Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"Invincible, you say?" Deria face lights up. Then nodding to himself, he suggest a solution to him.
However Aero did not know what Deria is thinking so he reply
"Yeah, do you know any way?" said Aero sarcastically.
"There is one" he said while scratching his head. Hearing this answer Aero was shocked.
"What? There is? Why didn't you tell me?" Aero almost shouts at Deria.
Aero did not expect that there is a way of becoming invincible. Wouldn't that break the game balance if someone could become invincible?
But now Deria is telling him that there is a way of becoming invincible? How could he not get shocked and bewildered?
Yes, bewildered. Aero is looking at Deria with a hint of madness in his eyes
Then Deria told Aero a legend. He spoke of a long lost forgotten tale about the Underworld.
That if any mortal survives bathing from the River Styx their body would be invincible against any earthly weapons and means.
Aero eyes widened and his heart beast with excitement
Grinning, Aero quickly said
"Let's go then. Let's do it"
Aero is already starting ready to get up but then— Deria tilted his head to the side and said
"But you could not do it with me"
"Hmm. What do you mean?" Aero asked. Deria then explains
"You see, if you hurl yourself to river Styx without anyone holding you, your flesh will melt, your bones will be disintegrated and there will be nothing left of you. Which means you will die the most painful death a mortal could ever experience"
"But I have you to hold me" Deria shows an apologetic expression as he said
'I could not, because I too would share the same fate as you. Only those that have divine blood could" Deria explained
"Don't you have divine blood?" Aero asked puzzled
"Yes, but what I'm talking about is divine blood from the Eternal Father. Titans, Giants, Nymphs or the Gods. Those guys"
Aero slumped back on the chair.
Athena could not come down here directly. Hades would certainly not be happy someone is skinny dipping on one of his river.
And where would he find a Titan? And even if he found one how would he persuade a Titan to help him?
It wasn't until just a few days ago, that he knew about the existence of Gods in this game and now he there is even Titans?
What are they? Old codes of the games that has been rendered useless? Sighing Aero then asked Deria with almost a hopeless tone.
"So, what now?" Aero asked listlessly. Deria is thinking intently and then he frowned.
"Though…but….hmm" Aero did not miss that. From Deria expression he did think of something
"But what?" Aero asked. It seems Deria got an idea
"Thetis. Yes. Thetis." Deria said.
"Thetis? Who is that and what do you mean?" Deria then said
"You see, there is a sea nymph that is imprisoned here by Hera because she had an affair with Zeus a long time ago. Hera is jealous I think. She has always been a little bit vindictive. But this sea nymph is guarded by a swordsman that is said during his lifetime never lost a battle. She is imprisoned in Asphodel. It is a far distance from my hut but I used to go there sometimes just to challenge the swordsman. And I never won"

"A swordsman, you say?"
Now this is a familiar territory.
If he is a swordsman, he is a person. And if there is anything Aero knows about person, there is always a weakness that you can exploit.
'Exploiting a dead person, huh?' Aero thought to himself as there is a smirk on his face.
'Finally, something I could do that is well on my area of expertise' Aero said.
"I will challenge this swordsman" Aero declared as he got up from his seat, the feeling of confidence come back into him.
"Are you sure? He is really good" said Deria worried.
He knows how skillful the swordsman is. Aero only smirks as he said
"Don't worry about me. Just show the way"
So they packed their bag and started going back to Asphodel. For now River Acheron will have to endure Cerberus.
Aero take a hard long last look behind him as he cursed out
'Just you wait you damn disrespectful dog. I will beat some sense into you until get bloodied and beaten. I pay everything twofold' then he look back forward and whistle in happiness
There will probably a new chapter tomorrow. Though I could not promise you all anything because I might have to go to the hospital tomorrow for a check up. Anyway, hope you like the story
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