Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero heard what happened to Kyle and the way he was executed. Sitting on his lazy chair, he only shakes his head and said

'It is too excessive. This is not the way of a sagely monarch' Not far away from him someone nodded his head.

It is the Sage of Trethelm.

'Vetten is finished. Who wanted to serve such a cruel King?' The Sage of Trethelm said and Aero nodded

Then he said

'Neglecting the practice of benevolence and righteousness, Vetten is at the verge of breaking apart'

He shakes his head and said.

'Vetten III is a monarch zealous about expanding his territory but unconcerned with his duty to advance benevolence. He is concerned with pursuing a position of great authority but does not care too much about promoting virtues. By doing this, he has in fact given up all the conditions that can assure his country's survival. Inevitably he will lead the country to a path of destruction.'

Aero had no personal enmity with Kyle. Kyle while he is not some genius commander or a great military commander, he is able.

If it is any other person fighting him in that war, or if it his plan was not uncovered, the one that will die today is not him instead it would be Aero

They serve different monarch and Aero just do his best to aid his monarch. Vetten III executing such an official would only make his minister and the nobles of his Kingdom feeling more unease

He shakes his head and said his last word about King Vetten III and Kyle

'No country will enjoy everlasting peace and no common people will stay forever submissive. When the wise are recruited to serve in the government, the country will enjoy peace and prosperity'

He sighed and then he continued

'To lose them could mean an end to a government. From ancient times until today this recurring theme has not changed at all. Vetten III is executing his officials with trumped up charge, Duke Bradheim, the Lion of Vanheim is marching unimpeded in the lands of Vetten and the time is ripe. Vetten will fall and Vanheim will rise' Aero said and he closes his eyes with a smile on his face, his hand began fanning his face with his feather fan.

Aero is actually answering the Sage of Trethelm Lake question. The Sage of Trethelm Lake come visited him after the victory ceremony and ask him a question

'Will Vanheim in this opportune moment would forget itself to seize the moment and once again settle down?'

And Aero answer to that question is Vanheim would rise.

The Sage is not present in the court meeting where Aero said he would make the King the one who unified the Eastern continent.

If he was there he would not ask this question.

Hearing the answer from Aero, the Sage of Trethelm Lake has a complicated expression

'War is coming again, and the common people would suffer' Aero nodded but he did not say anything else.

'This is the trend of the era' he finally spoke. The Sage of Trethelm sighed and he also nodded.

The wind blows as a new era is about to dawn in Vilajeri continent.


Just Aero thoughts on the King of Vetten and a curtain call for Vetten. Anyway, this is part two of the story and like always please vote if you like the story
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