Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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In the hut, Deria was waiting for Aero with a sour expression on his face.
"What were you thinking?" Deria tries to interrogate Aero
"What?" said Aero
"Why did you befriend him?"
"Why not?" Aero reply looking amused with Deria apprehension.
He only waves his hand and takes a seat in the table and drinks a few water from the surface that Athena had bestowed
Aero realizes something after watching Creon this few weeks. Creon was lonely. That is why he tries to alleviate his loneliness by challenging any souls that stray to the prison.
Any person desires love, affection and attention. Aero gives Creon what he wants most in this gloomy place.
A person he can call friend.
It is clear to Aero of Creon desire by how Creon unloads and tells him all his problems and complaints towards the gods to him.
Creon probably felt bored in this hellhole after all this time. And after listening that he has been on the job for one thousand years, one could understand.
Though before Thetis, there was a different Goddess that was entrapped there. Aero could understand Deria worries but Aero has already had a plan.
Then after checking his supplies he went to sleep.
He began sleeping in the VR now. This was because he has just updated his VR capsule after he got the payment from the station.
The new update allows him to sleep in the VR like he slept in the real world.
Of course this announcement also stirs the medical community to begin intensively researching the VR technology for medical benefit.
So now, he doesn't even have to log out to sleep.
He just sleeps in the VR for a few minutes and when he logged out he becomes refreshed like has slept for eight hours.
No wonder people called the current CEO of Vega Corp Takenaka Takeshi and Matsuo Sugihara a genius.
In the net, there were many people posed a question. If they had children, their children must also been a genius.
It is just the rumor mill of the internet. Aero only think about this for a brief moment before he went back to sleep.
The next day, Aero and Creon began to swim together. Of course, Aero said to Deria do not try to infiltrate the prison.
Aero said he will handle that.
Deria was tasked to level up.
That's not hard since everyday a mob of warrior was cursed to fight Deria. So the days went by. But leveling up for Deria is hard. Because killing the thing that is already dead only raise a pitifully meager EXP points.
And the dead here doesn't refer to the undead.
Killing undead raise a great EXP points. Of course that depends on many other factors but the thing that Deria fight in the Underworld could not be considered undead.
They are after souls.
And you don't see that many souls roaming around on the surface. Undead is the forced summoning of souls into a body.
And killing an undead released back that souls to Lord Hades thus the reason why killing an undead usually net a high EXP points compared to fighting souls in the Underworld.

But it is still better than nothing
Since then every day without fail, Aero and Creon will go swimming with each other and share stories with each other.
Every day they raced each other of who is the fastest to reach the shore. Because of Aero high agility, it is easy for Aero to win.
But Creon was a good sport.
He always accepts his loss with grace. At night they share food and meat, talking about many stories of the past while Aero just listens.
Swimming with Creon has become a daily routine.
They have become such good friend that the swordsman trusts him implicitly in the weeks that followed. It helps when there is no one else in the Underworld that the swordsman could talk to.
The time for Aero plan is approaching.
That night after he finished swimming with Creon, Aero came to Deria and finally ready to enact his plan.
"I need the sword"
Startled Deria took a little time before he realizes what Aero is talking about. Then he asked
"Now?" Aero shakes his head and said
"No, tomorrow. Oh, and can you also make me a travel kit pouch"
"Yes, I can do that." Deria nodded
"Good. Do that then" Aero ordered
Then without another word Aero went to bed and sleep. Deria was left in the hut perplexed.
That day, everything seems good. Even though it is always sunless in the Underworld, Aero has been smiling since he opens his eyes.
This is a good day' he said the moment he awaken from his sleep.
He got up from his bed and took all that he needed and then he walks to the prison entrance and from afar he could see Creon. He only smiles and then he greeted Creon.
In his heart, he seems to be singing of how today is a good day.
"Creon, let's race again."
"Fine. Let's go." Creon said without hesitation. Creon seems to think Aero as his friend already.
Aero today come with a travel pouch.
"What's that?" Creon asked curious about what is in the bag.
"Supplies. I got this stealing it from Elysian Field."
Creon was shocked. Then he look left and right and even look up in the dark sky above his head.
"Don't say that loudly. Hades could hear you"
"Don't worry. He wouldn't know" Aero smile
"You're a crazy guy Aero" Creon grinned
"Let's go"
So they walk to the river. When they arrive on the river, Creon like usual removes his armor and put down his sword in the shore. Then they began to race.
Usually Aero was fast but today, it seems Aero has slowed.
Overjoyed Creon sped up his swimming believing he can win this time. Aero after seeing that Creon was out of sight, swam back to the shore quickly.
From the pouch he brought out the wooden sword Deria made for him. He replaced the swordsman sword in the scabbard with his wooden sword.
'Perfectly fit' and he grins. Aero had measure the sword before and now that it fits the scabbard nicely, he unconsciously grins.
Aero believes that if the swordsman tries to pull the sword it will wedge in the scabbard. It is perfect and all that Aero wanted.
