Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sound of seagulls has now been a norm for him.

The breezy wind of the sea blows by his robe and the waves of the ocean crash gently on the ship hulls as the ship keep moving forward propelled by the wind.

It has been a week since he ride the ship.

He is nearing the northern continent. Aero plans to stop in Bullion Port in Veva then proceed to Asgaro by a horse wagon.

That was his plan. He is in his room after he log in back to the game., he is about to read a few more books about Vers Empire when suddenly an ear shaking sound could be heard from the outside

'What's that?' he ask himself.

But suddenly the boat started shaking, and the waves went crazy, dark clouds started gathering and thunder storms could be seen in the distance as the wind becomes faster and harsher.


The sound grows louder and louder, like a war drums being pounded furiously announcing the beginning of a war

Aero then quickly got out of his room and he rushed to starboard. He heard the men praying and heard the Captain kneeling chanting words of prayer.

Ishtar was praying to Poseidon, God of the Sea.

"I sing about Poseidon, the great god, mover of the earth and fruitless sea, god of the deep who is also ruler of all beneath the sea. O Shaker of the Earth, to be a tamer of horses and a savior of ships! Hail Poseidon Holder of the Earth, white-haired lord! O blessed one, be kindly in heart and help those who voyage in ships!"

It seems somehow the clear weather suddenly turned into a storm. Aero knows a little about Poseidon, one of the Seven AIs that govern the Brave World mechanism.

Being the God of the sea, he is often described as a god that is always calling forth storms, but at the same time he has it in his power to grant a successful voyage and save those who are in danger.

As the sea surrounds and holds the earth, he himself is described as the god who holds the earth, and who has it in his power to shake the earth.

Then suddenly the waves became more turbulent. The ship can't stand this anymore, as planks started cracking

Clouds were gathering in a faster speeds and winds falls down on them bearing pressure onto the ship and the crew.

A storm of mythic proportions is upon them with lightning thrown into the surroundings of the ships.

Some of the sailors have already been thrown off the ship because of the storm. The others were screaming, running around the ship like they were mad.

Some tried to run by using the emergency raft only to be swallowed by the sea in a single gulp.

Aero on the other hand did not know what to do.

He is powerless. He can't stop the storm. It is nature not something he could fight using wit or weapons.

He almost laughed if not for the situation he is in right now.

After all the fighting, and the battles he has been through he will die in the sea, because of a storm.

How pathetic. This was his thoughts

Then a huge wave, almost like a tsunami hit them. And every wood that supported the ship crumbled.

The hull crack and broke.

The water is rushing forward like a raging bull. Aero was thrown back by the sheer force of the wave that rushed through the sinking ship.

Aero believes he is about to die.

'My items! Sword of Mars. If it is lost in the sea, how will I ever find it?' He thought to himself, feeling frustrated as water fills his lungs and his body becomes heavier.

His eyes closed, and his hand grew weaker before it became limp.

Then he was carried by the wave, down and down he goes.


'Uhuk, Uhuk'

A man could be seen coughing up water as he was awaken from his unconsciousness

Aero was coughing up water from his lungs. He is disoriented, he felt cold all over his body and his mind is dizzy like he got hit by a steel hammer.

That was quite a traumatic experience for him because he couldn't log off at that time before he lost his consciousness.

Thinking about it he felt chills in his heart.

He half expected to see the inside of his capsule at home but he woke up to see the blue sky of Brave World.

Which means he is not dead yet but that did not make him feel good.

After adjusting his vision he realized he is stranded on an island.

'My stuff.' He quickly checked as he looked at his inventory list.

'It's all here.' And he smiles joyfully, as the wind breeze blows through him and he shivers a bit.

'Fuu' He release his breath relieved

It's a miracle he survived. Thinking about that storm he would not be surprised to be dead. But it seems he is lucky.

Then he began to slowly get up, as he could felt the water soak his robe and making it a little heavy.

Aero was already thinking ways to get out of this island.

But first he needs to know his bearings. He look in front of him and all he see is the vast expanse of water

As he is about to look in other directions, a voice sounded from behind him.

This voice startled him. The voice is spoken in a deep tone, and it was commanding. And Aero could swear he smells the scent of Summer Sea.

"Quite a journey" The voice said with a tone of amusement

Aero turned behind him to the direction of the voice. There he sees it. An old man with flowing white hair and trimmed white beard.

He looks like a neat old man, Aero thought. In his right hand was a trident. Aero could feel pressuring energy is emanating from the trident.

He wears a scale armor made by God knows what. His physique was muscular for an old man. Behind him were horses?

It looks like horse but their hooves are weird. Aero soak all of the images in his mind and quickly trying to assess the old man in front of him

And he did not like what his mind is telling him.

"Yeah, it is quite a journey" sensing something weird Aero slowly moved back, ready to spring into action. The whole situation right now is weird and bizarre.

"Who are you?' Aero said, the caution in his tone of voice is as clear as day

The old man grinned maliciously and replied

"Why, little mortal. I'm the one that sank your ship" And he smiles broadly looking at Aero


Part two of the chapter. Aero is meeting Poseidon, the Sea God. And this is not good.Not good at all. Anyway, please vote if you like the story and leave some comments and reviews
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