Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The throne room atmosphere is solemn.

Zeus, Eric and Bart are eyeing Asgaro since they took down Veva. Everyone in the court know the King ambition.

Instead of Saril and Vor alliance that will prove hard to attack as long as they stay united it is better if they attacked Asgaro first for their resources.

With Leo clan also rebelling on their King, Eric suggested to Zeus to wait for Leo clan to weaken Asgaro and then Zeus could come to take Asgaro with a big host of armies.

His soldiers is till invigorated after their success on usurping the thrones could not wait to plunge themselves into another war.

It seems the excitement of war is not easily forgotten.

They also seem to want to have the same kind level of adventure as Aero. All of the troops have seen Aero footage in fighting the war.

And they are all excited because their war is not like that. Their war was just about persuading some old lecherous King to step down.

So it was not as interesting as Aero war scenes. All the troops are impatient to begin another battle.

So does Zeus.

After the feast he could not stand still. Though, his reason for waging war against Asgaro is a bit different from the other soldiers.

If it is according to his whim, he would ride his horse and lay siege to the Asgaroian by himself. Of course Bart and Eric both objected to this.

Rage doesn't solve anything, he advises Zeus.

Zeus was in a rage after hearing that the Asgaro Kingdom smears his name to the entire continent.

Eric and Bart know Zeus rage. Zeus consuming rage is at times wavering, but at other times he cannot be cooled no matter the advice they gave him.

And this is one of the times.

So, they persuaded Paris, the former prince of Veva to console him. They sent a messenger to him summoning him to the palace.

Paris was a handsome young prince, with blue eyes and neatly trimmed blonde hair. It is said that any woman who looked at him will be bewitched.

Paris Son of Veva II was allowed to live because Deus favors him.

He was an NPC that has always supported Zeus in his early days. And Paris hates his father gallivanting ways so much, that he followed Zeus.

And for that, he was appointed to be a prince.

It is ironic that none of Zeus friends could console his anger, but an NPC can. So, Zeus after being consoled by Paris, heeds Eric and Bart advice.

When the opportune moments come he will strike Asgaro and ease his raging hearts. This would later prove to be true and disastrous for Zeus.

In not so distant future, Zeus will attack and siege Asgaro Kingdoms to waste.

It is said because of Zeus rage, the Kingdom turned red with blood. His army seizes all the valuables and massacres the inhabitants without exception.

It is also said after several days of slaughter and looting, the smell of death and rotting flesh proves too much even for his soldiers to endure.

They then move their camp away from the scorched ruins of the Kingdoms.

However the one thing that Zeus should not have done when entering the city was looting the Temple of Athena.

Such acts have never been done before. Such acts should not be done. Even Zeus in the Sky was shocked.

This also invites Athena wrath towards Zeus, both the God and the adventurer.

Of course there's also Athena anger to Paris.

For when the Kingdom was attacked, Zeus Lord of the Sky tricked her into his dominion and obscured her sight from Asgaro Kingdom.

Not knowing the repercussion, this act will split the Gods into two factions.

After knowing what happens, Athena was fuming with her rage.

So terrible her wrath, that this act of sacrilege by Zeus was cursed by her and she offered her strength and wisdom to Aero inciting Aero to wage war against Zeus.

The people of Veva were also struck down by a deadly plague sent by Athena, as punishment for the desecration of her temple by their king Zeus.

An oracle declared that they must thenceforth dispatch two maidens to the site of the temple regularly for three years in order to appease the goddess.

Of course when Zeus marches his army to Asgaro, he did not know that all of this will come to pass.

But one person knows.

As the Vevaian King was intoxicated with his plan, stood atop a hill not far away from the Vevaian King palace, stand a blind man that prophesied this matter.

He look towards the Palace and laugh

'I saw everything, the things that happens in the past and the things that will happen in the future. Strive forward and try to break the Fates' And he laughs as his word and action is obscured by the Three Fates


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