Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sea water seems calm and appears peaceful and serene today and sailors and adventurers sails the seas, smiling at the prow of their ship not knowing today would not be a good day to sail the vast sea.

For today, the monarch of the Sea seems determined to do something. No amounts of offerings would save even his most devoted today

The seabed rumbles and shakes and the waves above went amuck as it's slammed upon the sea, creating large wall of water, sinking ships and assaulting the beaches and shores.

Hundreds of sea monsters crawl out from their seabed nest, from dark holes and slimy nest, each one of these monsters is as large as a mountain and as long as five to eight story buildings.

A God looked down on the vast sea, and the seabed trembles only by his gaze.

'Hmph!' he snorted and in his hand materializes his famous trident

Striking his trident onto the green tiles of his throne room, the seabed on Brave world trembles and huge storms form and brings down a ship on some other part of the world of Vilajeri

That ship is the sea belonging to Broly. Of course he did not know that his effort was wrecked by the Sea God.

To Poseidon it is just a simple as that to wreck down the ship that sails the seas of Brave World. He sighed as he saw the ship full of adventurer crack and split into two.

He is thinking about something else.

Poseidon has been searching for a way to acquire the sword that Lizhu took from him since the last council meeting.

And now the chance has come. He has heard from Hephaestus that the boy who is in the possession of the sword is about to voyage to the sea.

Poseidon realms of dominion are the sea, so he could not openly infiltrate Demeter realm wily nily and without justification

Last time he did that Athena descended down and wage battle against him

But with Zeus and Demeter busy on searching for the mastermind behind the Pope appearance and sending dreams to their oracles and moving the mortal heroes to help them defend the faith, his chance is here.

Poseidon has a handsome face like the Greek Gods of old which mean he has a rugged manly face.

You can feel energy emanating from him and one could smell of the sea from him. His body is muscular with scars all over it and he wears it like a badge of honor.

He wore a blue scale armor made from hydra skins that emanated an aura of power and dominance.

He has a pair of blue eyes that pierces through you; his voice is authoritative befitting as the God of the Sea.

And he rarely smiles.

He has his trident by his side, radiating with blue aura that could control the movements of the waves, brings rains and storms and commanded the wind.

The symbol of Poseidon power was the trident, a spear with three points, which he used to shatter gigantic rocks, to call forth or subdue storms, to shake the earth, and the likes.

His hair was white just like Hades and Zeus signifying their age and sovereignty over three realms that are the most powerful as three of the Oldest Gods.

When he sits in his realm there is nothing that can harm him.

The water heals him. The water is his weapon. And all water is a part of him. To be honest, it's not like he has any bad feelings towards the boy, but this is Gods' business.

If he did not retrieve the weapon Zeus will forever lord it over him. And forever is a long time. Now he just needs to wait.

Then he called his attendants.

"Guard the palace. I need to make some preparations" he ordered.

His words resounded beneath the sea of his realm.

Thousands of sea creatures stirred. The small, the big, and even some that could be called gigantic came and listened obediently to Poseidon.

The palace of Poseidon was in the depth of the sea. Then he ordered his stable master to bring him his horses. His horses have brazen hoofs and golden manes.

They look majestic and many abilities one is which that his horse could rode the winds and maneuver through the worst storms.

Then he rode them.

With these horses he is riding in a chariot over the waves of the sea, which became smooth as he approached, and the monsters of the deep recognized him and played around his chariot.

His chariot was being drawn by four horses. Those horses don't look like normal horses.

They're hippocampi. Every sea creature gives way, fear to impede the way of the God of the Sea.

They fear and respect the God of the Sea. The preparations are to raise an island which he needs.

A small island. Just to meet this special boy. And in all probability he needs to kill the boy.

He cannot let the mortal just go and spread the word too fast to the other gods.

And even though Hades would know, since all souls that die will at least pass through his realm once, that older brother of his hated to meddle in the politics of the Gods.

He is perfectly content in ruling his dominion of the dead

For humans they have spies to inform them of other people movements. The Gods also have spies.

The winds, skies and clouds report to Zeus.

Every living thing that lives in the land reports to Demeter and sometimes to Hephaestus.

The fish, water, rivers reports to him. Every sea creature reports to him. Athena is one of the most special Goddess in the realms of the Gods.

She hears everything.

But Poseidon is not too worried about her. Even though she is designated by the people as the goddess of war, she does not like war.

So what does it matter if one adventurer die for a couple of days. Athena would not risk a war for one boy.

By the time Demeter knows of this matter he would already be under his realm.

Hades on the other hand could see the memories of the dead. To say it simply, every God have their own subordinates that report to them.

Which is why, this is the only chance he will ever get. Since everyone is distracted with other things.

Then after he was done assigning tasks to the people in his underwater palace, he rode to the island.

He took a seat at one of the largest rock on the island. And he waits for Aero to come, the waves exploded around him, the clouds are clear.

And he kept waiting there


It has been a few days since I posted in AOA. I have been busy writing Ls and there is a holiday in my country. Anyway, as a gift I will be posting about three chapter today. Please vote and leave some reviews if you like the story.Anyway, we are going the rabbit hole that is the AI that governs the Brave World.

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