Age of Adventure
65 THE HUT 2
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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65 THE HUT 2

Aero was busy telling Deria about what is happening before Deria start hurling more punches again.
This time he is calmer than before and seems to be receptive of what Aero is explaining.
Listening intently to Aero explanation and asking a few question once in a while, Deria nodded.
Aero sighed
'What a stubborn young man' he inwardly thought to himself.
Deria finally after being convinced that Aero was not an enemy he began to loosened up and invite him into the hut.
He then explained to Aero, that Zeus, after his death on the mortal world sought to torment him even more even in the afterlife by sending the souls of people that were killed to face him every day.
He said he was actually surprised to see someone else is coming to attack him today even after he has defeated the batch of the attackers earlier.
And he surely did not hide his displeasure with the Sky God
"That damn Zeus. Even my death is not enough for him. But I always knew mother would sent someone, for she has promised" Deria said joy in his tone.
"Well, there is no doubt that your mother loved you. She would even help Poseidon breach a divine Law just to save you." Aero said.
He did not say anything about the fact that Hephaestus is turned back to his male form.
But since they are Gods, Aero thought maybe appearances and gender is not that hard to change and maybe they do not even care for such things.
"But now that I met you, let us return to the surface" Aero exclaimed to Deria.
He himself is tired of living in this darkness and gloom all the time. He himself is not one would call a perfectly healthy person especially concerning his psyche which is to be honest is not quite stable.
And the Underworld surroundings are just like a relapse waiting to happen. Deria hearing Aero words nodded with expectation in his eyes
"Yes, let us return to the land of the living. Lead the way, hero"
"Wai—wha-me! Hmm. What are you talking about?" Aero was startled by this misunderstanding
Isn't the quest solved already? Isn't finding Deria means that Deria knows the way to go back home?
"Yes. Of course you." Deria said so confidently.
He is misunderstanding something. And from what Deria is telling him, he is also misunderstanding something
"I thought you knew the exit?" Aero asked, his eyes twitched with a little frustration that he tries to hide.
"Me? What gives you that idea? If I knew the exit, don't you think I would get out of this place a long time ago?" Deria shot back.
Aero thought that this is the way this quest supposed to go.
Save Deria, exit the Underworld, go to Asgaro and gain fame for helping the King and meeting the Gods.
He had it all planned out.
'I should have known, nothing is so easy like that.' He whispers under his breath.
Then he remembers. Athena said to pray.
Now he does not know what to do so isn't it logical for him to ask the person who toss him into this mess.

"Then I guess I need to pray" Aero said and then he walk outside, look at the dark starry sky that is the endless empty void sky of the Underworld and he kneels
He takes a deep breath and thought to himself
'This better work'
He put his hand together and he prayed.
"I prayed to you, Goddess of War, Bright Eyed Athena to give me strength and guidance in time of darkness" This time his prayer was short.
It is in part because of his frustration that is building up and another reason is because he does not know the Hymns of the Lady of War
And then the light shimmered from the dark clouds in the Underworld sky and the projection of the Goddess appeared before them
Deria kneels almost immediately, looking at the Goddess of War with the utmost respect and awe.
"Wise one, I'm honored to be in your presence" said Deria, his tone was full of reverence, his gaze is lowered down
Athena nodded in satisfaction. But Aero had enough of this nonsense.
"I have completed your task, Goddess Athena. Am I now free to go?" said Aero disrespectfully.
He has had it with this place.
It was gloomy and dark all the time. And skeletons soldiers, spirits and ghost keep trying to kill or eat him.
Aero think he will have a severe depression if he has to stay on this place for another week.
The Goddess however doesn't seem that insulted.
"Truly, young hero, you do not disappoint me. " She said to me while beaming proudly"
"Rise mortal" She addressed to Deria. Then the sound of notification sounded

You have saved Deria the son of the God Hephaestus in the depths of Field of Asphodel.
: Fame increase to 1000
: Reputation increase to 1000
: The black raven will be lend to you
: Strength increase by 50
: Wisdom increase by 50
: Intellect increase by 50
: Hephaestus will heard of your deed and will favor you
Difficulty level: C

You have level up!

He instantly level up by one level.
The black raven on the Goddess shoulders quickly flew towards his shoulders.
This startled Aero immensely.
He thought that the Goddess is angry but that is not it as Athena said the next sentence.
"I have a second task for you" suddenly Athena said.
"For this task, ask Deria for his help in completing it. If you successfully complete this task, Hades will have no other choice then let both of you pass his realm"
Then Athena said
"Capture the three headed dog that spits fire, and disease, the Cerberus without using weapons will be your second task"
Capture Cerberus alive without using any weapons.
Reward: Fame increase
: Reputation increase
: Athena will give you 2 bottle of ambrosia.
: Strength increase
: Wisdom increase
: Intellect increase
: Fire resistance increase
: Hades will give you the path to exiting the Underworld.
Difficulty level: A

Capturing Cerberus? She is talking about the most famous three headed dogs in mythology isn't she?
That dog? Cerberus? Aero ask himself as he tries to deny what he heard
'I think this Goddess overestimated me' Aero thought to himself. But then he sighed.
This quest could not be declined. And Deria is also stuck with him.
But this annoying Goddess won't shut up and let Aero deal with this crushing pressure as she continue speaking
"Go forth to the mouth of river Acheron and confront the three headed beast and present him to Hades, and so you will gain his favor for you and the mortal son of Hephaestus" Athena said in that declaration tone.
Then without warning, she disappears in a blinding explosion of light. Of course at the time, Aero didn't know that Hades was just too lazy to retrieve the dog.
Sighing Aero look at Deria and shake his head. Then gathering his determination he look at Deria and ask.
"Deria, are you up for hunting a three headed dog that might just spell our doom? And probably at our flesh and chew our bones? Though I must admit it would be one hell of an adventure" Aero asked to Deria.
Deria nodded excitedly.
"An adventure that involves dying with excruciating end? Count me in!" Aero shakes his head and said
'Fine. What life anyway if you never act crazy once in a while?' They then pack some of their things and prepared themselves for the battle that leis ahead of them.
Then both of them began to walk towards River Acheron to meet with the three headed dog.
Part two of the chapter. I am better now so I will be start posting back now. As consolation a new chapter will be posted in a few minutes
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