Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The wind caressed his wavy hair and he shivers a bit because of the cold…or was it because of the nervousness?
At this point he didn't know.
He looks towards the distance and sigh. He walks again to the hill, like the day before and the day before it.
The grass sways left and right as the gentle wind blows on them.
As he walked through the grassy patch he had time to think about many things and sort out his feelings.
Last week after watching Amelia kissing Damien he decided to break up with her. And that was such a scene.
It has been a week now since that day. Now, feeling nostalgic and sad he went to their place.
He sighed as he thinks about her. That girl in a way is like a poison to him.
In front of her, he becomes weak. Like Superman being near Kryptonite.
And he doesn't like that. Even now, he still doesn't know what he wants in his heart. That girl….always make him crazy
As he comes closer to the hill he then spotted it as he smiles a bitter smile. He saw the swing in the nearby hill under that big tree.
Their tree.
For this past week, he has been going there occasionally after getting back from his part time job.
To be honest, he want to get back with her but after that quarrel and feeling betrayed he didn't think he could do that.
Of course even after knowing that it was Damien who kisses her, he is still stubborn and could not really admit it was he that is wrong in that debacle..
She has that impish nature and sometimes he believes that she is not entirely innocent on the matter
He arrived in front of the swing. He smiles a bit as the wind come again. The wind is always refreshing up here on top of the hill.
He let the wind blows over him and the smell of the tree washed over him.
Then he sat down at the swing. Then looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him, he is bombarded with many thoughts.
"What is the use of love? What is the use of loving each other when it could die with just one misunderstanding?"
Daniel just shakes his head.
"Love has no strength" he said it to no one. Probably he is saying it to the wind. Probably he is saying it to himself.
But he clearly is not saying it to the person he should've said it to.
He looked into the ground, his hand on his head, trying to think where it went wrong and trying to think if there is other way that could ended.
He heard footsteps with the rustle of the grass and the wind that slowly comes to him. Slowly those steps came to him, sometimes the sound of the footsteps muted by the wind.
He could smell her scent from here. A familiar scent
Slowly feeling some hope and anticipation he raised his face and look at the person coming to him.
He could see that someone is in front of him, standing there with a white one piece, her blouse swaying left and right because of the strong wind.
She looks as beautiful as the first day he knew that he loved her. Her hair reaches her shoulder blades and just standing there she makes him bedazzled.

It is Amelia. She looked at him and smiles and his mind went blank for a moment. And when he regains back his mind the only thing he could see is that smile.
That damn, cute, lovable smile.
For that one fraction of moment they just stared into each other. She was smiling. He on the other hand, was startled not expecting that she would be here.
He got up from the swing.
"Huh" he said
"How did you know I was here?" he asked, his tone is trembling.
It's impossible they just met here by chance.
"How would I know that?" Amelia reply still smiling.
"Maybe at the café, or the gallery but how could we run into each other here? " He said still not quite believing Amelia explanation.
"Maybe it's destiny" Amelia said nonchalantly
"Destiny.' He scoffed. And then he said
'That's just ridiculous. Destiny?' But Amelia stand there looking at him…with that innocent eyes.
And the words in his mind disappeared for a moment as he shakes his head and said
'Huh. Fine, let's just say its destiny. How about we try to…. avoid that destiny." He finally said. He got up from the swing and then he started walking away.
I really am stubborn. Daniel thought to himself.
But he could not help but storm away, his feet moves first, his pride…motivates him.
Amelia then had a naughty smile on her face and started following him from behind. He of course notices it.
At first he didn't say anything. But she keeps following him and he could no longer held back his curiosity
So he turned back and stares at her. She nonchalantly responded by asking
"Why are you following me?" he said looking straight at Amelia face.
She smiles like she already knows what is in his heart.
It was so cute that he also almost smiles a little.
'What's the rush?' She asked. Then she takes a step closer to him and Daniel could feel his heart skips a beat
Then with that mischievous smile on her face she said
'You're making it so that I can't even try to hold on to you.. Why are you so mean? Are you trying to make me the bad girl here in the story?'
He sighed and she took that as her chance to talk.
'Are you sick of me now? Or did you just not love me anymore? Or are you just that excited to tell me that its over?'
It's like all the thing she couldn't say that day came pouring out. Daniel shakes his head and sighed. He had half a mind of accepting her again the moment she smiles.
But she is a poison.
"No, no matter how I think about it, I can't forgive you easily like this. It can't be you. You make me hurt so much. Always. And it is always you that do it" he said while shaking his head
"Do you think I'm okay with you?" she countered back. Daniel only frowned. He then ask
"Tell me truthfully. How do you know I was here?'
