Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Breaking news all over the internet after the broadcast of ETV3 was aired.

The broadcast of Aero war against Vetten broke an all-time high rating for ETV3.

Most of the clips of the broadcast is edited and is posted in many video sharing sites and many of the, become viral

Amidst the happiness of the directors of the program in ETV3, people did not know the war between VMS and ETV3 on the background with people tuning in more to watch ETV3 content.

After the rating battle with ETV3, VMS has also started adding more segments related to the virtual reality game.

They started to interviewing players that had an impact in Brave World. Not long after the rating battle VMS invited one of those players to speak in one of their programs.

One of those players is Broly. Intending to keep the viewer's fix to this channel they invited Broly to come to the studio.

The ratings battle result shook the production director in VMS and they decided to added more and more segments regarding Brave World to compete with ETV3

For the first time ever they have lost a rating battle with ETV3.There was a lot of people that watched Zeus battle, but a lot more watched Aero adventure.

It is unexpected. Aero rise in Brave World is meteoric to say the least and while he is the main character of the Vanheim-Vetten war, he rarely fights.

While his attack is brilliant and his scheme is deep and his thinking is far reaching, he lacks the explosive and powerful nature of Zeus.

Aero is more content on letting his subordinates do his work for him and considering he is a strategist for the army it is nothing weird.

Yet, people seem to like Aero character more than they like Zeus.


Because of the simple fact that Aero adventure was more exciting than Zeus. Zeus just surrounded the capital and forced the King to abdicate, an act of disloyalty.

While it is a game world, even players have their own sense of justice or some perceived values of morality.

And betrayal is something people utterly hated and easy to band against

He is even called Zeus the Usurper by some of the players.

But of course the players did not dare say these words in front of Zeus himself. The fact that Zeus is still the strongest player in Brave World did not change overnight

But it is true he did an act of disloyalty against his monarch

That kind of act is looked badly by the players of Brave World. Aero on the other hand, was fighting for a just and noble cause.

He is known as the loyal subordinates of the King and loyally serves him with their master and subordinate relationship something to be envied with.

Contrast that with Zeus behavior one would start making comparison.

Not to mention the war by itself was interesting and the ETV3 broadcast station capture the feeling of the war almost to perfection.

The chaotic and the excitement and thrill of such battle could not be compared to Zeus easy pickings of the kingdom.

There were tactics, strategies, back of the room deals, all manners and facets of war were presented to the audience in a brilliant manner where it is easy to support the underdog.

Not to mention Aero battle were the stuff of great story and even a great epic song, an inferior numerical advantage against an army who has a more superior numerical advantages

The sight of the Vanheim army trying to hold on in the Fort and battered with bad news gained sympathy in the early broadcast of the war.

And when the Veranis and Duke Bradheim came with reinforcement that feeling of hopefulness was raised to the roof.

In some videos sharing sites there is many reaction videos of people reacting to that legendary and epic moment.

'Maybe we need to contact this Aero and persuade him to sign a contract with us.' Some of the Directors of the station once said in their meetings.

The woman think to herself before she realized that the camera is about to go live in a few seconds.

She broke out from her own thought and then she nodded to the camera as it starts rolling

On the opposite side facing her is a man, nervously trying to look neat and presentable for television..

Then the interview began

"Broly, this is your fist time interview right?" the lady host asked

"Yes" Broly answered nervously. The lady host laughs a little and then she introduces Broly to the audience and people at home watching the program.

"Your real name is Josh Neeson and in Brave World you are the leader of the Broly clan, right?"

Said the host confirming for the audience at home.

"Yes. That is who I am"

If someone wanted to describe Josh, he is like this. Josh is not overly handsome, just enough. He has his own unique appeal.

With probing blue eyes, a deep voice that could attract the attention of the listeners and the strong carefree smile of an athlete.

In other words, he looked great for TV.

"You look muscular" the lady host remarked.

