Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The trainees and interns are running around on the hallways of the office bringing with them the files.

The audio director and the broadcasting directors are cooperating in editing and improvising captions and deciding air time slots.

Its hectic today in the station. No, to more accurate it is chaos.

After the station announced that they got the exclusive on Aero video adventure, calls were coming in asking from advertisers, fans and players on when the station were going to release the video.

The players especially is already impatient and some people are trolling the web forum causing it to crash down which anger the IT guy

The forum of Brave World is also getting so bogged down because of so many people logging in at the same time to ask the same thing.

And they are all asking about the hottest person in Brave World right now.

Aero of the East.

The editing team is in hell right now; their eye bag is so thick they look like pandas. The Director is yelling orders asking them to be faster with the editing.

The editing director on the other hand went to argue with the CP asking that if they do not edit it properly the viewers would left them after the broadcast which is what nobody want.

The Director responded to the Editing Director by yelling again through his phone at some other people.

It is truly a stressful day today and everyone is on edge. The office long table is filled with timetable of TV programs that need to be rescheduled.

Dramas, documentary, variety shows all need to rescheduled back

And one of the people inside here is one of the players of Brave World so he knew how this video would surely capture viewer attention.

This video would surely be trending on many portal sites. Articles has already comes out in many news sites about speculation of some of the things Aero did in the war.

The response is hot and any short clip of the war taken by some amateur video jockey has already become viral because the lack of content in the official channel right now.

Neil is one of the people in the production team, and a colleague of Sarah. He too plays Brave World as a magician.

So he of course knows about Aero and was excited than anyone because he get first viewing as part of the Editing Team.

He saw the video earlier than anyone. And it was a video of epic proportions. The war scenes had even surpasses some war movies.

With the sounds and the brutality that is present, it makes anyone blood boils.

But it is also for that reason the Editing team is butting heads with the other Directors because of the fact some parts of the war had to be censored.

The Editing team felt that if they edit too much they would take away the realism of the scene.

He was even envious of Sarah that played such a big role in the war.

And he was excited more than anyone in the station to see Aero adventure displayed on the television and the internet.

Not too far away from Neil, a woman is seen smiling as she was praised by the Director on her project of making a star.

Sarah did not make a mistake. Choosing Aero was the right decision.

"WE'RE DONE!!" shouts came from the editing room. Everybody look towards the Director and the Director nodded

"OK. Roll the ad." The Director shouted.

The ad was a snippet of the war. It shows smoke and arrows flying with the sound of energetic music accompanying the screams and cry of battle.

Scores of uplifting music of war drums and classical instrument accompanied the short scene.

It was a good ad, showing the war in both its glory and gore

Then, after the ad, it began. The first scene starts during Aero speech. The camera pans out and shows the crowds and soldiers.

The speech was spoken and people in the broadcasting station nodded. It was edited beautifully.

It was a rousing speech. The people that watch the television while drinking beer and eating their late night snacks were also enthusiastic.

"Whoa, good speech" muttered some of the employees in the room.

Yes, it was a good speech. If it was not how could he raise so many people to volunteer for the war?

Sarah thought to herself.

Aero was always an eloquent speaker and a master manipulator, adept with the ways of words.

Then the scene shifted to Aero marching to Fort Vars. Ten thousands of marching soldiers in steel armor shows a sight no longer could be seen in the modern world.

It was an awesome sight and it look so realistic like the NPCs is real like them. Some employees that did not see the video yet do not understand why Aero did not try to reinforce Fort Elken.

"Why did he---"

Then the conversation Aero had with Dan explained all of it

"Oh, so that's why" some said.

Then it showed how Aero arrived and after some time decided to get out of the Fort. The editing team add the music that adds the suspense of an impending army from Vetten.

It was a good editorial decision that did not detract from the solemnity of the scene. Then the scene shifted on how Aero prepared for a raid.

Some employees were on edge.

Even for those who already knew what's going to happen seeing it in the screen with music and editing were different than what they just heard or see on the forum.

The night raid scene then started. When Aero started attacking during the night some employees were shocked.

Some screamed in excitement.

The sight of Aero whirling through the ranks of enemies like an unstoppable storm and killing anyone who stood in his way was seared into their mind.

The Druids abilities and tactics also show how they were an important asset during the war.

They constructed earth barriers that made an effective wall that trapped Kyle troops making them no different than sitting ducks.

Aero might have not realized this during the raid, but by effectively creating the barrier, Aero has doomed many players and NPCs alike to die in such a horrible way.

Some who were not capable to escape the barrier were burned to death.

The screams were horrifying and added together with people on fire running wildly before falling to the ground did not help to calm people hearts.

But the fact that Aero just kept slicing his opponents like a killing machine is more terrifying.

There was no expression from Aero face as he slashes the enemy. The fact he was calm when killing just make it creepier.

Then the screen showed Aero hiding in the camp after leaving ten of thousand charred corpses of his enemies.

The people at home nodded as they could understand why Aero retreated. It is true that Vetten army was numerically superior and Aero was just using the night raid to lower morale and it was a shock tactic.

Then the screen showed how Aero used poisons to kill the other Vetten soldiers.

"That was cunning" said some employees

"Yeah, but what is his class?" another asked

"Warrior isn't it?" said an employee that watches the screen, while sipping some coffee

"Idiot, warriors can't disguise themselves" said another

"An assassin then" Tim from Promotion offered.

"I've never seen an assassin that had that kind of destructive power. Assassins rely on accuracy and swiftness. Aero is not" Lena from Human Resources countered

"So, what class is he?"

"How should I know?"

The editing team knows to some degree. So does the Director and the Production team. The others don't know.

And they intend to keep it that way.

However Aero antics did not end there. Disguising himself to be another person again, he killed the support division of Kyle on their beds

It was a cruel but effective tactic.

Then he retreated in the dark of nights like a wind of calamity that comes and goes unnoticed.

That stunt of his got many praises from the people at the studio.

Then an ad appear again from the sponsors. Way to ruin the mood for the viewers at home who has already forgot to munch on their snacks.

But this is after all a TV station.

The crowd of people was frustrated. It was one of the high point of Aero adventure and suddenly an Ad?

Neil also believes even viewers at home are frustrated.

"Aww, what's that?" the employee's complained

"Ehem, that's our sponsor" a sound from behind the room could be heard.

It was the director. The employee's quieted. The Director doesn't seem angry. If anything he looked happy.

Neil walked to the Director and said

"The rating is high huh?" Neil asked. Sarah who was beside the Director was smiling since she could guess.

The Director just nodded but there is a slight smile on the edge of his mouth.


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