"I told you it was destiny" she said vehemently.
He knows she must have known that he's here from Michael. He try to walk away again. But Amelia wouldn't let him go just like this.
She shouted from behind
"We run into each other like this. Don't you think the universe is trying to tell us something?" she said while following my back.
Daniel turned back and look at her straight and ask her
"So…..Do you like that you ran into me?" he asked, his tone stern
She nodded in a cute way.
Cute. He thought to himself before shaking himself to not be so soft. He is shaking his head, thinking how stupid to think such things.
Then he said
"I got over you, Amelia. Absolutely. Completely. I can go with my life now. So don't follow me" he said.
Then he walked back down the hill.
Though that is not what he really means. He is just stubborn. He always was and he will probably always will be.
It was not her fault. At least that is what he wanted to believe.
And that possibility that he might be wrong and it was not Damien fault gnaws at his heart.
He could not accept it if she betrayed him.
Then she said cutely
"I want to start over again" Hearing this it was like something snapped inside his mind as he turn around to look at her.
"Whoa, you're so shameless. Then, why did you say you will date Damien before?" he asked, his face is red with frustration
"Then, when you say you're going to be friend with a girl that like you and still like you, what do you expect me to say?" she shot back, her face was also red.
He fumed in anger before turning back
"Forget it. I'm going to find someone who is nicer and beautiful than you"
Then, she said, changing her tune
"I have become nice. And I am not trying to praise myself, but I'm quite beautiful. I mean it. Let's be together, hmm" she said with an innocent smile on her face.
She pull his hand and they look toward each other. And then she said
"You're a jerk and I'm a bitch. We're perfect for each other" she said with a cute expression, persuading me.
Don't waver.
"Just go. Don't follow me" he said unintentionally raising his voice.
She sighed. Then he started walking away again…and for a moment, he stopped.
He guess this is enough…thinking about it, it is his fault. And he is not ready to let her go. Thinking to this point he wanted to call out to her
"By the way---" he said as he turns to look back.
Then he realized she started going down the hill
"Hey, where are you going?"
He quickly ran to her and block her way. She is sulking. Even when she is sulking she looked beautiful.
Then she said
"I changed my mind. You're no good. Among so many guys out there why should it be you?"
"This is unfair. I should date more." She said with that pouting expression
"Wait, wait" He said in an exasperated tone.
He was panicking.
He didn't know what he should say to convince her to stay or how to explain the complicated feeling and the insecurity he have when she is with him.
Then he realized something as he look at her. This time, he truly looked. And something dawned on him.
And he slowly smiles. It is a smile full of confidence
"I pick that dress."
He looked at the white dress. And then he looked at her neck.
"I bought you this necklace. And I bought you those earrings"
He said pointing to the necklace and earring.
He finally noticed it. And now he notice it, he knew what she is thinking
"Hah, I was right. You came to see me!"
Then blushing because she got caught, she said
"I said I changed my mind didn't I?"
Then she walked down again.
This is a game.
He followed her. Then quickly he hold her hand.
"I'm holding your hand" he whisper to her ear.
"I know" she said while her cheek becomes red.
"You said you changed your mind so why let me?"
"I don't know either" she whispers to his ear. He could see she is smiling. And he is too
"Why are you smiling?" Daniel asked while chuckling a bit at the same time.
"Is this the time to smile?"
"I just find it funny" she said
"What is so funny?" he asked.
She turned to face him and said
"When I'm with you, I felt anything is possible" Amelia said sincerely
He looked at her and he realize today she looked the most beautiful she ever has. And then he looks ta her lips and how inviting it was and he gulped.
He could smell her again. Amelia saw his eyes and she just smile a naughty smile
"If you want to kiss me, you can" she said flashing an inviting smile to him
"Even if you do not ask, I will help myself"
Then he kissed her. And for that moment all the things he is mad about at her is forgotten. He just wants to enjoy this moment with her.
The way her eyes looked when she looked at him is special. And he likes that. Being special in her eyes. Even if he pretends to be tough, she always sees through it.
And her scent fills him.
She is different from other girls. Because he makes her different. She make everything stop for him, and makes his heart do the stuff it's not supposed to do.
And he knows he is falling in love with her….once again, like the day before it and the day before it
If he knows at that time how short the joy would last, he would have kissed her more, hug her more, and love her more.
"Anything else?" the voice broke his memories
"No, how much is it?"
"25. Visiting your mom?"
"Yeah, I need to get out for a while. My friends are talking with my mother in her room."
"Oh,ok then. Hope your mother will recover"
"Yes thank you." Then Daniel starts going upstairs. Hoping that Jessica has already gone away
It was when Daniel was at the hospitals when Jessica came to visit
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