Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The setting sun in horizon looks hauntingly beautiful as the nightbirds a bird native to the Brave World returns to their nest and the wolf howls in the distance in the distant mountains and dark forest.

The evening sun sets and night came.

Outside of the Palace, people are getting back home to their loving families, hunters and mercenaries lodged themselves inside inn, trading battle stories, bragging with a pint of drink

Only players will went out into the forest in the dark night to hunt monster and performing quest to improve their levels.

To the NPCs the behavior of the players or adventurer as they called them is quite suicidal and idiotic.

Even merchant players were still busy in the city streets, selling and buying things to any people that would do quest in the night.

Thieves also started their trade in the night smiling and jumping through roof with only the slightest sound

And thieves are not the only dark entity that roams the night scene doing dark deeds.

Assassins class players prefer the darkness of the night to ply their trade, killing any marks they were instructed to by their quest.

Thieves, assassins, robbers, hoodlums are only the few dark forces that comes out at night. Darkness always exists. As there is light in the world, the shadows it cast are very large.

And in that shadows darkness reign

But none of these dark forces dare near the residence of nobles of the Kingdom making the elite residence of the nobles to be completely peaceful and an optimal place to rest

It is understandable considering the heavy security. Unless one is truly powerful, no one would risk a conflict with a noble of a Kingdom.

However on a private mansion, one of the most important personas in the kingdom of Vanheim was resting but his rest was interrupted by a secret visit.

Aero was reading up on some history of Brave World, rocking back and forth on his lazy chair when a knock startled him.

'Who would seek me in the night?' he thought to himself as he got up from his lazy chair and went down the stairs

None of the guards inform him which means whoever outside is someone that is high in position.

He is vigilant but he is not afraid. Because considering the fact that the person knocked on his door instead of barging into his room, this person should not bear him some ill will.

'Who's there?' Aero ask as he looked through the peephole. He was shocked to see the King under a dark robe waiting in front of his door.

"It's me, Aero"

Aero quickly open the door and look left and right, fearing anyone is watching the King in the dark as he urged the King to quickly enter.

That night King George of Vanheim came to Aero room to decide what Aero would do about the prisoner of war from Vetten.

He steeled his determination and disguise himself and come to Aero residence.

"Please come in, Your Grace. The outside is not safe" Aero invited with a hint of nervousness.

If the King somehow meets mishap in this area with Aero the only one as the witness, Aero would not doubt many politicians in the court would pin the blame on his head

The King entered the room and sat in one of the chairs in the rooms, as he open up his hood and resumes his dignified aura.

The room was filled with many books that Aero has bought since he returned. Some of it was also given by George himself.

George did this as a consideration of Aero request.

Aero requested books from the Royal Library. It seems he is searching for anything about Lizhu Gerard.

The King understands that wise person seek knowledge for the betterment of oneself and there is no harm in knowing more.

"Did I disturb you?" The King asks in a friendly manner but maybe because of his demeanor his tone was majestic.

Aero smiles as he thought to himself

'The King gains vitality and his will is high right now. Victory and failure has forged him to be stronger and sturdy'

Then he answer

"No, Your Grace. I am just reading a few books to learn more about the Vilajeri continent and Lizhu Gerard" Seeing that the King look toward the collection of the books he possess Aero added

'It seems my search is fruitless. I think I will have better luck in the Secret archive"

Aero has already ask George to see the Secret Archive tomorrow. It will be the first time anyone outside of the Royal family will enter it.

Even George himself didn't read all the books in the Archive. It is impossible to read all the books in the Secret Archive even if one spend all their lives in there.

However this is not why he came tonight so secretly.

George came here today to ask Aero about something and to ask for advice.

"Umh.. Lord Aero, We already heard about your plan to go venture to the west after this. So We would like to hear your thoughts about the prisoners of wars that we have captured in the battle of Coro. Should we execute them? Ransom them? What should We do that is better for the realm?"

Aero finally understand why George came to him. He nodded as he also sat down in one of the chairs. He looked to George eyes and asked

"What do you think we should do, Your Grace?" Aero ask, his eyes is sharp and there is a tone that teacher used to teach their students.

"You're asking me?" startled by the sudden question George was flustered

"Yes. This humble subject wanted to hear Your Majesty opinion." The King closed his eyes, contemplating on the matter. He then opens his eyes and he said

"I say we ransom them. They will fetch much gold considering there were many sons of nobles in the list of prisoners"

Aero just groaned.

This would have been considered a breach of etiquette, but George respected Aero and treated this young strategist as his teacher, how could he dare rebuke him?

Aero then shakes his head and then he said

"No. That could not be done, Your Majesty and must not be done. Vetten has just lost 40% of its military power in the war, and now you expect them to pay you money, money that they know you will use to fund the war to attack them? They would delay the negotiations and maybe even prepare a last assault against us. Doing such an act would be fruitless. Making them desperate will only backfire on us and make the war longer, taxing the Treasury and making the hearts of the people in unease"

George nodded as he contemplated Aero words. Aero did not say anything as he closes his eyes waiting on George

George scratched his chin as he noted the problem in his suggestions. He thinks again, this time he takes more time trying to make sure his plan is beneficial.

Then he offered another suggestion. Aero opens his eyes

"Then, we execute all of them and erect a victory mound with their skulls. At least this will instill fear in Vetten."

The looked of apprehension can be seen from Aero expression.

"At this time we have attacked the invaders and pacified the people. The army of a wise king takes the noble cause as its position, so why is it necessary to slay the people and inflict more chaos and killings? Not to mention doing that will only make Your Majesty be labeled to be a barbarian, a cruel and evil king, it will caused you to be condemned by the world and lose the will of the people. There is nothing good and there is only demerits in doing so at this point of time"

Aero explained. George was looking more flustered and anxious than frustrated. Aero could see the King was acting.

The reason the King come here is not because he want to ask his opinion, it is because he want Aero to come up with the solution.

After all while both of the solution has cons, both has pros too. But George wanted a solution that will benefit his Kingdom and remove the threat of Vetten.

Aero could sense this and knows the King hopes he would give a solution that could help him.

He is after all not blind. And he remembered a quote

"For the ones who serve the lords may make the following three errors: To speak when it is not necessary is being rash; not to speak when it is necessary is being evasive; to speak without observing the lord's facial expression is being blind."

And Aero is not a blind person.

It is the only reason the King would ask his opinions.

"So what can we do? We can't ransom them. We can't kill them. Keeping them and feeding the enemies of my people does not sit well with me or my kingdom treasury" George declared, his face is showing he is a little sullen.

Then Aero smile slyly. He finally heard the King intention. But he also have his own plans.

"Then, the path is clear. We will set them free and return them to their home." Aero said to Geroge, his face is full of energy and there is a carefree demeanor about him.

As he fan his face with his feather fan, looking like an immortal unfettered from worldly affairs.


Hearing this King George face turns red in frustration.

'Wouldn't that just reinforce Vetten troops? This is helping the enemy! Why would We do such an absurd thing?" This is not the idea that George thought Aero would said.

His tone was rigid and his face expression clearly shows he was displeased. But Aero was calm as he waved his feather fan and said


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