Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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He once again walk back to his current home, his body aching in hundreds of places and wound is visible in many parts of his body.
Every once in a while he winces in pain and blood will drips down from his wounds and injuries.
If Aero has his sword he wouldn't be beaten this badly. That is what he said to himself every time he loses.
Well, maybe he would still lose but not this badly He thought top himself. Of course he wouldn't admit this to nobody
As he dragged his body home, he sighed. It has been a week since he and Deria tries to overpower the Cerberus.
At first Aero thought he could do some of his earlier trick. Believing that this dog is just like any other dog, Aero tries to play catch with him.
They both constructed a ball from clothes they got from the warrior that tries to kill Deria and threw it at the dog.
Instead of bringing it back to them like any normal dog would have, the head on the right open its mouth and fire so bright that it rivaled the brightness of the sun shot out from his mouth, enveloping the ball with fire and the ball turns to ashes.
That is one attempt wasted. But Aero did not give up.
Then they tried to bind the dog when it is asleep only to be noticed by the middle head of the dog in which they almost die because of the disease the right head inflicted him.
Aero had itches and boils all around his skin.
And that is not a good feeling to have.
To have boils popping up every two minutes with blood and yellowy goo that comes out from the boils, it made Aero become even more cautious when dealing with the dog
If not for the ambrosia effect that he had after consuming it before going to battle with the Cerberus he would already succumbed to the sickness.
Aero still remembers it, vivid like day
After inhaling the gas that shot out from the right head, he coughed black blood and blood spurt out from his eyes and ears like a fountain.
If not for Deria timely assistance he would already be dead, bleeding from all of his orifices. Aero also could not thank the Goddess enough for allowing Deria to follow him.
Aero thought Deria is only talented in fighting but he is something more. Maybe because of his divine ancestry, he is immune to fire.
The first time they fought the Cerberus and the Cerberus blow fire towards Deria, Aero thought Deria would become a charred soul.
But what surprises Aero the only thing that happens to him is the loss of his clothes. Naked he fights and tries to pummel the dog
It was then that Aero started to use Deria as a shield from the fire only to be inflicted with disease by the right head.
There is another thing about this demigod
Deria is not affected by the sickness. Why? Because as Deria explains to him, Deria is from the Field of Asphodel.
The punishment for disease is not for the inhabitants of Asphodel so it doesn't have effect on him.
But while all of this is good news, it is good news for Deria and not him. After all he is not the son of some God or Goddess

Just because Deria is immune to fire and sickness don't mean they would magically solve this quest.
This is an impossible quest. Sometimes these fleeting thought entered Aero mind.
'Capture the dog? I couldn't even reach the dog' He thought to himself each time he suffered a disastrous defeat
The raven that Athena bestowed upon him is also no help. It seems scared to be here in the Underworld.
And Aero don't blame the raven. Athena said the raven could talk, but he guess the raven is too scared here to talk.
Though he does sometimes feel that he want to roast the raven and eat its flesh seasoned with some Karakian spices.
Because Aero notices something weird about the raven.
The ravens caw in happiness seeing him get beaten and that always annoyed him. But he was a patient man.
And this raven is not an ordinary raven after all
He hopes when he reached the upper land he could use the skill that he got after acquiring the raven.

Seeing Eye [1] Beginner
Ability to see events through the Black raven eyes. Could also fetch you supplies. Enables you to look farther than before. Your visibility at night also increases. As proficiencies increase new abilities may be unlocked.
Mana consumption: 400 mana for 10 minutes.

Aero finally reach the hut and sighed. Deria was outside chopping some black wood
"No luck, huh?" Deria asked after the latest attempt Aero did doesn't bear fruit. He could see from the way Aero looks and carry himself.
Like the day before and the day before it, Aero still stump fighting the Cerberus. Looking at Aero injury Deria frowned
'I will prepare the ambrosia. Wait here' Aero only nodded
Aero sat on the wooden bench outside the hut as Deria prepares him the ambrosia.
There was some noise in the kitchen area and then Deria emerges out from the hut holding a bowl made of marble.
He stirred something inside the bowl as Aero reply to his question now that he had feel a little comfort
"Yeah, no luck" Aero reply weakly. Deria then said
'Its' finished' he then handed out the bowl to Aero. Aero quickly gulped the ambrosia and his injury miraculously disappeared.
All over his body his wound closed up, his boils shrink and disappeared and his body return to when it was healthy and strong
Aero then take a deep breath as he enjoys the feeling of not being sick. Looking at Deria he said
'Thank you' Deria nodded and said
You should have bring me with you today' Aero only smile bitterly as he handed the bowl
Today, Deria did not follow him since he was trying to try a new strategy against the Cerberus. But it still didn't work.
Looking at Deria he felt envious. Even Deria is stronger than him. Well, genetics does play some influence in making Deria the way he is.
The fact is the way he and Deria got stronger is different. Aero got stronger through war and large scale battle.
By leading an army or strategizing a large scale battle the gain of his experiences is hundredfold faster than any other player.
This is why Aero rarely hunts after he got high position in Vanheim kingdom as he is more focused on getting quest that enables him to lead men into battle.
Since he is a noble personage in Vanheim, to lead an army is a simple matter for him.
Now, that he is here, he regretted the fact that he should have participated in a few battle in Vetten to raise his level before he sail the seas.
And he began regretting his decision to come to Asgaro. Aero sighed as he look up and see that fucking gloomy dark sky of the Underworld. He wanted to curse to that sky.
Then Aero started speaking unleashing all his pent up feeling.
Deria has finished cleansing the bowl and then he went out form the hut and sit beside Aero as he created a fire using the black wood and let the warmth of the fire washed over them in this sunless world
Aero on the other hand began complaining
"If only I am invincible this would be a cinch. I mean Athena expects too much of me, don't you think Deria? I'm not the type that faces threats directly. I'm the one that hides in the shadows and wait for the opportune moment to strike.'
He sighed.
'Facing head on with only strength is not my character. Zeus of The North maybe. But me? I'm content of becoming the planner, the schemer. I'm the spider that is crawls the walls, listening. I am the little birds that is perched on the windows, watching. I am the serpent that slithers the tall grass and swallow my opponent. This quest is not for me" Aero rant and complain.
Aero is really frustrated. Usually any quest has a hole. Something that he could take advantage of.
Like the Firewolf quest or George return to power storyline.
Thinking about it, he didn't even battle anyone to achieve both of that. Even when he was in the war, he relies mostly on strategies and trickery and diplomatic solution to settle it.
Of course he does fight in battle when he needs to but it is usually after he has strategize his moves.
His plan is always calculated. But this time there is no other way.
He had to face this dog directly. A fucking damned dog that spits fire, disease, and a middle head that doesn't sleep.
But if he faces the dog he would die. That is the sad truth. He is just not strong enough to fight the dog.
The ambrosia is also about to run out and it's not like Athena could keep smuggling things from Olympus to the Underworld without people noticing or in this case other Gods.
On the other hand while Aero is complaining and thinking about other things Deria seems to be thinking about something.
He looks at Aero and then he looks back at another direction of the Underworld as he thought of something.
He had a plan brewing in his mind. It is a crazy plan but it just might work. Deria then tapped Aero shoulder and said
Part two in a couple of minutes. Hope you enjoy the story and check my other story like Lord Shadow which is updated daily. Anyway, here is the new chapter. leave some commnets and vote for the book if you like the story
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