Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Port Karak is one of the largest Ports in the Eastern Continent.

Many ships stop there and repair their ships, trades spices and their goods and Port Karak trade with almost all of the nations on the Vilajeri Continent

It is one of the most busiest port in Brave World

It belongs to the Karak Federation which rules in a democracy like structure.

When the delegates of the Karak Federation wanted to return home Aero asked them if he could also come along.

After explaining his circumstances the delegates were overjoyed.

"A hero wants to come along! Of course. Of course."

They traveled in a carriage while Aero talk to them and inquire about the matters of the Karak Federation.

Aero reputation precedes him and as such these merchants is eager to please him and told him many things about Karak Federation

It is more like a merchant country compared to Vanheim and the other nation on Vilajeri continent

It is prosperous and merchants from all over the Vilajeri Continent would come and traded things in Karak.

At night in Brave World, Aero would log off.

He would eat nutritious meal and then exercise. Then even though he is feeling anxious he would go to the grocers to buy some food for the week and then return home.

After finish putting all the food he bought on his old refrigerator he would then take a nap. Then when he wakes up, he would wash his face and then he would resume his activity on Brave World the next morning.

He is now a true gamer.

When he enters the game he would continue to foster good relations with the NPCs around him.

After a few days of travelling the road, finally Aero is in Karak

The journey took many days and they met many people and even monsters. Aero used his skills to save the convoy many times making him quite the likable person in the convoy.

It's not like Aero had any other choice. He is after all considered a hero by most of the continent.

When it is time for him to part with the convoy many people wished him goodbyes and give him some gifts as he is an influential person in Vanheim.

Even the one thousand troops that sacrificed themselves in the Fort to hold back the enemy advance is grateful to Aero

Aero has kept his promise and gave the people who sacrificed themselves much gold and great items that he looted.

It is fortunate they did not die and only suffers injuries that is nothing much with the help of the healer after the battle

The other soldiers didn't object. Aero knows the importance of keeping promises. If he put himself in the righteous cause, he must act the part.

Everyone have a role to play in this farce called politics. And he had taken part and give himself a role.

For now, he will act that role perfectly

He looks at the distance and there is a look of longing on his face before he sighed. Dan and Raina couldn't come following him because they had to ride immediately to their estate to quickly handle the estate development.

He would feel even more secured if they could follow

Amy on the other hand after that night, he could barely see her. It was like she was intentionally hiding from him

Of course now that he is at Karak it would be harder for him to meet her.

'Haish' Aero sighed

'What is she playing at?' Even now, every time he remember that night he couldn't help feeling flustered

It's not like it's the first time he kissed. It just felt….special. Or maybe because it's been a long time.

"Hello, Sir Aero." A man greets Aero and Aero was brought back to his current location, away from his contemplation.

Once again the smell of the ocean and the windy breeze of the sea washed over him. Aero look at the person in front of him.

It was a short man with tan face and muscly arms. There is a trace of the hard work this man has done.

His hair was curly and his smile was infectious.

"My name is Ishtar and I will be your captain today" the captain said in an excited tone.

His eyes were admiring Aero, with a mix of respect and fear

"Ah, yes. Pleasure to meet you" Aero replied, clearly perplexed at the admiration of the captain at him.

He's after all never been at Karak before. He smiles nonetheless, emitting an affable aura

"How do you know me?" asked Aero puzzled. Ishtar laughed

"HAHAHA…It seems you do not know how famous you are, Sir Aero. My children always tell me stories about you"

"Your children know about me?" This truly shocked Aero. And what shocked him there is even stories about him?

"Yes. There are many plays that detail your adventure in fighting that evil Vetten King"

'What do you mean?' Aero asked.

Ishtar then proceeded to explain to Aero that many travelling performers all around the continent tell his story and act as him

From Ishtar words, it seems Aero is portrayed as an honorable hero fighting an evil King determined to kill the people and terrorize the country.

In the story it is said that he was honorable and that he is a man that disdain political matter which is why Aero rejected the King offers.

Aero was also portrayed as a benevolent General that pleads for the life of the Vettenian soldiers.

From the stories in the play, it told a story of where he went in front of the King George Throne Room and kneel for three days and three night pleading for the lives of Vettenian soldiers before the King agreed, gaining King George the reputation of a wise king and Aero as a wise and benevolent advisor of the King

Hearing this Aero was shocked. His eyes almost bulged out. How could things could be exaggerated that much?

This is no longer a story. This is already a drama. Hearing the story even Aero himself thought he was awesome.

Pleads? He never pleaded; he insisted and instructed the King to the best course of action. Evil Vetten King? Since when the King was evil.


Aero finally understood. Entertainment has a way of sometimes tweaking the truth. A story of a hero fighting an evil king is easier to sell to the public.

And it is easier to sell the story to the common folk. And to honest, it is even more interesting. Bards, minstrels and the likes have a hard life.

He knows whatever he said to dispel such rumors would only backfired on him so he reply to Ishtar by saying

"I do not deserve such praise"

"You are exactly like in the stories. Humble and dignified" He said giddy with excitement.

I guess people see what they want to see. Aero thought to himself

"I hope you take care of me, Captain Ishtar"

"Of course. You can count on it"

Then he boarded the ship with the servants bringing his luggage and items. He was whistling in the starboard bow feeling happy and excited of his next adventure.

He looks at the open sea and he takes a deep breath. There is no land on sight only water and more water from end to end.

And Aero could only marvel at the beauty of this game. It looks exactly like the Sea on Earth.

It felt so real. With each wind breezing by, he could smell the sea and all of his senses is telling him that all of this is real.

It is a weird feeling. Standing there on the starboard, it was like he is standing at the helm of his own destiny. He always wanted to ride a ship, to sail the vast Sea.

There is a romantic notion of being a captain of your own ship. To be surrounded by only water, with no possibility of sighting land and to navigate the stormy chaotic sea with only wit and ingenuity.

To look at the sea and scream to the storms "Is that all you got?"

To stand at the helm of your destiny. Aero smiles and he ask the wind and the sea

'What will be my adventure this time?'


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