.
Even though, Hera has heard the prophecy, Hera insisted she can turn this around.
So her desire grew.
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