"Yes, I'm a swimmer in my college"

Of course he is muscular. A varsity diver in college he has the body of a swimmer, a toned six pack that he maintains with 60 laps a day in the university pool

"So, we're here today to address the catastrophe that happened in the Sea of Sorrows."

The host addressed to the audience.

"Could you please explain this to the viewers?"

First, Josh tried to remember what happened. After calming himself down he began

"The Broly clan about two month ago was exploring a catacomb. In there we found a clue about an underwater kingdom"

"An underwater kingdom?"

"Yes. We believe it to be the realm of one of the Gods" Clearly referring to the AI while he is smiling, satisfied that he managed to shock not only the host but also the studio audience

"But that couldn't be. The AI isn't supposed to exist right?" said the host perplexed. Broly smiles deepened

"Why not?' He asks back.

He then added

'The NPCs worship the AIs as Gods. Most players only thought that the story of the Gods is just a flavor text to enrich the gaming experience. But what if it's not? What if these AIs are the ones who decide our level and give us skill in the game?"

"What spurred this theory?" the host began to become more serious and the viewers at home also become interested.

Mostly the viewers are players of Brave World. Broly told her his thoughts and opinion.

"The developers themselves said they don't manage the game. It's controlled by the AI. In the VR many things were possible. Why not Gods? And what if in that world the law of the AI is the law of that world?'

The lady host nodded but she did not say anything more on that subject

"Well, that is understandable. But why do you want to search for it?" Broly smiles bitterly and then he answers

"Broly clan isn't like Zeus clan. We have no interest in conquering cities or Kingdom. Our interest from the beginning of the founding of our clan was only one thing; we wanted an adventure like no other. That's why we challenged difficult dungeon, fought gigantic monster and explored unexplored regions."

Then he took a breath and continued.

"And this time we wanted to prove that the AIs or the Gods exist in BW. And there is another thing that the players need to think about going forward if we can prove this. If the Gods controlled everything in Brave World doesn't that mean anyone who got their blessing can be the strongest?"

"What are you implying?" sensing that Josh is referring to someone.

"Our suspicion is that the Gods exist was because of Zeus the King of Veva. Zeus is famous in Brave World. Yet he has never let anyone see his video in any major battle he personally participated."


Talking from his own experience, Josh recounted on what he saw

"From my own eyes, I once saw lightning from the sky struck his enemy down. One time, I even saw Zeus pray to the sky and then rain came down hiding his track. This is not Druid level magic. The rain came from the sky. Not from made up clouds like Druid magic. From that moment I expected that Gods exist"

"Well, that explains the reason you went to the sea. But what about the disaster?"

Ah, yes. The disaster.

"Well, to be honest, even till now I'm not sure what really happened. When we set sails the weather was clear. However when we reached the northern continent and were nearing the place that was in our map, suddenly the waves raged wildly. Without warning the sea attacked our ship"

'The sea attacked your ship?" the host looked incredulous

"That's the only way to describe it. It was like someone commanded the sea to stop us from going there. The last thing I knew the ship sank and we all drowned. Even when I tried to swim the current was too strong for me to swim across."

"That is some story" the host said.

"Yes, it is"

Then the host discussed with Josh about many conflicts that are happening in BW.

They discussed Aero adventures, Vetten response, the Northern continent countermeasures against Zeus, the religious conflict in the South and the appearance of a player called Ariana of Zun.

The story is that she heard the voice of God telling her to fight the people who believe in The Seven Celestial.

The peasant awed by her charisma and believing her story followed her and formed an army.

The Pope then offered her shelter and now she fights under the Church of Light.

And her exploits even though not known to the players but Broly clan which has traveled all over the continent knew that Ariana has quite the following among the NPCs and the players of the South.

Some Frenchmen began calling her the Joan of Arc of Brave World.

And then the interview ends. It offered a lot of new information towards both the new and veteran players of Brave World.

In the forum, the segment is praised for answering many questions that players wanted to know about.

All in all, it was a good segment that is approved by the viewers.


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