Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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His footsteps halted as he looks solemn and serious. His white robe looks conspicuous in all of this darkness.
Behind him is that unaffected young man. Aero ask
'Is it in there?' Deria behind him nodded
Aero sighed.
So, this is it' he said to no one in particular as he release a relived breath. They finally have reached the area of Thetis prison.
It was farther than expected. And it is not easy. It is prison alright. But if that is not enough the prison is meant to hold divine beings.
Thus the prison is actually referred to the large clearing ahead of a creepy looking eerie cave.
And like always, Aero walk inside the cave and walked again
After they reached the prison they had to walk about eight hours walk to reach the cave. Eight hours of walking in darkness and only being illuminated by some torches.
In that span of eight hours they take a rest a few times as Aero and Deria sometimes talk about things just to pass time.
When they gained their desire, they walked forward again.
Aero was tired because he not only walks a long path but also because the long path is not clear which make him sometime slip and almost falls a few times.
And then they reach the end of the cave. They hide behind a large boulder not far away from the prison.
Thetis was kept in the small cave behind the swordsman. A cave inside a cave. Like a Matryoshka dolls
Deria hide behind him, trying to remain as silent as possible.
Aero took the chance to take a sneak peek at the swordsman. He frowned almost immediately
Hairy chested and brawny the swordsman looked formidable and unmoved. There is the aura of a strong man around him
He looks confident and self-assured with manly features
'What should we do?' Deria asked
'You think I could defeat him?' Deria shake his head. Aero bitterly smiles. He trusted Deria. If Deria said he couldn't beat him that means he couldn't beat him.
'Then we have to learn about him' Deria just nodded. That day they retreated back to the clearing. The next day Aero comes once again to the cave.
This time he came without Deria. And then he observed. He did not only watch but observe the swordsman. He is trying to determine the swordsman personality, his quirks and behaviors.
Aero decide to study the swordsman first. And he came almost every day. He had even his own hiding spot pick out.
After he watched him these past few days he could guess his personality somewhat
This swordsman is a wild man, crude and unrefined. Short in his thinking and has bad temper that does not serve to be a good quirk to posses
Deria do not know how Aero can beat him after sometimes following Aero in his observation.
After all they do not only observe the man personality they also sees his swordsmanship.
A few days ago, a soul was lost wandering to the prison. Aero thought this was a good idea to see what the swordsman will do.
So, Deria and Aero did not warn the soul about the swordsman.

The soul enter the cave area and then after recognizing the swordsman the soul quickly tries to run only to be challenged.
The swordsman offer if the soul can beat him in a battle, he will let the soul go.
Sensing there is no other choice, the soul accepts. This is how they came to see the swordsman prowess in swordsmanship.
His swinging could not even be seen by the naked eyes and wind gales accompany his slash. His stance was firm and unyielding. His strike was strong and lethal.
The soul didn't even stand a chance.
After about another week scouting the swordsman, finally Aero decided to move. He had a plan in his mind. Of course, the hardest part is the beginning. However if he failed in his plan, there are of course other ways.
But he needs to try this trick first.
"It seems he is really lonely" Aero said while looking at the swordsman. Deria heard him and then he ask
"How will you defeat him, Aero?" Deria ask.
By now, he couldn't possibly think there is any way of defeating the swordsman by conventional way.
And Deria after these couple of weeks he also got to study this mortal named Aero.
Instead of a warrior like him, he likes to scheme and plots, his mind is sharp and his head is full of strange ideas.
Aero did not answer instead he said
"I need you to do something for me." Aero asked Deria a favor.
Deria nodded.
'Whatever you need' Aero smiles
"Make me a wooden sword. Can you do that?"
Deria nodded but he is puzzled with this strange request. It's not that hard to make a wooden sword.
He just has to go to his hut and saw off the big tree behind his hut. Though Deria wonders why Aero needed a wooden sword.
Then a notion flashed in his mind and his expression turns weird.
"Wait. Aero. You're not planning to defeat him with wooden sword right? Tell me that is not what you are thinking?"
Aero grinned and with that mischievous smile he reply
"In fact, I will. Though it might take some time"
Deria was open mouthed.
He could not believe what Aero just said. How could Aero defeats the swordsman with wooden sword is beyond him.
It is clear one slash and it could even cut open a huge boulder of stone. What could a wooden sword do to stand against such force?
So it is understandable that Deria face has an expression of dumbfounded person. But Aero only chuckles light heartedly
"Aww…Don't show face like that, Deria. Don't worry I can do it" Aero grinned as he pats Deria shoulder
Then he marches to the swordsman while Deria watch with amazement at Aero back. Then he ask.