No wonder Aero thinks to himself, Deria is after all the son of the God of Smithing and Craft. Then Deria appeared from the big tree near the river.
"Here, take this to free Thetis" Aero hand the real sword to Deria.
Deria nodded and without a word quickly run back to the direction of the prison. Aero actually had a reason he need the sword.
The key of the prison is the swordsman sword. That is what he found out when the swordsman was drunk and began babbling and boasting about his sword.
Then Aero swam back trying to catch up to Creon. But the gap was too big. But it doesn't matter now.
The swimming race is just for this moment. Returning to the shore Creon was overjoyed to finally win against Aero.
"You're good today" Aero compliment Creon but there is a hint of something evil in his eyes that is not noticed by Creon who is still happy after winning
Creon was just laughing with joy. Then they began dressed themselves. After that suddenly, Aero said
"Honestly, I have something to say" Aero expression became serious.
Then Aero reveal his true purpose, the smile on his face becomes wider and wider. Color drained out of the swordsman face. Feeling betrayed, Creon quickly went for his sword.
He tried to unsheathe his weapon but the weapon is wedged inside.
"WHAT IS THIS?" Creon yell
He tries to take out his sword but it didn't budge. Aero taking the advantage of Creon confusion quickly shot Sacred Sword to Creon fingers.
An invisible energy flew through the air and slice off Creon fingers
"Arghhh!!" Creon screamed.
Creon pinky finger flew off. Realizing his sword could not be taken out; Creon tries to strike Aero with the scabbard.
Aero seeing this attack smiles as he quickly sidestepped and punches Creon in the face. Aero quickly activate Taunt and Killing Intent.
Creon movement becomes slower. Then Aero shot Sacred Sword finger targeting Creon eyes.
Creon quickly dodges and the invisible force instead of taking his eyes it slices off Creon right ear. Blood spluttered from Creon ears.
Still, Creon was stoic.
"HOW COULD YOU!" he screams with anguish. His words were filled with rage.
He then charges toward Aero.
Aero on the other hand is clam, his white robe flaps wildly because of the wind and his movement but his face is calm like everything is under his calculations.
'That is a rash move' Aero muttered under his breath. Creon arrives in front of him but Aero was not flustered.
Aero push the ground beneath his feet as he use that force to jump behind Creon and strike Creon at his neck.
But Creon is not the prison warden for the Gods for nothing. Anticipating this attack he parry it with the scabbard as the force created a small ripples of shockwave and Aero was forced backward.
Grinning, Aero using his finger target Creon knee. A pop sound could be heard. A hole flowing with blood is now in Creon right knee and smoke rises up from that hole.
Creon knees falls to the ground, kneeling and screaming because of the pain.
Aero smirk
Using this perfect timing, he concentrated the force of Sacred Skill to three fingers and shot out three invisible forces at three different targets.
Then a hole is formed in what used to be Creon pair of eyes and in his nose. It was a terrifying sight.
Creon has lost both of his eyes and nose leaving a hole but still he doesn't give up. The expression that is in Creon face was pure defiance.
Creon knees is already busted. Knowing that Creon could hardly move, Aero took this chance to end Creon suffering.
But with one leg, Creon jumped out of the way dodging Aero sacred sword skill that is targeted at his head.
Aero clicked his tongue and look at Creon in frustration
"Let's do this the easy way!" Aero grumbled.
Even though Creon is blind now he is still formidable.
Calming himself, Creon tries to predict Aero movement by listening to the sound. Then Creon began attacking Aero.
Aero not expecting such resistance flinched.
But still the advantage lies with Aero. But Aero was also amazed by Creon tenacity and swordsmanship.
'Even after all the injury he still could fight and strikes me' he thought to himself
Many moves were employed by these two people battling at the shore of River Elenthesia.
Aero shoots Sacred Sword skill finger while Creon skillfully evade the force by listening.
But with one knee busted and he is losing a lot of blood, soon enough his movement become slow and Aero sensing it use the chance perfectly.
This time Aero realizes he needs to incapacitate him before trying to kill him.
He shot at Creon other knee.
Then he shot another one at his throat.
Using the Sacred Sword Skill Finger he accumulate the energy to all of his ten fingers and cut off every finger that Creon had without mercy.
Creon scream of agony is like a shriek after Creon throat were pierced with Sacred Sword skill.
Then lying on the shore with blood flowing from each hole that is pierced with Aero technique, Aero stepped calmly and slowly to Creon and end his life.
He did not drag it out or explain what he is doing to Creon. He is not some big bad boos who explains his schemes and plots to someone especially when there is no one watching.
Theatrics only works when people are watching.
'Ok, that's done' Aero said to himself
At least, for this one hour he needs to quickly get Thetis out of the prison. He didn't seem to view Creon friendship as something important.
After all he knew Creon is not really a good soul. Creon told him many stories and some of them are his stories of when he is alive.
He is not exactly what you would call a nice person.
Then looking at the corpse, Aero started walking away, smiling like he did when he first woke up
'Today is a good day' he said as he walks to the prison.
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