Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Hera is the Queen of the gods and the goddess of women and marriage.

She is also a goddess of the sky and starry heavens.

All the Oracles in the continent has spoken that Hera has married Zeus, Lord of the Sky and the Heavens celebrated as all the minor gods were summoned to attend the wedding.

Hearing this news from his Oracles, Vrandeus quickly commissioned builder, sculptors, and painters to construct a beautiful temple and decorate it with beautiful piece of Art.

As the King in a Holy Land he knows that the Gods can be offended with the smallest thing.

If the Queen of the Gods does not have a temple of her own, Vrandeus shudder to think the wrath that will be inflicted upon him.

He arrived at the temple. He sighed and close his eyes and then he kneels in front of the giant statue of Hera.

Her statue depicted her as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff.

On her sides was a royal lion and in her hand was a hawk as her familiar.

Hera was a rogue God but now that she had joined Olympus she is a God that should have a temple of her own.

The other statues also depicted her with a peacock and a cuckoo bird. Then he kneeled below the statue of Hera and prayed

"I sing of golden-throned Hera who sits in a golden palace constructed high above the sky. Queen of the Immortals is she, surpassing all in beauty: she is the wife of loud-thundering Zeus,--the glorious one whom all the blessed throughout high heaven reverence and honour even as Zeus who delights in thunder."

After he sings the hymns, he began to pray

"Give me a man that can help in my troubles of deciding Helena husband for I feared anyone I choose would spell doom for my Kingdom"

He prayed with all of his heart. He prayed earnestly and Hera in the Heavens hear his prayer.

Moved by the mortal sincerity Hera decided to fulfill this mortal wish.

Sitting on his golden throne in her golden palace Hera ordered a lion envelop by fire to summon Athena to Olympus, and to enter the newly built palace that was built by Zeus himself.

She will discuss this with Athena and see whether she can give her bright ideas.

Hearing Hera summoning her to the palace, Athena flew to the heavens and arrived in Olympus a few moments later.

The moment she arrived Hera quickly cut to the chase.

Hera has asked her if she has any mortal that can solve Vrandeus problem.

Hera is just recently promoted to a major God. Though she is still not on the Council of the Gods thus she decided to bring Athena to her side.

Athena pondered for a while before replying

"I know of one, white armed Hera, but he is no mortal for he is an adventurer. I believe he can solve Vrandeus problems" Athena offered.

Overjoyed, Hera said.

"Fine, then sent him to Vrandeus" Athena smirk, her smirk was hidden from view so even Hera could not know that she is being taken advantage of right now

"I'm afraid that is not possible" Athena said feigning sadness.


Then Athena tell the story of Poseidon and Aero

"We must report this to my husband" Hera said in a worried tone. Athena feign alarm as she hold Hera arm holding her from flying to her husband.

"No, we must not! Poseidon may be one of his subjects but if you think that he is weaker than Zeus you're sorely mistaken, blessed Hera."

She tells Hera what she is worrying about. If they make a wrong move, this might lead a war between the Gods.

Athena believes this can be solved with the Council of the Gods without threatening war.

Then Athena told her plan to Hera. Hera listen intently then nodded.

"You want the boy to prove his worth? To be worthy of the sword?" said Hera perplexed

"Yes, just like Lizhu impressed Poseidon so much that he willingly part with that sword, I have send the boy on his first task. His third task will be to help you Queen Goddess. I hope that if he managed to help you, you would also favor him in the Council"

Even though Hera is still not on the Council she could persuade Zeus and the other Gods to favor the boy.

After thinking for a while Hera nodded.

"I will see whether he is worthy or not"

"That is all I ask" Athena nodded satisfied.

After getting the Goddess swears a verbal agreement, Athena flew back down to the Western Continent.

Hera on her throne also began sending message to Lord Hades to let her see through his realm for a while, curious about the boy Athena speaks so highly about.


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