'What is wrong with him? Is he brave or just fucking stupid?' Deria muttered to himself looking at the Aero back.
This is probably the most important moment in Aero quest to save Thetis. And as he walked to the swordsman, there would probably many ways to start the conversation.
He could say many thing and many words. Hell, he could even just scream and yelled like a madman.
Instead he goes with
"Hello, what are you doing there?" Aero greets the swordsman like he had come to the prison on the way to work or something.
Deria watching this form behind could feel cold chill is rising up from his feet to his head.
The swordsman was startled by the sudden greeting.
"Who goes there?"
The swordsman quickly unsheathes his sword and points it towards Aero. Aero held up his hand at the air. Then he spoke,
"I heard there is a mighty swordsman that lives here. The tales of your might was spoken in awe. So mighty was the swordsman people tell me that all who had gotten in his way was killed. Is that you?"
The swordsman was of course puzzled by this sudden appearance and this sudden compliment and was about to say something but how could Aero let this happen?
Then without waiting the swordsman to reply Aero continued
"Of course it is you. The chivalrous way you held yourself, the way you held your sword, the way your gaze looked at me with such zeal and determination. The aura coming out of your body makes it obvious to me that you are that rumored swordsman"
Not accustomed to being praised, the swordsman blushed a bit and unconsciously nodded
"Yes, I think…I guess I am." He said a little bit confident and with a smile of pride on his face.
Aero only smiles. He could not believe how stupid this swordsman is. Alas, a brute Aero thought to himself.
Then suddenly snapped back to work mode, the swordsman ask
"State your reason coming here!"
Aero were not flustered. Instead he held up his hand on the air and said
"Whoa, don't get so hostile. I heard from many souls that I passed here that you are a bold man who even guards the prison that places a sea goddess in it. Hearing this I could not help but admired such a hero. I just wish to come here to befriend you" Aero said sincerely while looking at the swordsman eyes.
"What?" hearing this statement and Aero reason the swordsman was confused. Coming to befriend him?
'Are you serious?" the swordsman ask
"Of course!" Aero replied enthusiastically
"Do you want me to teach you secret move or something like that?" The swordsman asked, looking curiously at him.
Aero laughed and shakes his head
"Hahaha... No, nothing like that. Your friendship is enough"
Aero held out his hand.
The swordsman hesitated but then he also holds out his hand and shakes Aero hand.
"I'm Aero"
"I'm Creon" the swordsman introduce himself.
Then Aero sit down on the nearby clearing and then as the swordsman keep guarding the prison, Aero asked him simple question.
At first the swordsman tries to ignore him but after a while Creon began talking about himself.
Aero then dig deep about Creon like how he was feeling, what is his opinion on certain things, never once touching upon the subject of the prisoner.
It looks like a normal conversation between friends
Aero also offers drinks and food. He talks to the swordsman sincerely and listen intently. Which makes Creon even more enthusiastic to talk about himself.
In Aero mind, the hardest part is over.
If Creon had slashed him into two from the beginning then he had to make other plans. He let Creon keep talking about himself.
"------ And you know, Hera never give me a raise or give me anything, now that I think about it. She always orders me do this, do that like it is expected of me. I don't feel appreciated at all."
Aero just listen to the tirade of complaints Creon said feigning the utmost interest.
"How long has it been?" Aero said sympathetically.
"Huh, I don't know. It's hard to determine time in the underworld."
But roughly after listening to Creon, Aero got to know that Creon has been long becomes a prison warden for the Gods.
Aero had a clue of how to do this. He only smiles when looking at Creon. It is a smile of a predator looking at its prey.
Then Aero rises up and said
"I guess I should go back by now. Tomorrow I'll come again. What about we swim tomorrow? There is a river in Asphodel that doesn't melt or kill you or makes you forget. I found it on my journey here." Aero invites Creon
"Ah, you mean Elenthesia River. Yes, I know of that river. Poseidon was boasting he could even raise water in the Underworld, so he stabs his trident in Asphodel and river flowed. But, even though the water was formed because of Poseidon, the water didn't follow his command for it is under Hades realm. Admitting his defeat Poseidon returns back to his realm never again he set foot to the Underworld for bragging to Hades"
"Yeah, that river" Aero nodded, trying to maintains his amiable appearance. This swordsman can be long winded sometimes.
Who cares who creates what river?
Aero never knew what it's called so he just agreed with Creon explanation.
"Fine, let's race tomorrow" said Creon happily.
Aero then got up and started walking to Deria hut.
If this is too long please tell me. I can cut the chapters into part because a two thousand words is usually around 10 to 20 ss. Anyway, if you like the story please vote for the story and leave some comments and reviews
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